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La Terraza del Urban Logo

La Terraza del Urban

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled amid Madrid's labyrinth of historic lanes and avant-garde structures is a rooftop haven that juxtaposes the city's old-world charm with a contemporary spirit: La Terraza del Urban. As part of the Hotel Urban, this elevated space has earned its reputation as a stylish and serene retreat amidst the bustling Spanish capital.

Contemporary Luxury Meets Timeless Elegance

Upon entering La Terraza del Urban, visitors are immediately greeted with a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and timeless luxury. The design pays homage to the 21st-century urban aesthetic while remaining rooted in traditional Spanish influences. Sleek furniture, abstract art installations, and an intelligent use of glass and metal seamlessly merge with terracotta, wood, and lush greenery, striking the perfect balance between the past and the present.

The Majesty of Madrid from Above

Positioned in the heart of the city, the terrace offers an unparalleled 360-degree panorama of Madrid. Iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, and the sprawling Retiro Park come into full view. As day turns to dusk, the setting sun paints the sky in hues of gold and crimson, turning the city's skyline into a mesmerizing silhouette—a sight that remains etched in the memories of many visitors.

Gastronomic Adventures under the Stars

La Terraza del Urban is not just a visual treat; it’s a culinary adventure. Drawing inspiration from Madrid's rich gastronomic traditions and global flavors, the menu is a delectable journey of innovation and authenticity. From tantalizing tapas to gourmet main courses, every dish is a testament to the chef’s dedication to excellence.

The bar, too, is an experience in itself. An extensive selection of wines, sourced both locally and internationally, complements the handcrafted cocktails that often feature a Spanish twist, ensuring that there's a drink to satiate every palate.

A Cultural Epicenter Amidst the Clouds

La Terraza is more than just a space to dine and relax; it's a cultural epicenter. The venue frequently hosts events that range from live music sessions echoing with sultry Spanish tunes to art exhibitions showcasing local talent, making it a hub for Madrid’s creative and cultural enthusiasts.

An Urban Oasis Above Madrid's Heartbeat

La Terraza del Urban stands as a testament to Madrid’s evolving identity—a city that reveres its rich history while eagerly embracing the future. This rooftop offers a slice of tranquility, luxury, and cultural richness, making it a must-visit for both locals and travelers. Whether you're seeking an elevated dining experience, a romantic evening under the stars, or a cultural immersion, La Terraza del Urban promises a rendezvous with the very soul of Madrid.

Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar Logo

Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

In the sprawling urban landscape of Madrid, certain experiences stand out not just for their uniqueness but also for their ability to encapsulate the city's essence. Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar, perched atop the VP Plaza España Design hotel, is one such gem that marries culinary brilliance with panoramic splendor, offering guests an unparalleled experience of Madrid's heartbeat.

Madrid's Palette from the Heavens

Elevating your senses right from the moment you step onto the terrace, Ginkgo Sky Bar presents an unobstructed 360-degree view of Madrid's cityscape. Iconic landmarks, including the Royal Palace and the Temple of Debod, stretch out before you, creating a live canvas that shifts and evolves from the radiant tones of dawn to the luminescent hues of twilight.

The Elegance of Design and Ambience

Ginkgo's interior is a testament to modern elegance. The design, inspired by contemporary aesthetics and a touch of Spanish charm, exudes a sense of luxury and comfort. Mood lighting, plush seating, and thoughtfully curated decor elements enhance the ambiance, making it both chic and inviting.

A Gastronomic Journey of Delight

At the heart of Ginkgo Restaurante is its culinary prowess. Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean flavors and infusing them with international twists, the menu is a tapestry of delectable creations. Each dish, artfully presented, is a blend of fresh ingredients, traditional techniques, and innovative ideas.

The bar at Ginkgo isn't left behind in this quest for excellence. Featuring a diverse menu of cocktails, wines, and spirits, it promises a liquid journey that complements the culinary delights. Signature cocktails, infused with exotic ingredients and crafted to perfection, become an experience in themselves, adding to the rooftop's allure.

A Melody of Events and Entertainment

Being a hub of luxury and culture, Ginkgo frequently hosts events that add to its vibrancy. From live music evenings that showcase both local and international talents to DJ nights that resonate with Madrid's lively nightlife, there's always something happening at this rooftop haven.

Poolside Elegance

One of the crowning features of Ginkgo Sky Bar is its stunning pool. Overlooking the city, this shimmering oasis becomes a focal point of relaxation and recreation. Whether you're taking a refreshing dip or simply lounging by the poolside with a drink in hand, the experience is nothing short of sublime.

A Culinary and Visual Odyssey Atop Madrid

Ginkgo Restaurante & Sky Bar is not just a dining venue or a viewing deck—it's an experience that captures the soul and flavor of Madrid. Whether you're gazing at the sprawling city below, savoring a culinary masterpiece, or soaking in the vibrant rhythms of live music, Ginkgo ensures that every moment is imbued with a touch of magic and a dash of Madrid's timeless allure.

Donaluz Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

In the sprawling urban landscape of Madrid, rooftops serve as verdant respites and starlit venues, each with its own unique aura and personality. Among these, Donaluz shines brightly, not just as a name but as an emblem of Madrid's sun-soaked allure and elegance. Located atop one of the city's chic boutique hotels, Donaluz is where classic Spanish charm meets contemporary flair.

Sun-Kissed Elegance in the Heart of the City

As the name "Donaluz" suggests (a playful mix of "dona" meaning lady and "luz" meaning light), this rooftop is bathed in natural luminance. From the soft glow of morning's first light to the golden hues of the evening sun, Donaluz basks in a perpetual sunlit embrace.

The decor is an ensemble of sleek modern design, accented with rustic touches reminiscent of traditional Spanish aesthetics. Verdant plants dot the space, wooden beams traverse the ceiling, and the mixture of lounge sofas and high chairs offers a versatile seating choice for patrons.

Panoramic Vistas and Atmospheric Delight

Perched at a strategic vantage point, Donaluz boasts views that encompass both the historic and the modern facets of Madrid. It's a visual treat to gaze upon the city's diverse architectural fabric, where ancient churches and palaces juxtapose against modern skyscrapers.

As the day transitions into night, the rooftop transforms into an atmospheric haven. String lights twinkle above, candlelit tables create intimate spaces, and the distant city lights provide a mesmerizing backdrop.

Gastronomy Infused with Madrid's Spirit

A true Madrid experience is incomplete without indulging in its culinary delights, and Donaluz doesn't disappoint. With a menu that reflects the city's rich gastronomic heritage, guests can savor an array of tapas, traditional mains, and innovative dishes that combine familiar flavors in surprising ways.

The bar is a highlight, boasting an eclectic range of Spanish wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails. Each drink is crafted with precision, often with a twist that leaves a lasting impression.

Events Drenched in Culture

Donaluz is not just a space to relax but also a cultural hub. It regularly hosts events ranging from Flamenco nights, where dancers and musicians ignite the floor with passion, to art showcases displaying works from local artists. Every event is a celebration of Madrid's vibrant cultural tapestry.

Madrid's Sunlit Oasis of Elegance

In a city brimming with rooftops, Donaluz stands out as a beacon of warmth, elegance, and cultural richness. It's a space where time seems to slow down, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Madrid's radiant charm fully. Whether you're seeking a quiet corner for contemplation, a vibrant venue for celebration, or simply a place to enjoy the city's flavors, Donaluz welcomes you with open arms and the promise of an unforgettable experience.

Oroya at EDITION Logo

Oroya at EDITION

Indoor & Outdoor

In the bustling heart of Madrid, where every lane tells a tale and every corner holds a secret, the EDITION hotel has etched its story. While this luxurious haven boasts many attractions, its crowning glory is unmistakably the Oroya Rooftop Bar. Rising above the city's vibrant tapestry, Oroya offers a blend of exquisite ambiance, tantalizing flavors, and panoramic views, making it a must-visit for both the discerning traveler and the urban explorer.

Spectacular Vistas: Madrid Beneath the Stars

As you step onto the rooftop, the sprawling expanse of Madrid unfolds before you. From the labyrinthine streets of the old city to the majestic modern skyscrapers, the view from Oroya is a visual treat. As daylight fades and the city's lights begin to twinkle, patrons are treated to an enchanting display that captures Madrid's timeless allure.

A Design Testament: Contemporary Meets Classic

Oroya's design is a masterclass in sophistication. Drawing inspiration from Madrid's rich history, the space weaves traditional elements with avant-garde design. The result? A rooftop bar that feels both rooted in its surroundings and yet transcendently modern. Plush seating, ambient lighting, and strategically placed greenery ensure that every visit is ensconced in luxury.

A Culinary Odyssey

At Oroya, gastronomy takes center stage. The menu, curated by seasoned chefs, offers a unique blend of traditional Spanish flavors and international culinary delights. From tapas that showcase local ingredients to dishes that are global in inspiration but Spanish in essence, Oroya promises a dining experience that tantalizes and satisfies.

Complementing the food is a bar menu that resonates with the spirit of Madrid. Featuring an array of drinks—from age-old Spanish wines to innovative cocktails infused with local herbs and flavors—each glass holds a narrative, waiting to be sipped and savored.

Events in the Sky

Oroya is not just a place to dine; it's a venue that buzzes with life. Regular events, ranging from live music evenings to DJ nights and special themed parties, infuse the space with energy. Whether you're serenaded by a local band or dancing the night away under the Madrid sky, Oroya ensures an experience that resonates.

A Symphony of Style Above the City

In a city renowned for its character and charm, Oroya at EDITION stands out as an emblem of Madrid's evolving spirit. It is a space that honors its roots while embracing the new, offering visitors a taste of Madrid's essence. From the panoramic views and culinary marvels to the ambient design and dynamic events, Oroya is more than just a rooftop bar—it's a testament to the magic of Madrid.

Le Tavernier Logo

Le Tavernier

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the vibrant arteries of Madrid, pulsating with history, art, and urban vibrancy, there lies an elevated retreat that captures the spirit of the city from a unique vantage point - Le Tavernier Rooftop. This exquisite terrace, with its panoramic views and chic design, serves as an embodiment of Madrid's timeless allure and its ever-evolving modernity.

Madrid's Skyline: An Artist's Canvas

Perched atop, Le Tavernier treats its guests to a visual feast. The Madrid skyline, with its eclectic mix of ornate historical edifices and sleek contemporary structures, sprawls beneath. As the sun dips below the horizon, a mosaic of hues envelops the city, turning the view from Le Tavernier into a live canvas of ever-changing colors and shades.

Aesthetics of Grace and Sophistication

Every aspect of Le Tavernier's design oozes sophistication. The décor, an amalgamation of contemporary sleekness and rustic charm, creates an ambiance that's both cozy and upscale. Whether it's the plush seating, ambient mood lighting, or the artistic touches that adorn the space, Le Tavernier seamlessly marries comfort with luxury.

Flavors that Dance on the Palate

The culinary journey at Le Tavernier is a celebration of Spanish gastronomy, infused with international nuances. Each dish, meticulously crafted, tells a tale of regions, traditions, and innovative flair. From authentic tapas that resonate with local flavors to dishes that bring global tastes to the table, the menu ensures a gastronomic adventure.

The bar at Le Tavernier is no less impressive. With a curated selection of wines, bespoke cocktails that fuse traditional ingredients with modern mixology, and a range of spirits from around the globe, every sip promises a narrative of its own.

A Melange of Melodies and Events

But Le Tavernier is not just about serene views and gastronomic delights. It's a space that comes alive with rhythms and melodies. Regular live music evenings, showcasing local talents and global genres, lend the rooftop an aura of vivacious energy. Special events, thematic nights, and curated parties make Le Tavernier a dynamic hotspot in Madrid's nightlife.

Madrid's Elevated Oasis of Elegance and Ambience

Le Tavernier Rooftop is not just a venue; it's an experience. It captures the soul of Madrid, presenting it in layers of sights, sounds, tastes, and vibes. For those seeking an evening that encapsulates the essence of the Spanish capital, Le Tavernier stands as a beacon, promising memories that linger long after the night concludes. In the heart of Madrid, it offers a retreat that's both ethereal and grounded in the city's character.

Azotea del Circulo Logo

Azotea del Circulo

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the emblematic Círculo de Bellas Artes building, the Azotea del Círculo is more than just a rooftop—it's a window to the soul of Madrid. Commanding breathtaking views of the city and offering an ambiance that effortlessly blends sophistication with comfort, Azotea del Círculo stands as a tribute to Madrid's vivacity and its artistic heritage.

A Panorama Painted in Gold and Azure

One of the most compelling reasons to visit Azotea del Círculo is its unparalleled view of Madrid's skyline. As you step out onto the terrace, the grandeur of the Spanish capital unfolds before you. From the historic Metropolis Building to the expansive stretches of the Gran Vía, the panorama offers a visual narrative of Madrid's past and its present. The sky, at sunset, weaves a tapestry of hues—crimson, gold, and azure—that bathes the city in a magical glow.

An Ode to Art and Architecture

Being situated atop the Círculo de Bellas Artes, a bastion of Madrid's cultural scene, Azotea del Círculo inherently carries an aura of art and elegance. The rooftop's design pays homage to the building's architectural legacy while infusing contemporary elements. The seating, décor, and layout all reflect a keen sense of aesthetics, making it not just a place to relax but to appreciate the finer aspects of design.

Gastronomy with a Side of Sky

Azotea del Círculo's culinary offerings are a testament to the rich flavors of Spanish cuisine. With a menu that draws inspiration from local ingredients and Mediterranean flavors, every dish is a delightful exploration of taste. Whether it's the traditional tapas with a modern twist or a gourmet dish that showcases culinary craftsmanship, dining here is an experience that complements the surrounding vistas.

The bar, with its curated selection of wines, cocktails, and spirits, ensures that your gastronomic journey is paired with the perfect libation. From classic Spanish wines to innovative cocktails, each drink mirrors the rooftop's essence of tradition melded with modernity.

A Venue Alive with Rhythms

The ambiance at Azotea del Círculo is often accentuated by the soft melodies of live music or the ambient tunes curated by DJs. The rooftop, with its vibe of relaxed elegance, becomes a hub of cultural events, gatherings, and celebrations, reflecting Madrid's dynamic social scene.

Madrid's Enchanting Skyline Symphony

Azotea del Círculo is not just a rooftop—it's a narrative of Madrid's cultural, historical, and social tapestry. It invites patrons to soak in the city's beauty, to relish its flavors, and to immerse themselves in its rhythms. As the sun sets and the city lights begin their dance, there's perhaps no better place in Madrid to witness the magic, muse over art, or simply marvel at life than at Azotea del Círculo.

La Terraza de Oscar Logo

La Terraza de Oscar

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the chic Room Mate Óscar Hotel, in the heart of the bustling Chueca district, lies one of Madrid’s most iconic rooftop terraces: La Terraza de Oscar. With its contemporary allure, avant-garde design, and jaw-dropping panoramic views, this rooftop oasis seamlessly blends the metropolitan verve with the tranquil elegance of sky-high lounging.

Setting the Scene

La Terraza de Oscar exudes an ambiance of both casual relaxation and upscale sophistication. The space is adorned with modish, oversized white sunbeds, where guests can lounge under the warm Madrid sun during the day or gaze up at the twinkling stars come nightfall. Pops of vibrant color, primarily blues and pinks, contrast beautifully with the modern architecture surrounding the rooftop, providing a lively, yet intimate atmosphere.

A View Like No Other

One of the terrace's undisputed charms is its breathtaking 360-degree vista of Madrid. From this vantage point, the city unfurls in all its splendor, offering a kaleidoscopic view of its varying architectural marvels. From the historic bell towers and terracotta roofs of the old town to the shimmering modern skyscrapers in the distance, the landscape is nothing short of captivating. Sunsets here are particularly enchanting, as the horizon dresses itself in hues of crimson and gold, casting a magical glow upon the city.

Gastronomic and Liquid Elegance

The culinary offerings at La Terraza de Oscar are as remarkable as its visuals. With a menu that celebrates both Spanish traditions and international flavors, guests can embark on a delightful gastronomic journey. Their tapas selection, boasting local ingredients, serves as a testament to Spain’s rich culinary heritage.

As evening approaches, the terrace transitions from a serene lounge to a vibrant hub of mixology magic. From classic Spanish sangrias to inventive cocktails that tantalize the palate, the drink menu is expansive and curated to perfection. Every sip is a testament to the skill and passion of the bartenders.

A Cultural Microcosm

La Terraza de Oscar's location in the Chueca district, Madrid's LGBTQ+ heartland, means it's not just a space of relaxation but also of celebration. The terrace is a beautiful melting pot where diverse backgrounds, cultures, and stories converge. The music, often featuring local DJs, ranges from soothing lounge tracks during the day to energetic beats as the night progresses, embodying the spirit of Madrid's nightlife.

Madrid’s Rooftop Retreat

La Terraza de Oscar is more than just a rooftop bar; it's a sensory experience. Whether you're lounging by the pool, sipping on a meticulously crafted cocktail, or simply taking in the unparalleled views, this venue encapsulates the essence of Madrid's contemporary charm. In the heart of a city that never sleeps, La Terraza offers a slice of serenity, making every moment spent here truly unforgettable.

Picalagartos Sky Bar Logo

Picalagartos Sky Bar

Outdoor only

Madrid, a city that brilliantly interweaves the old with the new, has a multitude of gems. One that particularly shines bright is the Picalagartos Sky Bar, gracefully perched atop the NH Collection Gran Vía. As the city below pulses with life, Picalagartos offers a tranquil yet vivacious retreat in the skies.

Architectural Allure and Design Delights

Marrying modern aesthetics with a touch of classic Spanish charm, Picalagartos creates an ambiance of sheer elegance. With clean lines, contemporary furniture, and subtle nods to Spain's rich artistic heritage, the venue is an architectural delight. Its spacious layout ensures that each guest feels like they have a private nook, even amid the lively chatter and clinking glasses.

Gazing Over Gran Vía

The panoramic views from Picalagartos are a grand spectacle in their own right. Madrid's iconic Gran Vía unfurls beneath, with its majestic buildings, winding roads, and the steady stream of Madrileños and visitors alike. The backdrop of historic landmarks, combined with the ever-evolving skyline, offers guests a sweeping view of a city that respects its roots while constantly looking forward.

A Culinary Journey

Picalagartos is not merely a feast for the eyes but for the palate as well. Helmed by renowned chef Javier Muñoz-Calero, the bar offers an innovative menu that is an ode to traditional Spanish flavors yet dares to venture into the contemporary. Guests can indulge in a selection of tapas, where each bite captures the essence of Spain, or opt for heartier dishes that showcase the chef's prowess and creativity.

The drink menu is equally impressive. From classic cocktails that recall Madrid's rich history to contemporary concoctions that surprise and delight, there's something to satiate every thirst. Each beverage is crafted with precision, using the finest ingredients and spirits.

Atmospheric Transitions

Picalagartos has mastered the art of transitioning from a serene daytime lounge to a vibrant evening hotspot. As the sun sets, casting the city in a golden hue, the atmosphere at the bar becomes palpably energetic. The soft hum of daytime conversations gives way to the rhythmic beats of evening melodies, often helmed by local DJs or live performances.

Madrid's Elevated Elegance

Picalagartos Sky Bar is a testament to Madrid's ability to offer experiences that are both timeless and contemporary. It's a space where memories are forged, whether it's a tranquil afternoon of contemplation, a delightful culinary adventure, or a spirited evening of dance and laughter. Above all, it's a vantage point that allows guests to see, feel, and taste the essence of Madrid from an elevated perspective.

Dani Brasserie Logo

Dani Brasserie

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled high above Madrid's bustling streets is a gastronomic treasure that's reshaping the city's culinary landscape: Dani Brasserie. Located at the sumptuous Four Seasons Hotel, this rooftop brasserie, under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef Dani García, offers an unparalleled dining experience that elevates more than just the view.

A Symphony of Modern and Classical Elements

The design of Dani Brasserie beautifully juxtaposes the modern with the classic. The dining area is bathed in natural light, allowing guests to revel in the expansive skyline while enjoying their meal. Every piece of furniture, each design element, exudes understated elegance, reflecting the chef's philosophy of simplicity and authenticity. Verdant plants dot the space, infusing a touch of nature amidst the urban setting.

A Feast for the Eyes and Palate

With Chef Dani García at the helm, the menu at Dani Brasserie is nothing short of exquisite. Known for his innovative approach to traditional Andalusian cuisine, García curates dishes that are both visually captivating and delightfully flavorful. The emphasis is on fresh, locally sourced ingredients that pay homage to Spain's rich culinary heritage while introducing contemporary twists.

From succulent tapas to intricately crafted main courses, every dish is a testament to García's prowess and passion. The seafood offerings, often a highlight, showcase the very best of Spain's coasts, while the meat dishes echo the heartiness of the Spanish hinterlands.

The dessert menu, a poetic end to any meal, features classics reimagined with a touch of García's magic. And of course, complementing the food is an extensive wine and cocktail list that features both local gems and international favorites.

The Atmosphere: From Day to Night

By day, Dani Brasserie is a tranquil haven where guests can enjoy leisurely meals against the backdrop of Madrid's cityscape. As day transitions to night, the ambiance transforms. Soft, ambient lighting bathes the space, and the city lights below twinkle, mirroring the stars above. Whether you're seeking a romantic evening, a corporate dinner, or a casual catch-up with friends, the brasserie caters to all moods and occasions.

Madrid's Skyline Gourmet Experience

Dani Brasserie is not just a dining destination; it's an experience. It's where gourmet artistry, curated by one of Spain's finest chefs, meets Madrid's stunning skyline. In a city known for its culinary diversity and architectural beauty, Dani Brasserie stands out, offering an immersive journey that tantalizes all the senses. It's a testament to Madrid's ever-evolving culinary scene, and a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike.

Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge Logo

Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge

Indoor & Outdoor

In the bustling heart of Madrid, where centuries of history brush shoulders with avant-garde innovation, stands a rooftop experience that encapsulates the city's spirit of warmth and wonder: the Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge. Located atop the Dear Hotel, this iconic venue offers a panoramic embrace of Madrid that’s as delightful as its name suggests.

Urban Elegance with a Touch of Whimsy

As you ascend to the Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge, the city's cacophony gives way to a realm of serene sophistication. The design is a masterclass in balancing form and function. Sleek, modern furniture and ambient lighting set the stage, while quirky design elements and playful touches—true to its name—infuse the space with character.

Undulating plants and trees pepper the terrace, creating verdant alcoves that offer both intimacy and open vistas. The blend of nature against the backdrop of Madrid’s urban tapestry creates a harmonious duality, evoking the sense of an urban garden set high above the streets.

Madrid at Your Feet

Situated at a strategic location, the rooftop boasts an uninterrupted view of the sprawling Spanish capital. From the Royal Palace's regal outlines to the distant Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, the panorama is a moving canvas of Madrid's ever-changing moods. Sunsets here are especially enchanting as the horizon blazes in hues of gold, pink, and lavender, casting an ethereal glow over the city.

A Culinary Journey Above the Clouds

Nice To Meet You is not just about sights and sounds—it's a gastronomic destination. The menu is a celebration of Mediterranean flavors presented with a modern flair. Local ingredients, handpicked for their freshness and quality, are transformed into culinary masterpieces that tantalize the taste buds. Whether it’s a classic Spanish dish or an inventive fusion, the emphasis is on authenticity and creativity.

To accompany the delectable dishes, the bar offers an extensive selection of beverages. From Spanish wines and classic cocktails to innovative concoctions that surprise and delight, there's a drink to elevate every meal.

An Ever-Changing Canvas of Experiences

Beyond its staple offerings, Nice To Meet You frequently curates events and experiences that resonate with Madrid's vibrant cultural scene. Whether it's a live music night, a themed party, or a seasonal celebration, there’s always something new on the horizon, ensuring that regulars and newcomers alike find reasons to return.

Madrid’s Skyline Sensation

Nice To Meet You Restaurant & Lounge is more than a rooftop—it's a microcosm of Madrid's essence. With its breathtaking views, exquisite culinary offerings, and an atmosphere that oscillates between relaxed and vivacious, it’s a space that invites guests to savor the now. In the ever-evolving tapestry of Madrid's dining and leisure scene, this rooftop stands out as a place where memories are crafted against the city’s splendid skyline. Whether you're a local or a traveler, Nice To Meet You promises an encounter with Madrid that's truly unforgettable.

Radio Rooftop Bar at ME Madrid Logo

Radio Rooftop Bar at ME Madrid

Outdoor only

In the heart of Madrid, a city famed for its rich tapestry of history, culture, and vivacity, perches a rooftop experience that is as iconic as it is enticing: the Radio Rooftop Bar at ME Madrid. As an integral part of the renowned ME Madrid hotel, this rooftop space promises not only panoramic views but an atmosphere that encapsulates the perfect blend of modern luxury and timeless sophistication.

A Contemporary Jewel Amidst Historical Charm

Stepping into Radio Rooftop Bar feels like entering a modern-day sanctuary. The space exudes an urban elegance with its sleek design elements, luxurious seating arrangements, and ambient lighting. But what truly sets it apart is the seamless blend of contemporary design with hints of Madrid's classic charm. Here, the modern and the historic coalesce, offering patrons an ambiance that's both avant-garde and comfortably familiar.

Breathtaking Views that Span the Capital's Horizon

Nestled in the city's core, Radio Rooftop Bar gifts its visitors with a sweeping view of Madrid's magnificent skyline. From this lofty perch, one can spot iconic landmarks like the Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace, and the intricacies of Madrid’s classic rooftops. As day transitions to evening, the golden hues of the setting sun bathe the city in a warm glow, offering a sight that's both romantic and unforgettable.

Gastronomy at its Pinnacle

The culinary offerings at Radio Rooftop Bar mirror its elevated setting. Classic Spanish flavors are given a contemporary twist, resulting in a menu that is as inventive as it is delectable. From tapas that intrigue the palate to sumptuous main courses that satiate the senses, dining here is a culinary journey par excellence.

The bar doesn't lag behind either. An extensive cocktail menu showcases mixology at its finest. Classic drinks, signature concoctions, and a handpicked selection of wines ensure that there’s a beverage to complement every mood and meal.

A Pulse of Vibrancy and Life

True to its name, Radio Rooftop Bar remains abuzz with the rhythm of the city. Regular events, from DJ nights to live performances, keep the energy palpable. Whether you're seeking a serene evening under the Madrid sky or a night filled with music, dance, and laughter, this rooftop caters to all.

An Elevated Symphony of Glamour and Panache

Radio Rooftop Bar at ME Madrid isn't just another venue; it's an experience, a journey of sensory delights. From its unmatched views and culinary masterpieces to its pulsating energy and refined ambiance, it captures the very essence of what modern Madrid represents. For those seeking to elevate their Madrid experience, this rooftop stands as an unmissable destination.

El Viajero Logo

El Viajero

Indoor & Outdoor

Madrid, a city of rich heritage, deep-rooted traditions, and pulsating modernity, offers countless experiences for every kind of traveler. Yet, in this vibrant urban landscape, some places stand out not just for their ambiance but also for encapsulating the soul of the city. One such place is El Viajero—a rooftop that's as emblematic of Madrid as the churros or the passionate strums of a Spanish guitar.

A Nostalgic Sojourn Amidst Urban Delights

Located in the heart of La Latina, one of Madrid's most historic neighborhoods, El Viajero (which translates to "The Traveler") seems to invite visitors on a journey through time. The décor speaks of simplicity and timeless appeal. Vintage furniture, rustic woodwork, and eclectic art pieces create a mood that's both relaxed and nostalgically charming.

Panoramic Vistas of La Latina and Beyond

The view from El Viajero is a testament to Madrid's unique architectural blend. Overlooking the bustling streets of La Latina, the rooftop offers a panoramic sight of terracotta rooftops, age-old churches, and the daily life of Madrileños. In the distance, modern edifices rise, juxtaposing the old with the new—a sight that beautifully summarizes Madrid’s evolving character.

Flavors that Echo the Streets of Madrid

El Viajero prides itself on its authentic Spanish fare. The menu is a delightful array of traditional dishes, each prepared with fresh ingredients and a touch of local love. Tapas, the quintessential Spanish culinary delight, take center stage here, ranging from classic olives and cheeses to more intricate concoctions that cater to modern palates.

Of course, no Spanish experience is complete without a drink in hand. Whether it's the locally beloved sangria, a glass of refreshing tinto de verano, or an artisanal cocktail, the drinks menu is crafted to complement the food and the mood.

A Melting Pot of Locals and Travelers

What truly sets El Viajero apart is its crowd—a lively mix of locals and travelers. This amalgamation ensures a constant buzz of languages, laughter, and stories, making every visit an opportunity to forge new connections or simply to revel in the shared joy of a Madrid evening.

The Quintessential Madrid Rooftop Experience

El Viajero is not just a rooftop bar; it's a microcosm of Madrid. It offers a sensory experience that extends beyond its flavors and views, touching the very soul of anyone who visits. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a local seeking a familiar haunt, El Viajero promises an evening of memories, merriment, and the magic that is quintessentially Madrid.

Sky44 Logo


Indoor & Outdoor

High above Madrid's bustling streets and amidst its iconic skyline, Sky44 emerges not just as another rooftop bar but as an emblem of modern sophistication. Located in the heart of the city, this rooftop venue embodies a fusion of architectural brilliance and culinary artistry, creating an experience that's as elevating as its altitude.

Architectural Elegance Meets Sky-high Panorama

Sky44's design is a testament to contemporary aesthetics. With sleek lines, modern furnishings, and a neutral palette punctuated by occasional splashes of color, the space exudes a minimalist charm. However, its true pièce de résistance is the unobstructed, 360-degree view it offers of Madrid. From this vantage point, visitors can feast their eyes on an array of architectural wonders, from historic palaces to avant-garde skyscrapers, all set against the expansive Spanish sky.

A Culinary Journey Above the Clouds

At Sky44, dining is more than just a meal—it's a sensory journey. The menu, curated by top chefs, combines traditional Spanish flavors with global inspirations, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and intriguingly novel. Each plate, artfully presented, promises a burst of flavors that reflect the rich culinary tapestry of Madrid and beyond.

Complementing the food is a bar that's equally ambitious in its offerings. From artisanal cocktails that play with local ingredients to a handpicked selection of wines and spirits, the drinks menu at Sky44 is crafted to satiate the discerning palate.

An Ambiance of Serene Luxury

Beyond its visual and culinary allure, Sky44 creates an ambiance that's both lively and intimate. Ambient lighting, soft music, and the distant hum of the city below come together to create a setting that's perfect for both celebratory evenings and quiet, contemplative nights. The space transforms with the setting sun, as the twilight casts a magical hue, making evenings at Sky44 nothing short of ethereal.

Events that Elevate the Experience

Staying true to its reputation as a premier venue, Sky44 hosts an array of events that range from live music sessions to themed parties. Each event, curated with attention to detail, ensures that the rooftop remains a buzzing hub of activity and entertainment.

Madrid's Glistening Crown of Contemporary Elegance

In a city that boasts numerous rooftop venues, Sky44 carves a niche for itself by offering an experience that's seamlessly luxurious, contemporary, and authentic. It captures the essence of modern Madrid—a city that embraces the future while cherishing its past. For those looking to elevate their Madrid sojourn, Sky44 emerges as an unmissable destination.

Gourmet Experience Logo

Gourmet Experience

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop Madrid's iconic El Corte Inglés, the Gourmet Experience isn't merely a rooftop—it's a gastronomic sanctuary. Located in the vibrant Gran Vía district, this space is a celebration of Spanish cuisine, offering panoramic views of Madrid that serve as a visual appetizer to the culinary delights that await.

A Venue with a Panoramic Palette

One of the first things patrons notice upon entering the Gourmet Experience is the staggering vista of Madrid's heart. This rooftop provides an almost bird's-eye view of the city, stretching from the historic quarters to the modern skyscrapers. As the sun dips below the horizon, the city lights up, and the view transforms into a glittering tapestry—providing the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening.

A Gastronomic Wonderland

But it's the food that truly sets the Gourmet Experience apart. As the name suggests, this isn't just a place to eat; it's a place to experience the art of fine dining. The venue is home to a curated selection of food stalls and mini-restaurants, each specializing in a particular genre of cuisine.

From traditional Spanish tapas, brimming with flavors of the Iberian Peninsula, to international dishes that showcase global culinary traditions, the Gourmet Experience is a melting pot of tastes. Here, you can savor a plate of jamón ibérico, followed by sushi, then top it off with gourmet chocolates or artisanal ice cream.

Wine and Dine Under the Stars

The drink selection at the Gourmet Experience complements its diverse food offerings. With a wine list that showcases the best of Spanish vineyards—from the robust Riojas to the crisp Albariños—there's a glass for every palate. For those seeking something stronger, there's a cocktail menu that plays with traditional ingredients, giving them a modern twist.

Shopping with a Side of Gourmet

One of the unique features of the Gourmet Experience is its integration with El Corte Inglés, Spain's largest department store. This means patrons can indulge in a shopping spree and then head to the rooftop to satiate their appetites. Or, for those looking to take a slice of the Gourmet Experience home, there's an array of gourmet products available for purchase, from exquisite olive oils to rare spices.

A Culinary Odyssey Above Madrid's Skyline

The Gourmet Experience is more than just a dining venue; it's a celebration of food and the myriad flavors that make Spanish cuisine one of the world's most beloved. Combined with its unbeatable location and the panoramic views it offers, this rooftop emerges as a must-visit spot for anyone seeking to truly experience Madrid's culinary heartbeat.

Rooftop Terrace Jardines de Sabatini Logo

Rooftop Terrace Jardines de Sabatini

Indoor & Outdoor

In the midst of Madrid's historic architectural marvels and bustling urban life, there exists a rooftop that combines the serenity of lush gardens with panoramic city views: the Rooftop Terrace Jardines de Sabatini. Situated adjacent to the Royal Palace, this gem is a tribute to luxury, tranquility, and the timeless allure of Madrid's skies.

A Majestic Setting with Royal Neighbors

The terrace's prime location next to the Royal Palace provides an aura of regal sophistication. As you lounge on the comfortable seating, the historic walls of the palace stand tall, echoing tales of Spain's illustrious past. The juxtaposition of this regal monument against Madrid's skyline creates a visual treat that's both historic and contemporary.

Garden Bliss Above the Urban Hustle

The design of Jardines de Sabatini is inspired by classic European gardens. Greenery abounds with manicured hedges, ornamental plants, and cascading floral arrangements that infuse the space with a refreshing ambiance. Amidst the concrete and brick of the city, this rooftop emerges as a verdant escape, transporting patrons to a serene paradise where the clamor of urban life feels miles away.

A Symphony of Flavors Under the Stars

Jardines de Sabatini isn't just about visuals and ambiance; it's also a gastronomic retreat. The rooftop boasts a menu that's a harmonious blend of traditional Spanish flavors and innovative culinary creations. Whether you're savoring tapas that resonate with local tastes or indulging in a gourmet dish that showcases international flair, the dining experience here is both authentic and novel.

Complementing the food is an exquisite drinks menu. From classic Spanish wines and sangrias to handcrafted cocktails that shimmer under the Madrid sky, there's a drink to elevate every moment.

Events and Entertainment in a Lush Setting

The terrace is also a hub for events and entertainment. From live music sessions that resonate with Spanish rhythms to DJ nights that bring global beats, Jardines de Sabatini ensures that the atmosphere is always lively. The combination of music, the open sky, and the garden setting makes for an unforgettable experience.

Madrid's Elevated Garden Oasis

Rooftop Terrace Jardines de Sabatini is more than a place—it's an experience. It embodies the spirit of Madrid, merging its rich history with modern luxury, all wrapped in a garden setting. For those seeking a slice of paradise in the heart of the city, Jardines de Sabatini is not just a destination; it's a journey into the soul of Madrid.

La Terraza del Santo Domingo Logo

La Terraza del Santo Domingo

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Spain's majestic capital, where centuries-old streets whisper tales of history and art, there's a rooftop that promises both escape and immersion: La Terraza del Santo Domingo. Nestled amidst Madrid's vibrant core, this rooftop gem offers a panoramic embrace of the city, complemented by an ambience that epitomizes Spanish flair.

Madrid at Your Feet

La Terraza del Santo Domingo is a vantage point like no other. Elevated above Madrid's bustling streets, it offers an unobstructed view of the city's iconic landmarks. From the historic Royal Palace to the intricate spires of the Almudena Cathedral, the rooftop provides a visual journey across Madrid's rich tapestry. As daylight fades, the cityscape transforms, with lights illuminating the architectural marvels, casting a magical glow over Madrid.

Gastronomic Adventures with a Spanish Soul

At the heart of La Terraza del Santo Domingo is its culinary dedication. With a menu that pays homage to Spain's diverse culinary heritage, every dish is a celebration. Traditional tapas get a modern twist, with fresh local ingredients taking center stage. From savory to sweet, the offerings promise a journey through Spain's gastronomic wonders.

The bar, in true Spanish style, is a showcase of the country's beloved beverages. Whether it's a glass of crisp Albariño, a robust Rioja, or a refreshing sangria, there's a drink for every mood. And for those seeking a global touch, the cocktail menu, crafted by skilled mixologists, doesn't disappoint.

An Ode to Elegance and Comfort

The design ethos of La Terraza del Santo Domingo seamlessly merges sophistication with comfort. The decor, characterized by chic furniture and ambient lighting, creates a cozy yet upscale atmosphere. Subtle touches, like potted plants and artistic installations, echo the spirit of Madrid, adding to the venue's charm.

A Melody of Events

Beyond the daily allure, La Terraza del Santo Domingo is also a hub for events. With regular live music sessions, patrons can immerse themselves in the soulful sounds of flamenco, jazz, and contemporary tunes. The venue's reputation as one of Madrid's premier rooftops also makes it a sought-after location for private events and celebrations.

Madrid's Enchanting Skyline Escape

La Terraza del Santo Domingo isn't merely a rooftop bar; it's an experience. It captures the essence of Madrid, allowing patrons to revel in the city's beauty while indulging in its flavors and sounds. For both locals and travelers, it's a must-visit, promising memories that linger long after the evening ends.

Ella Sky Bar Logo

Ella Sky Bar

Outdoor only

Ella Sky Bar, perched atop one of Madrid's modern buildings, is an ode to urban luxury and sophistication. As the name suggests, the bar offers an almost celestial experience, both in terms of ambiance and view. If you've ever dreamed of sipping on a classic cocktail while overlooking the sprawling cityscape of Spain's capital, this is the place to make that dream come true.

Elevated Elegance

The décor at Ella Sky Bar is a harmonious blend of modern sophistication and cozy luxury. The minimalist furniture design, replete with smooth lines and subtle textures, complements the boldness of the open sky overhead. During the day, natural sunlight floods the area, reflecting off the carefully chosen metallic accents. By night, the place transforms into an ethereal space with delicate mood lighting, making the stars above and the city lights below compete for your attention.

Panoramic Views

Undoubtedly, one of the prime attractions of Ella Sky Bar is its breathtaking panoramic view. With an unobstructed 360-degree vista, guests can take in iconic Madrid landmarks such as the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, and the bustling avenues that crisscross the city. As sunset approaches, the horizon gets painted with shades of orange, pink, and purple, making for an unforgettable spectacle.

Culinary Delights

The rooftop bar is not just about the drinks and views; it's also a gastronomic paradise. The menu boasts an array of international dishes with a Spanish twist. From tapas that tease the palate to hearty mains, there's something for every food lover. And of course, the cocktails are a highlight. Expert mixologists craft both classic concoctions and innovative blends, ensuring that there's always something new to try.

Events and Gatherings

Ella Sky Bar has quickly become one of Madrid's go-to spots for hosting events. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a birthday bash, or an intimate evening with close friends, the venue offers the right blend of privacy and openness. The attentive staff, coupled with the customizable space, ensures that every event becomes a memorable one.

A Breath of Fresh Air

In the midst of the urban hustle and bustle, Ella Sky Bar provides a much-needed respite. The gentle breeze at this elevation is refreshingly cool, making it a perfect spot to escape the summer heat of Madrid. The lush green potted plants scattered around the bar add a touch of nature, reminding guests of the harmonious blend of urban and natural.

Madrid's Crowning Jewel

Ella Sky Bar is not just another spot on Madrid's list of attractions; it's an experience. It epitomizes the essence of modern Madrid - a city that reveres its rich history while embracing the future with open arms. Whether you're a tourist seeking to capture the city's spirit or a local looking for a luxurious night out, Ella Sky Bar promises an evening of delight and wonder.

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