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HarBAR on 6th

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched above Southampton's dynamic cityscape, HarBAR on 6th emerges as a zenith of luxury, elegance, and unparalleled vistas. Nestled within the iconic Harbour Hotel, this rooftop bar and terrace boasts more than just an elevated position; it is an embodiment of Southampton's blend of historical charm and modern sophistication.

An Enviable Location with Mesmerizing Views

Located in the heart of Southampton, HarBAR on 6th offers visitors a panoramic sweep of the city's landmarks. From the mesmerizing marina filled with yachts to the city's historic walls and bustling streets, guests can immerse themselves in a 360-degree spectacle, experiencing Southampton from a vantage point like no other.

Understated Elegance with a Nautical Twist

HarBAR on 6th's design narrative draws inspiration from Southampton's maritime legacy. Sleek lines, a muted color palette interspersed with marine blues, and refined furnishings come together to craft a space that exudes understated luxury. Pops of brass and hints of wood evoke nautical vibes, paying homage to the city's seafaring history.

Gourmet Experiences in the Sky

Beyond its design and views, HarBAR on 6th establishes itself as a culinary destination. The menu is a celebration of local produce and global flavors, ensuring that diners are treated to a gastronomic adventure with every visit. From fresh seafood dishes echoing the essence of the coast to artisanal cocktails that surprise and delight, HarBAR on 6th guarantees an experience that tantalizes both the palate and the senses.

The bar, featuring an extensive range of spirits, wines, and handcrafted cocktails, further elevates the dining journey. Each drink, be it a classic concoction or a contemporary creation, is crafted with finesse, mirroring the venue's commitment to excellence.

Events with a Touch of Glamour

HarBAR on 6th isn't just a space for dining and relaxation; it's also a hub for events and entertainment. The venue frequently hosts themed nights, live music sets, and DJ performances, ensuring that the ambiance remains lively and electric. Its reputation as a venue of choice for private parties and corporate events further cements its status within Southampton's elite social circuit.

An Oasis, Come Rain or Shine

One of HarBAR on 6th's standout features is its adaptability. With sections that can be enclosed, it ensures that the Southampton weather, be it sun, rain, or wind, doesn't dampen the spirits of its patrons. This all-season adaptability ensures that guests can enjoy the rooftop's offerings year-round.

Southampton's Sky-High Sanctuary of Sophistication

HarBAR on 6th, with its amalgamation of luxury, history, and modernity, stands as a testament to Southampton's evolving narrative. It's more than just a rooftop venue; it's an experience, a journey that encapsulates the city's essence. For those seeking a slice of Southampton that is both timeless and contemporary, HarBAR on 6th emerges as the perfect destination, promising memories that linger long after the sun sets on its horizon.

Funky Flamingo Lounge & Roof Garden Logo

Funky Flamingo Lounge & Roof Garden

Indoor & Outdoor

Southampton, a city steeped in maritime history and cultural heritage, has always been an emblem of evolution. The Funky Flamingo Lounge & Roof Garden stands as a testament to this spirit of progression, melding the city's historical backdrop with a fresh, modern vibe. Tucked away in the heart of the city, this rooftop destination beckons with its eclectic style, tantalizing flavors, and panoramic views.

A Maritime City’s Contemporary Gem

Positioned strategically within Southampton's vibrant cityscape, the Funky Flamingo offers easy access to both locals and visitors. Its location, juxtaposed against the city's iconic landmarks and the serene waters of the Solent, crafts an experience that marries urban sophistication with natural beauty.

Vibrant Aesthetics with a Tropical Twist

True to its name, the Funky Flamingo transports guests to a tropical haven. The decor is a riot of colors, with vibrant murals, neon signs, and an abundance of plants creating an ambiance that's both playful and relaxed. The focal point, of course, is the signature flamingo motifs, lending the space its quirky charm.

Gastronomy with a Global Flair

The culinary offerings at the Funky Flamingo are as diverse as its decor. Drawing inspiration from global cuisines, the menu takes diners on a delightful journey across continents. Whether it's zesty tapas, hearty burgers, or refreshing salads, each dish is crafted with passion and authenticity. The rooftop bar, an oasis in itself, serves an array of handcrafted cocktails, artisanal beers, and fine wines, each curated to complement the food and the venue's vibrant atmosphere.

Panoramic Views Meet Live Entertainment

The Funky Flamingo isn't just about food and aesthetics. The rooftop garden offers a sweeping view of Southampton, from its historic docks to its bustling streets. As day transitions to night, the space comes alive with curated events - live music, DJ sets, and themed parties, ensuring that the vibe remains electric and engaging.

An All-Season Retreat

One of the standout features of the Funky Flamingo is its adaptability. With sections that can be enclosed and heated, it promises to be an all-season retreat. Whether you're soaking in the summer sun or escaping the winter chill, the rooftop garden offers a sanctuary that adapts to Southampton's ever-changing weather.

An Elevated Oasis of Urban Cool

Funky Flamingo Southampton - Lounge & Roof Garden is more than just a venue; it's a statement. It embodies Southampton's ability to embrace change while celebrating its roots. Whether you're a local looking for an escape, a visitor keen on capturing the city's essence, or simply someone looking to enjoy good food, great music, and unparalleled views, the Funky Flamingo promises an experience that's as unique as its name. In the ever-evolving tapestry of Southampton, this rooftop gem shines bright, inviting all to partake in its vibrant offerings.

Revolución de Cuba Southampton Logo

Revolución de Cuba Southampton

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the historical charm and maritime splendour of Southampton lies a vibrant rooftop gem that transports its visitors to the heart of Havana – the Revolución de Cuba Southampton. Offering an authentic Cuban experience, this rooftop paradise stands out as a burst of tropical energy against the city's urban backdrop.

Spectacular Views with a Salsa Beat

Positioned centrally in Southampton, Revolución de Cuba provides a unique juxtaposition of the city's iconic landmarks and the spirited culture of Cuba. The rooftop promises panoramic views of the city, but it's the vibrant atmosphere, resounding with salsa beats and Cuban melodies, that truly sets the scene for an unforgettable escape.

Havana Inspired Decor and Ambiance

The essence of Cuba is intricately woven into every facet of the venue's design. From the rustic wooden furnishings, reminiscent of a traditional Havana bar, to the bursts of bright colors, tropical plants, and vintage posters, the decor is an embodiment of Cuban soul and style. The space instantly conjures images of sun-soaked Cuban streets, vintage cars, and lively dance scenes.

Taste the Essence of Cuba

The culinary offerings at Revolución de Cuba Southampton are nothing short of a sensory fiesta. Drawing from traditional Cuban recipes and ingredients, the menu promises dishes that are as flavorful as they are visually appealing. From the classic 'Ropa Vieja' (shredded beef) to contemporary twists on tapas, every dish tells a story.

No Cuban experience is complete without rum, and the bar doesn't disappoint. Boasting an extensive selection of the finest rums, the cocktails are the stars of the show. Whether it's the classic Mojito or a more adventurous concoction, each drink encapsulates the spirit of Cuban mixology.

Dance, Celebrate, Revel

True to its Cuban inspiration, the rooftop isn't just a space to dine and relax – it's an epicentre of entertainment. Regular salsa nights, live Latin bands, and dance workshops make it a pulsating hub of energy and movement. For those unfamiliar with Latin dances, the venue often hosts lessons, ensuring everyone can join the fiesta.

A Year-Round Caribbean Retreat

Understanding the whims of the British weather, Revolución de Cuba Southampton has been designed to offer a tropical experience year-round. Retractable roofs and heaters ensure that even on a chilly day, the warmth and vibrancy of Cuba remain uncompromised.

A Tropical Rooftop Escape in the Heart of the City

Revolución de Cuba Southampton isn't just a rooftop venue; it's a cultural journey. It invites guests to step into a world where the rhythms of salsa merge with Southampton's skyline, where every bite and sip tells a tale of the Caribbean, and where every moment is a celebration of life's vibrancy. In a city known for its maritime legacy, this rooftop stands as a testament to Southampton's ability to embrace and celebrate cultures from across the world.

Revolution Southampton Logo

Revolution Southampton

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Southampton, a coastal city known for its historical allure and maritime connections, stands Revolution Southampton, a rooftop haven that perfectly epitomizes the city's pulsating energy. Offering an urban retreat infused with contemporary flair, Revolution Southampton combines a prime location with chic aesthetics and a tantalizing array of offerings.

Strategically Positioned, Spectacularly Presented

Revolution Southampton's rooftop enjoys a prime locale within the city's vibrant landscape. Positioned amidst historical landmarks, bustling shopping districts, and a stone's throw from the marina, it promises not just ease of access but panoramic views that are a treat for the senses. The city's juxtaposition of old-world charm and modern dynamism becomes evident from this elevated vantage point.

Contemporary Design with a Dash of Glamour

The design ethos of Revolution Southampton's rooftop seamlessly integrates modern aesthetics with subtle nods to the city's maritime heritage. Sleek furnishings, mood lighting, and an open layout create an ambiance that's at once welcoming and sophisticated. Metallic accents and vibrant art pieces add a touch of glamour, ensuring that the space feels both trendy and timeless.

Culinary Delights under the Sky

One of Revolution Southampton's crowning jewels is its culinary repertoire. The menu is a curated blend of classic favorites and innovative creations, ensuring that patrons are always in for a gastronomic treat. From hearty mains to shareable platters and an impressive selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes, the culinary journey here is as diverse as it is delectable.

The bar, true to Revolution's reputation, boasts an impressive range of cocktails. Whether you're in the mood for a classic martini or seeking to try a signature concoction, the skilled mixologists ensure that each drink is a masterpiece in itself.

An Epicenter of Entertainment

Beyond food and drinks, Revolution Southampton's rooftop is known for its lively ambiance. With regular DJ nights, themed parties, and live performances, the rooftop transforms into a pulsating hub of entertainment. The space also frequently hosts events, making it a sought-after venue for celebrations and gatherings.

Adaptable and Alluring

Recognizing the unpredictability of British weather, Revolution Southampton's rooftop is designed to be adaptable. With sections that can be enclosed and heated, it ensures that guests can revel in the rooftop experience regardless of the season. This adaptability, coupled with the venue's commitment to excellence, ensures a consistently delightful experience.

A Rooftop Fusion of Modern Vibes and Timeless Elegance

Revolution Southampton's rooftop is more than just a dining and entertainment venue; it's a reflection of the city's multifaceted persona. Combining contemporary vibes with Southampton's inherent charm, it promises an experience that's both immersive and memorable. For those seeking to capture the essence of Southampton, replete with modern twists and turns, Revolution Southampton stands out as an unmissable destination.

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