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Radio Rooftop Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Milan, a city synonymous with high-fashion and impeccable design, the Radio Rooftop Bar soars above the urban expanse, offering patrons an unparalleled view of the metropolis combined with luxe ambiance and exceptional service. This rooftop destination is not just about sipping cocktails; it's about immersing oneself in an elevated Milanese experience.

Cityscape Serenades

Perched atop the renowned ME Milan Il Duca hotel, Radio Rooftop Bar offers sweeping views of the Milanese skyline. As dusk settles, the iconic skyscrapers and historical edifices are bathed in a warm golden hue, transitioning into a luminescent spectacle as night falls. Whether it's the silhouette of the Milan Cathedral or the modernist skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, visitors are afforded a 360-degree panorama that is as enchanting as it is diverse.

Design & Décor: Contemporary Chic Meets Comfort

Staying true to Milan's reputation as a design haven, the décor of Radio Rooftop Bar is a study in modern sophistication. The sleek lines and minimalist furniture are juxtaposed against lush greenery, creating an ambiance that's both urban and oasis-like. Semi-private cabanas dot the perimeter, perfect for those seeking a more intimate setting.

By night, ambient lighting and soft beats from resident DJs lend a pulsating yet laid-back vibe to the venue, making it perfect for both romantic dates and lively gatherings.

Gastronomic Delights and Liquid Artistry

Beyond its views and vibes, Radio Rooftop Bar shines in its culinary and mixological offerings. The menu is a curated blend of international flavors and Italian classics. Whether it's the bite-sized tapas or heartier mains, every dish is a testament to the city's gastronomic prowess.

The bar, meanwhile, is a realm of liquid creativity. From Milanese classics like the Negroni to inventive concoctions that play with flavors and textures, there's a drink for every palate. The signature cocktails, often inspired by the city itself, are a must-try for those looking to experience Milan in a glass.

Events and Special Nights

A hotspot for the city's who's who, Radio Rooftop Bar frequently hosts themed nights and special events. Fashion nights, sunset sessions, and DJ performances transform the venue into a dynamic space, ensuring that no two visits are ever the same.

A Symphony of Elegance and Panorama

Radio Rooftop Bar in Milan is more than a venue; it's an experience. It encapsulates the essence of the city, blending its historical charm with modern-day luxury. For those seeking to experience Milan from above, with all its sounds, sights, and flavors, this rooftop haven stands as an unmatched destination. Whether you're raising a toast to the setting sun or dancing the night away under the stars, Radio Rooftop Bar promises an evening filled with memories.

Terrazza Triennale Logo

Terrazza Triennale

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched gracefully atop the Palazzo dell'Arte in the heart of Milan's Parco Sempione, the Terrazza Triennale seamlessly combines Milan's penchant for design, culinary excellence, and nature. This rooftop locale isn't just another swanky spot to dine in; it's a confluence of art, culture, and gastronomic brilliance, offering patrons an unforgettable Milanese rendezvous.

A Canvas of Milan's Heritage and Modernity

The vantage point from the Terrazza Triennale is nothing short of a painter's dream. To one side, the lush expanses of Parco Sempione beckon, dotted with joggers, picnickers, and the iconic Sforza Castle. To the other, Milan's skyline - an intricate tapestry of historic spires and cutting-edge architecture - paints the horizon. It's a view that encapsulates Milan: both its storied past and its ambitious future.

Design with a Purpose

Every aspect of Terrazza Triennale, from its layout to its furniture, tells a tale of thoughtful design. Being an extension of the Triennale di Milano, an institution dedicated to Italian design and architecture, the rooftop mirrors this ethos. The space is open, airy, and incorporates elements of sustainable design. It's minimalistic yet inviting, offering patrons a comfortable perch from where they can appreciate the surroundings.

A Gastronomic Journey

Terrazza Triennale isn't just about breathtaking views and design. It's a culinary destination that promises a journey through Italy's rich and varied palette. Under the guidance of renowned chefs, the restaurant serves up contemporary renditions of classic Italian dishes, each plate a testament to Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Seasonal ingredients, sourced locally, are the stars of the show. Whether it's a creamy risotto, a perfectly grilled branzino, or a zesty tiramisu, the flavors are authentic and bold. The wine list, meticulously curated, complements the menu, offering selections from Italy's finest vineyards.

Events at Height

Being a beacon of art and design, the Terrazza Triennale often plays host to exclusive events, from art exhibitions to design workshops. These events, set against the backdrop of Milan's skyline, are magical affairs, bringing together the city's creative community and enthusiasts from around the world.

An Elevated Ode to Art, Architecture, and Gastronomy

The Terrazza Triennale is more than a rooftop restaurant or a bar. It's a celebration of Milan's spirit. It's where art, culture, design, and gastronomy come together to offer an experience that is quintessentially Milanese. For those looking to truly understand the soul of this Italian metropolis, a visit here is not just recommended; it's essential. Whether you're sipping on a sundowner, relishing a plate of handmade pasta, or simply soaking in the views, the Terrazza Triennale promises a moment of Milanese magic.

La Rinascente Rooftop Logo

La Rinascente Rooftop

Outdoor only

When thinking of Milan, the vision that most often comes to mind is of bustling streets lined with haute couture boutiques, the buzz of Vespas whizzing by, and the alluring aroma of Italian espresso filling the air. But there's a side to Milan that offers tranquillity amidst the urban bustle, and one of its crowning jewels is the rooftop of La Rinascente.

Location and History

Located right in the heart of Milan, adjacent to the iconic Duomo, La Rinascente is not just any department store. Founded in 1865 and having undergone various transformations, it has firmly cemented its reputation as one of Italy’s premier shopping destinations. While its interiors house the best in fashion, beauty, and home decor, it's the rooftop that often draws both locals and tourists alike.

Panoramic Elegance

As you ascend to La Rinascente's rooftop, you're greeted with an almost surreal view of Milan's skyline. The star, of course, is the close-up, unparalleled view of the Duomo's intricate spires and statues. But let your eyes wander, and they'll dance across terracotta rooftops, historic landmarks, and the modern skyscrapers that dot the city's horizon.

Dining Above the Skyline

The rooftop isn't just about the views; it's also a gastronomic journey. Here, amidst the Milanese sky, is Maio Restaurant – a space that combines elegance with relaxed comfort. The menu is a celebration of Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Each dish, be it a classic pasta or an inventive entrée, embodies the rich culinary heritage of Italy. And what better to accompany your meal than a glass of Prosecco, with the Duomo as your backdrop?

For those seeking a quick bite or a coffee break, there's also the Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar and the Il Bar. Each offers a curated menu of snacks, drinks, and of course, the quintessential Italian espresso.

Events and Moments

The rooftop of La Rinascente isn’t just a place to dine; it's a place to celebrate. From intimate moments like proposals with the sunset painting the sky, to private events that turn the terrace into a party under the stars, the rooftop offers versatility and magic in equal measure.

Milan's Elevated Shopping and Dining Experience

In a city where every corner vies for attention, the rooftop of La Rinascente stands out not just for its views, but for the experience it offers. It's a place where shopping takes a pause and life's finer pleasures – food, wine, and mesmerizing views – take center stage. Whether you're a shopaholic, a foodie, or simply someone looking for a serene spot in the midst of Milan, La Rinascente's rooftop beckons with a promise of an experience that's uniquely Milanese.

Terrazza Palestro Logo

Terrazza Palestro

Indoor & Outdoor

Milan, renowned as Italy's fashion and design capital, boasts an array of elegant landmarks and sophisticated venues that cater to the city's discerning denizens and travelers. Amidst its bustling streets and towering structures, there lies a gem that captures the essence of la dolce vita — Terrazza Palestro.

Location and Accessibility

Perched atop the Diana Majestic hotel and situated in the heart of Milan's chic Porta Venezia district, Terrazza Palestro offers an easy escape from the rush of the city. The locale is a stone's throw away from some of Milan's premier destinations, such as the Corso Venezia and the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli park, making it a strategic and enticing spot for those navigating the city.

Aesthetics and Ambience

Terrazza Palestro has been curated with a meticulous eye for design. Its décor seamlessly blends modern chic with vintage charm, combining Milan's rich history with its forward-looking ethos. The abundant greenery, in the form of potted plants and trellises, instills a sense of serenity and contrasts beautifully with the urban backdrop.

The space exudes a sense of intimacy. Softly lit by ambient lights and lanterns in the evening, it transforms into an ethereal haven that seems miles away from the city's hubbub, even though it's right in the midst of it.

Gastronomy and Mixology

Milan's cosmopolitan spirit is mirrored in Terrazza Palestro's culinary offerings. The menu celebrates both traditional Italian flavors and global influences, serving dishes that are both comforting and innovative. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are the stars here, and the presentation of each dish is nothing short of art.

The bar, helmed by expert mixologists, crafts cocktails that can be best described as liquid poetry. Whether you're in the mood for a classic Italian aperitivo or a bespoke concoction, the offerings are sure to enchant your palate.

Events and Celebrations

Terrazza Palestro has garnered a reputation as an ideal locale for both impromptu gatherings and grand celebrations. Its versatile space can host anything from romantic dinners to private parties. The impeccable service and the venue's dedication to curating personalized experiences have made it a sought-after destination for events.

Milan's Hidden Oasis Above the Urban Hustle

Terrazza Palestro is more than just a rooftop bar and restaurant; it's an emblem of Milan's charm. A place where the city's frenetic energy fades into the background, replaced by mellifluous laughter, clinking glasses, and memories waiting to be made. For those seeking a slice of Milanese elegance with a touch of tranquillity, Terrazza Palestro stands as an unmissable destination.

Terrazza Duomo 21 Logo

Terrazza Duomo 21

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Milan, a city that seamlessly merges its rich history with cutting-edge fashion and design, lies a hidden gem that offers both a luxurious escape and a connection to the very soul of the metropolis. Terrazza Duomo 21, with its breathtaking views and cosmopolitan vibes, is more than just a rooftop venue; it's a Milanese experience that encapsulates the romance and splendor of the city.

A Prime Perch with Unparalleled Views

One of the standout features of Terrazza Duomo 21 is its enviable location. Situated just a stone's throw away from the city's majestic cathedral, it offers one of the most unparalleled views of the iconic Milan Duomo. This positioning allows patrons to soak in the architectural wonder of the cathedral spires while being caressed by the gentle Milanese breeze. Whether day or night, the vista from Terrazza Duomo 21 is nothing short of enchanting.

Sophisticated Ambience

The design philosophy of the rooftop embraces modern minimalism while paying homage to classic Italian aesthetics. Elegant furniture pieces are meticulously placed to ensure comfort while maximizing the panoramic views. The ambient lighting, coupled with the soft glow from the cathedral and the city lights, sets a serene yet vibrant atmosphere. The delicate balance between opulence and subtlety is what defines the ambience here.

Culinary and Mixology Excellence

True to Milan's reputation as a gastronomic haven, Terrazza Duomo 21 does not disappoint when it comes to its culinary offerings. The menu is a tapestry of traditional Italian flavors reimagined with contemporary flair. From delectable antipasti to sumptuous mains, each dish is a testament to the chef's commitment to quality and innovation.

Complementing the food is an extensive beverage menu. The cocktails, curated by seasoned mixologists, offer both classic favorites and signature creations. With a glass in hand, one can't help but toast to the beauty of Milan.

Events and Gatherings

Terrazza Duomo 21 is also renowned as a sought-after event space. The blend of its prime location, sophisticated setting, and top-notch services makes it an ideal spot for both private celebrations and corporate gatherings. Over the years, it has been the backdrop for numerous memorable moments, from romantic proposals to high-profile product launches.

Milan’s Epitome of Elegance Overlooking a World Wonder

Terrazza Duomo 21 is not merely a rooftop bar or a restaurant. It is a rendezvous with Milan's soul. It's a place where history, culture, gastronomy, and contemporary vibes converge to offer an experience that's quintessentially Milanese. For anyone looking to truly 'feel' Milan, a visit to Terrazza Duomo 21 is not just recommended; it's essential.

Organics SkyGarden Logo

Organics SkyGarden

Indoor & Outdoor

Milan, the epitome of Italian luxury and fashion, constantly reinvents itself by combining tradition with avant-garde designs. Among the city's iconic structures and bustling streets, the Organics SkyGarden @Cielo stands out as a unique escape, an oasis that seamlessly blends natural beauty with urban sophistication.

Where Green Meets Glamour

Nestled atop the city’s fashionable district, Organics SkyGarden @Cielo takes rooftop experiences to new heights. The venue exemplifies an eco-conscious ethos that Milan is increasingly embracing. Walking into this rooftop bar is akin to stepping into a verdant hanging garden, where every plant tells a tale of sustainability.

The layout champions an organic design philosophy. Wooden fixtures, interspersed with green foliage and blooming flowers, craft an ambiance that is both chic and earthy. Every nook and corner of this rooftop haven has been designed keeping in mind the need for urban spaces to reconnect with nature.

A Culinary Delight

Beyond its lush aesthetics, Organics SkyGarden @Cielo is a culinary marvel. The menu is a testament to sustainable dining, featuring dishes that celebrate organic produce, locally sourced ingredients, and age-old Italian culinary traditions.

Guests can savor a range of flavors from fresh salads garnished with edible flowers to hearty pasta dishes that evoke the rich gastronomic heritage of the region. The bar, true to its theme, offers a selection of organic wines and cocktails infused with home-grown herbs and botanicals.

The Panoramic Experience

While the greenery provides a serene backdrop, it’s the panoramic view of Milan that truly captivates the visitors. From this vantage point, the city sprawls out like an architectural masterpiece, with ancient structures and modern skyscrapers coexisting harmoniously. As the sun sets, the Milanese skyline transforms into a glittering spectacle, making the SkyGarden a perfect spot for both daytime relaxation and nighttime revelry.

Events in Nature's Embrace

The adaptability of Organics SkyGarden @Cielo makes it a preferred choice for events. From intimate wedding receptions to corporate gatherings, the venue, with its green ambiance and panoramic views, promises an unforgettable experience.

Milan's Breath of Fresh Air

Organics SkyGarden @Cielo is not just another addition to Milan’s vibrant rooftop scene; it's a statement. A statement that luxury, sustainability, and nature can coexist. In the midst of the city's hustle and bustle, it offers a moment of calm, a space to breathe, and a chance to indulge in Milan from a fresh, green perspective. For those venturing into Milan, seeking a unique blend of nature and luxury, this rooftop sanctuary is a must-visit.

Ceresio 7 Logo

Ceresio 7

Indoor & Outdoor

Milan, a city that exudes style, fashion, and architectural splendor, is home to many treasures that reflect its rich history and contemporary chic. In the heart of this iconic metropolis, the rooftop haven of Ceresio 7 stands as a testament to Milanese luxury, offering a blend of sumptuous dining, exquisite ambiance, and vistas that capture the city's magnificence.

An Architectural Marvel with a Historical Touch

Ceresio 7 is located atop the historic Enel building, built in the 1930s, showcasing the modernist architectural flair of the period. The designers have masterfully integrated the structure's historical elements with contemporary finishes, creating a space that feels both timeless and current.

Gourmet Delights that Celebrate Italian Heritage

At the heart of Ceresio 7’s allure is its culinary repertoire. The kitchen, steered by celebrated chefs, crafts dishes that echo Italy's rich culinary tradition while introducing inventive nuances. Each plate, whether it's a classic risotto infused with the season's freshest truffles or a modern take on osso buco, tells a story of Italian flavors and international inspirations.

The bar complements the dining experience with an expansive menu of wines sourced from Italy's renowned vineyards, curated cocktails, and other spirits. Each drink, like the food, pays homage to tradition while embracing modern mixology techniques.

A Panoramic Embrace of Milan

The panoramic views from Ceresio 7 are nothing short of breathtaking. With two pools flanking the terrace, guests can immerse themselves in serene waters while drinking in vistas of Milan's skyline. From the towering spires of the Duomo to the modern skyscrapers that dot the cityscape, the panoramic view offers a dynamic blend of old and new, a reflection of Milan's essence.

An Oasis for All Seasons

One of the distinctive features of Ceresio 7 is its adaptability to all seasons. In summer, the pools offer a refreshing escape from the city's heat, while the open terraces are perfect for sunbathing and evening aperitivos. As winter rolls in, the space transforms with cozy setups, heaters, and warm lighting, creating an intimate atmosphere where guests can enjoy Milan's cooler months without missing the rooftop experience.

A Social Hotspot with a Touch of Privacy

Ceresio 7 has earned its reputation as a gathering place for Milan's elite, celebrities, and fashionistas, especially during the Milan Fashion Week. However, its design offers pockets of privacy, making it perfect for quiet business meetings, romantic dates, or serene solitary moments.

Milan’s Epitome of Rooftop Elegance

Ceresio 7 is not just a rooftop bar or a restaurant; it's a symbol of Milan's multifaceted charm. Marrying history with modernity, traditional flavors with innovative twists, and panoramic views with intimate corners, it offers an experience that is quintessentially Milanese. For those looking to capture the spirit of Milan in a setting that is both luxurious and welcoming, Ceresio 7 promises an encounter that lingers long after the visit.

The Roof Milano Logo

The Roof Milano

Indoor & Outdoor

Tucked away in the bustling heart of Milan, a city revered for its artistic spirit, architectural wonders, and its pivotal role in the fashion world, lies an urban oasis perched high above the streets – The Roof Milano. Offering more than just panoramic views of the city's skyline, this rooftop escape is a testament to Italian elegance, culture, and contemporary sophistication.

A Seamless Fusion of Design and Ambiance

Upon setting foot on The Roof Milano, one is immediately met with a harmonious blend of modern design elements and green accents. Lush planters, contemporary seating, and ambient lighting create a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like an urban garden floating above the Milanese streets. Every design detail, from the meticulously laid wooden floors to the chic furnishings, is a nod to Milan's reputation as a design capital.

A Culinary Odyssey Above The City

One of the highlights of The Roof Milano is undoubtedly its culinary offerings. Embracing Italy's rich gastronomic heritage, the menu is a delightful amalgamation of traditional Italian flavors presented with a modern twist. Whether you're indulging in a creamy risotto, a perfectly seared steak, or a delicate tiramisu, each dish is a celebration of Italian ingredients and culinary craftsmanship.

Complementing the food is a carefully curated beverage menu. From classic Italian wines and spritzes to inventive cocktails, the drink selection caters to varied palates, ensuring every guest finds their preferred sip.

Milan at Your Feet

The vantage point from The Roof Milano offers an unparalleled perspective of Milan. From the iconic spires of the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) to the city's modern architectural gems, the view is a constantly evolving painting of Milan's past, present, and future. As day turns to night, the skyline transforms, with landmarks illuminated under the moonlight, offering a romantic backdrop for evening get-togethers.

An Eventful Space

Beyond being a dining and socializing hotspot, The Roof Milano often plays host to various events, from art showcases to musical evenings. Its dynamic space can transform to cater to different occasions, making it a preferred choice for both casual evenings and exclusive events.

A Captivating Aerial Escape in Milan

In a city that never stops evolving, The Roof Milano stands out as a constant – a place where the essence of Milan is captured and celebrated every day. It's more than just a rooftop bar or restaurant; it's an experience, a journey through Milan's culture, flavors, and vistas. For those who wish to truly understand and feel the heartbeat of Milan, a visit to The Roof Milano is an absolute must.

The VIU Terrace Logo

The VIU Terrace

Indoor & Outdoor

In the global fashion capital of Milan, where the streets are dotted with haute couture and architectural masterpieces, finding a serene escape above the city hustle is a coveted luxury. Enter The VIU Terrace - a rooftop gem that beautifully encapsulates Milan's glamorous spirit and its passion for elegance, all set against a breathtaking city backdrop.

Architectural Brilliance meets Stylish Elegance

The VIU Terrace’s design reflects Milan's rich architectural tapestry. Combining contemporary design with elements of nature, the terrace is both a chic lounge and a lush urban garden. Modern furnishing, detailed with wood and steel, blends seamlessly with verdant greenery, creating a vibrant yet soothing ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels ensure that even while you're indoors, Milan's stunning skyline is never out of sight.

Gastronomic Delights in the Sky

No Italian experience is complete without a culinary indulgence, and The VIU Terrace doesn't disappoint. Marrying traditional Italian flavors with innovative techniques, the culinary offerings at the terrace are a gastronome's dream. From hand-tossed pizzas with the crispiest crusts to pasta dishes that narrate tales of Italian regions, every dish is a testament to the nation's rich culinary heritage.

The bar, sleek and stylish, is a haven for wine connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Whether you fancy a vintage Italian wine or a Milanese Negroni, the beverage menu is as extensive as it is exquisite.

A Panoramic Love Letter to Milan

Perched atop the VIU Hotel, the terrace boasts panoramic views of Milan. As you sip on your Prosecco, watch the sun dip below iconic landmarks such as the Sforza Castle and the San Siro Stadium. The glittering skyline, with its harmonious blend of historical structures and avant-garde designs, tells tales of Milan's rich past and its ambitious future.

Exclusive Events Under the Stars

The VIU Terrace is more than just a place to dine; it's an event space par excellence. From high-profile fashion after-parties to intimate musical evenings, the terrace's versatile space has played host to some of Milan's most exclusive events.

An Oasis of Calm in a Bustling City

In the midst of Milan's ever-evolving dynamism, The VIU Terrace stands as a tranquil retreat. The soft hum of conversations, the clinking of glasses, and the distant city noises come together to create a symphony that's uniquely Milanese.

Milan's Luxurious Skyline Retreat

The VIU Terrace is not just a place; it's an emotion, an experience that resonates with Milan's soul. It embodies the city's love for luxury, its penchant for style, and its unwavering commitment to the good life. For those looking to experience Milan in its truest essence, The VIU Terrace is an unmissable destination.

Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala Logo

Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala

Indoor & Outdoor

In the pulsating heart of Milan, a city renowned for its intricate tapestry of art, fashion, and culture, the Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala rises as a symphony of luxury and tranquility. This elegant rooftop sanctuary, perched atop the Hotel Milano Scala, offers not just panoramic views of the city but an immersive experience into Milan's luxurious essence.

A Symphony of Design and Ambiance

The design of Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala harmoniously blends modern sophistication with a touch of green, reflecting Milan's urban spirit and its commitment to sustainability. The furnishings, a mix of contemporary chic and classic comfort, are meticulously laid out, creating cozy nooks and open spaces that cater to both intimate moments and larger gatherings.

Surrounding the space, lush green plants and soft lighting create a serene ambiance, reminiscent of a secret garden amidst the urban sprawl. The verdant touches resonate with the hotel's green philosophy, making the terrace not just a visual treat but also an eco-conscious retreat.

Culinary Magic Under the Milanese Sky

The culinary offerings at the Sky Terrace Bar are a tribute to Italy's rich gastronomic traditions. With a menu that reflects the seasonal bounty, diners are treated to a journey of flavors that celebrate local produce and traditional recipes.

The cocktail menu is a concoction of classics and innovative mixes. From a perfectly blended Aperol Spritz to signature cocktails inspired by Milan's character, there's a drink for every palate. Not to forget, a handpicked selection of wines that celebrate Italy's rich viticultural heritage.

Milan's Skyline: A Feast for the Eyes

One of the crowning jewels of the Sky Terrace Bar is undoubtedly its views. Overlooking the city, patrons can gaze upon iconic landmarks such as La Scala Opera House and the spires of Milan's grand Cathedral. As day turns to night, the terrace offers front-row seats to a mesmerizing play of lights, as the cityscape twinkles and glows under the moonlit sky.

Events with a Touch of Stardust

With its breathtaking setting and unparalleled service, the Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala is also a coveted venue for events. From high-fashion soirees to corporate gatherings, the rooftop adapts, offering an experience that is both luxurious and uniquely Milanese.

A Melody of Elegance Above Milan's Streets

In a city where every corner is steeped in history and style, the Sky Terrace Bar Milano Scala offers a fresh perspective. It's not just about the views or the gourmet delights; it's about feeling the pulse of Milan from a vantage point, sipping on a cocktail as the city's stories unfold below. For those seeking a slice of Milan's elegance, with a touch of modern charm, this rooftop bar is a destination par excellence.

Terrazza Gallia Logo

Terrazza Gallia

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Milan, a city globally celebrated for its design, fashion, and culture, there exists an elevated experience that encapsulates the spirit of Italian luxury: Terrazza Gallia. As part of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, this rooftop haven seamlessly merges culinary excellence with panoramic views, setting itself apart as one of Milan's most elite destinations.

Panoramic Splendor in the Heart of Milan

Nestled atop the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Terrazza Gallia presents its guests with a sweeping view of the Milanese skyline. From the iconic Sforza Castle to the stunning Milan Cathedral, visitors can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the city's architectural marvels, all while being cradled in opulence.

Timeless Elegance Meets Contemporary Design

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the 1930s, the rooftop is adorned with elements that echo Milan's deep-rooted design heritage. But, true to the city's forward-thinking spirit, modern design touches are incorporated, resulting in an ambiance that is both classic and contemporary. Each corner, each piece of furniture, and every light fixture has been meticulously chosen to reflect the Milanese aesthetic.

A Culinary Odyssey

Helmed by the talented Cerea brothers, the culinary offerings at Terrazza Gallia are a testament to Italy's gastronomic traditions. Every dish, crafted with passion and precision, takes guests on a journey through the country's diverse regions. From fresh seafood delicacies to sumptuous meat preparations, the menu celebrates Italy's bounteous produce.

The bar, too, is an epitome of sophistication. Whether you're looking to sample the finest Italian wines or experiment with innovative cocktails crafted by master mixologists, the drink menu ensures that there's something for every discerning palate.

Exclusive Events with a Dash of Glamour

Given its vantage location and unparalleled services, Terrazza Gallia has emerged as a preferred spot for hosting exclusive events. Whether it's a glamorous fashion after-party, a corporate gathering, or a private celebration, the venue promises an experience that resonates with elegance and exclusivity.

A Taste of Milan's Skyline Luxury

Terrazza Gallia isn't just a dining spot; it's a Milanese experience. It marries the city's grandeur with its culinary prowess, enveloping guests in a cocoon of luxury. Whether you're watching the sun set over the city, casting a golden hue on its historic structures, or enjoying a candle-lit dinner under the stars, a visit to Terrazza Gallia is a memory you'll cherish, a true testament to Milan's enduring charm.

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