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The Market House

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Situated amidst the dynamic tapestry of Reading, a town replete with history and modernity, is a destination that marries the best of both worlds — The Market House Rooftop. As an epitome of urban sophistication coupled with rustic charm, this elevated haven offers a fresh perspective on Reading's vibrant spirit and stands as a testament to the town's evolving cultural narrative.

Panoramic Views of Historic Reading

Stepping onto The Market House Rooftop is akin to stepping into a living panorama of Reading's story. The sweeping vistas capture the town's eclectic mix: historic landmarks juxtaposed against cutting-edge architectural wonders, lush parklands contrasting with bustling streets. Here, one can sip on a cocktail while gazing at the distant silhouette of Reading Abbey or watching the meandering flow of the River Kennet.

Architectural Fusion: Rustic Meets Refined

The Market House's design ethos is a heartfelt ode to Reading's dual personality. Wooden beams, reminiscent of the town's medieval architecture, intersect with sleek metal and glass elements reflecting its contemporary vibe. Verdant planters and soft ambient lighting add layers of warmth and intimacy, crafting pockets of coziness amidst the expansive rooftop.

Culinary Adventures under the Sky

The gastronomic offerings at The Market House are a reflection of Reading's cosmopolitan essence. Drawing inspiration from local Berkshire produce and global culinary trends, the menu is a delightful medley of flavors, textures, and aromas. Whether it's a traditional English pie or a tantalizing Asian-inspired appetizer, every dish tells a tale of culinary craftsmanship.

The bar, a shimmering spectacle in itself, curates an extensive list of spirits, wines, and bespoke cocktails. The drinks, much like the venue, are a fusion of classic and contemporary, ensuring every palate finds its muse.

Vibrant Events and Celebrations

Beyond its daily offerings, The Market House Rooftop frequently transforms into a pulsating hub of events. From sun-drenched brunch parties to moonlit DJ sessions, the rooftop offers a dynamic calendar that mirrors Reading's lively ethos.

Embracing Reading's Capricious Weather

Fully aware of the whims and fancies of English weather, The Market House is equipped to handle all meteorological eventualities. With retractable awnings, plush blankets, and state-of-the-art heaters, it promises a comfortable experience regardless of the season's caprice.

Reading's Gem of Elevated Revelry

The Market House Rooftop is not merely a venue; it's an emotion. It's where Reading's tales of yesteryears merge with dreams of tomorrow, where every moment is steeped in the town's rich tapestry. For those eager to experience Reading from an elevated vantage, to taste its essence, and to feel its heartbeat, The Market House Rooftop beckons with open arms and panoramic views.

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Thirsty Bear Pizzeria & Bar

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Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Reading, where historical architecture meets urban dynamism, the Thirsty Bear Pizzeria & Bar Rooftop offers an authentic slice of Italy amidst the British skyline. This gem of a spot is not just about food and drinks; it’s an elevated Italian sojourn that tantalizes the senses and feeds the soul. Join us as we embark on a journey atop Reading’s very own ‘Little Italy’.

La Dolce Vita Above Reading

The Thirsty Bear’s rooftop experience begins with its panoramic views. As one gazes out, the vibrant tableau of Reading unfurls—a blend of gothic spires, modern structures, and bustling streets, all under the vast expanse of the English sky. Amidst this urban panorama, the rooftop provides a comforting cocoon of Italian warmth.

Rustic Elegance: A Nod to Traditional Trattorias

Drawing inspiration from Italy’s classic trattorias, the rooftop exudes rustic charm. Terracotta pots brimming with fragrant herbs, wooden tables carved with tales of yesteryears, and string lights that twinkle like stars in a Tuscan night—every element beckons guests into a world of Italian nostalgia.

Authentic Flavors Soaring High

At the heart of the Thirsty Bear experience is its culinary prowess. The pizzeria, true to its name, crafts an array of pizzas that transport diners straight to Naples. From the crispy, charred crusts to the melting medley of cheeses and toppings, each slice is a testament to traditional Italian pizza-making artistry.

Beyond pizzas, the menu ventures into other Italian delicacies. Pastas drenched in aromatic sauces, antipasti platters bursting with fresh produce, and desserts that sweetly whisper ‘la dolce vita’ ensure that every palate finds its Italian match.

Elixirs with an Italian Twist

The bar at Thirsty Bear complements its gastronomic offerings with a beverage list steeped in Italian spirits. While classics like Aperol Spritz and Negroni make a refreshing appearance, inventive cocktails infused with Italian liqueurs promise new adventures for the taste buds. For those who prefer a non-alcoholic sip, Italian sodas and artisanal coffees provide a delightful respite.

Vibrancy Amidst the Skies

While the ambiance and offerings are enough to draw one in, the Thirsty Bear doesn’t stop there. Regular events, from live music echoing with Italian classics to rooftop movie nights featuring Italian cinema, ensure that the vibe remains pulsating and spirited.

Weathering the English Sky with Italian Warmth

Fully cognizant of England’s mercurial weather, the rooftop boasts of a design that marries aesthetics with functionality. Retractable covers, cozy heaters, and plush throws ensure that the English chill never dampens the Italian fervor.

Reading’s Elevated Italian Escape

The Thirsty Bear Pizzeria & Bar Rooftop is not just a dining destination; it’s a journey—a journey that transcends geographies and eras to deliver a slice of Italy in the heart of Reading. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian flavors, a drink with a view, or just a moment of ‘la dolce vita’, this rooftop promises a rendezvous with Italian romance, elevated.

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Zerodegrees Reading

Indoor & Outdoor

Amid the intriguing blend of history and modernity in Reading, there lies a unique rooftop destination, Zerodegrees Reading. This venue, renowned for its microbrewery roots, offers a tantalizing fusion of artisanal beers, culinary creativity, and panoramic views. Let’s delve into this elevated haven where hops meet horizons.

A Symphony of Sights Over Reading

Zerodegrees Reading's rooftop is not just a space; it's an ever-changing canvas painted with the hues of Reading's cityscape. Gaze out and find architectural wonders from different eras coexisting harmoniously, from the gothic spires of historic churches to contemporary glass facades reflecting the setting sun. As you settle in, the distant hum of the town below serves as a gentle reminder of Reading's bustling charm.

Brewing Passion Under the Open Sky

The rooftop's essence lies in its microbrewery lineage. Here, the age-old art of brewing converges with modern techniques, resulting in an array of beers that are as diverse as they are delightful. From crisp lagers to rich stouts, each brew narrates a story of passion, precision, and palate. The gleaming brewing tanks, often visible from select spots on the rooftop, add an industrial chic vibe and serve as conversation starters.

A Culinary Odyssey

Zerodegrees Reading is not just about beers; it's a culinary adventure. The menu, inspired by global flavors, complements the brews on offer. Wood-fired pizzas with perfectly charred crusts, delectable seafood dishes inspired by coastal Europe, and a medley of tapas-style starters turn every meal into a gastronomic journey. And for those seeking non-alcoholic delights, there's a curated list of mocktails, artisanal coffees, and fresh juices.

Rooftop Revelries

Beyond its daily offerings, the rooftop is a stage for various events. Live music sessions under the stars, beer-tasting workshops, and culinary pop-ups are regular features, drawing both locals and visitors into a vortex of fun and flavors.

Designed for Reading's Mood

English weather is notorious for its unpredictability, but at Zerodegrees Reading, this has been turned into an opportunity. The space is dexterously designed with sections of open skies and canopied areas. Plush seating, ambient heaters for chilly evenings, and strategically placed greenery ensure a cozy and immersive experience regardless of the weather.

A Brewed Elevation in Historic Reading

Zerodegrees Reading Rooftop is more than a bar or a restaurant; it's a sensorial experience. It's where Reading's pulse can be felt from an elevated viewpoint, where every sip of beer is a testament to brewing artistry, and where culinary wonders meet the town's radiant skyline. For those in search of an experience that’s both rooted and elevated, Zerodegrees Reading offers a brewed embrace amidst the clouds.

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