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Tacco11 American Bar Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo
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Sitting along the sprawling beaches of Lido di Jesolo, Tacco11 American Bar Jesolo is a confluence of cultures, a place where the laid-back Venetian coastline meets the vibrant American bar spirit. Here, the rhythm of the waves mingles with the pulsating beats of modern music, resulting in a rooftop experience that's both refreshing and electrifying.

Jesolo's Horizon: A Sight to Behold

Tacco11's elevated vantage point delivers an unobstructed panorama of the Adriatic Sea's cerulean embrace. The vast expanse of golden sands dotted with colorful umbrellas, sunbathers in repose, and children building sandcastles creates a picturesque tapestry. As day turns to night, the horizon gets painted in shades of gold and amber, turning every evening into a visual spectacle.

A Culinary Blend: From Venice Lagoons to American Diners

Tacco11 surprises and delights with its culinary offerings. While the menu pays homage to classic American bar favorites, there's a distinct Venetian twist. Imagine savoring a burger made with fresh Venetian ingredients or relishing a pizza with toppings inspired by American classics. Every bite at Tacco11 is an adventure, bridging the Atlantic divide.

Liquid Adventures: Sips across Continents

The bar menu at Tacco11 is an eclectic mix of American classics and Italian signatures. Whether it's a frothy beer reminiscent of an American sports bar or a glass of Prosecco heralding from Veneto's vineyards, there's a drink for every mood and moment. Cocktail aficionados will appreciate the creative concoctions that blend the best of both worlds.

Vibe: A Coastal Soiree with American Flair

The ambiance of Tacco11 is where its dual spirit shines brightest. Sleek and modern design elements are punctuated by nostalgic American decor pieces. The result is an environment that's both chic and cozy. The live music, often a blend of American hits and Italian classics, sets the mood, making Tacco11 a favorite spot for both relaxed evenings and lively nights.

Hospitality: A Fusion of Warmth

True to its dual essence, the hospitality at Tacco11 blends the warmth of Italian service with the efficiency of American standards. The staff, ever-smiling and attentive, ensure that every guest feels at home, irrespective of which side of the Atlantic they hail from.

Where Venetian Vibes Meet American Spirit

Tacco11 American Bar Jesolo isn't just a bar; it's a cultural rendezvous. A place where memories are made, stories are shared, and cultures converge. For those in Lido di Jesolo looking to experience the best of both worlds, Tacco11 promises an evening (or many) that will be remembered and cherished.

Casabianca Café Logo

Casabianca Café

Lido di Jesolo
Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the golden sands and lively boardwalks of Lido di Jesolo, Casabianca Café stands tall, offering an elevated escape from the buzz below. More than just a café, it's a sensory journey that captures the very essence of Italian 'la dolce vita' set against the magnificent backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.

Azure Views and Adriatic Whispers

The first thing that strikes you about Casabianca Café is its magnificent view. Perched in a prime location, the café offers a panoramic sweep of the sparkling Adriatic waters, interspersed with sun-kissed beachgoers and vibrant beach umbrellas. The gentle lapping of the waves, combined with distant laughter and chatter, sets a soothing rhythm to your visit.

Taste of Italy: A Culinary Romance

At the heart of Casabianca Café is its ode to Italian gastronomy. The menu is a delightful blend of classic Italian dishes infused with fresh, local ingredients. Whether it's a plate of seafood spaghetti doused in aromatic herbs or a creamy tiramisu that melts in your mouth, every dish at Casabianca is a celebration of Italy's rich culinary heritage.

Sip and Soak: Liquid Italian Elegance

No visit to an Italian café is complete without indulging in the country's vast beverage repertoire. At Casabianca, expect a meticulously curated list of wines sourced from the best Italian vineyards. The café also offers a range of signature cocktails, each telling a story of the regions they originate from.

Design and Ambiance: Modern Meets Classic

Casabianca Café seamlessly fuses contemporary design aesthetics with classic Italian charm. Soft wooden furnishings, interspersed with modern art pieces and decor, create an ambiance that's both cozy and chic. Whether you choose to sit indoors or bask in the sun on the outdoor terrace, the café ensures comfort and style in equal measure.

An Ode to Italian Hospitality

Beyond the flavors and views, it's the warmth of service at Casabianca Café that leaves an indelible mark. The staff exudes genuine Italian hospitality, making each guest feel welcomed and cherished. Their attentive service, combined with a passion for their craft, elevates the overall experience.

An Elevated Italian Experience Amidst Coastal Bliss

Casabianca Café is more than just a dining spot; it's a slice of Italian paradise in the heart of Lido di Jesolo. With its perfect blend of culinary delights, stunning views, and heartwarming service, the café promises an experience that lingers in memory long after the sun sets on the Adriatic horizon. For those seeking an authentic Italian experience amidst the beauty of the Venetian coastline, Casabianca Café beckons with open arms.

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