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Pier One

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Nestled amidst Plymouth's picturesque maritime backdrop, Pier One redefines rooftop experiences with its seamless blend of coastal charm and contemporary flair. As an elevated sanctuary above Plymouth's bustling harbor, Pier One is more than just a venue; it is an emblem of the city's evolving maritime legacy intertwined with modern sophistication.

Vistas of Vibrant Plymouth

On ascending to Pier One, patrons are immediately greeted by a panoramic embrace of Plymouth's harbor. The ever-changing dance of yachts, fishing boats, and ships against the canvas of the vast horizon creates a visual symphony. The iconic landmarks, including the historic Mayflower Steps and Plymouth Hoe, enrich the view, crafting a tableau that narrates the city's past and present.

Harmonizing the Old and the New

Pier One's design is an artful concoction of Plymouth's storied maritime history and 21st-century aesthetics. Maritime artifacts and rustic wooden motifs, hinting at the city's seafaring heritage, are juxtaposed against sleek, modern furnishings. The play of shadows and light, especially during the twilight hours, adds a touch of dramatic flair to the atmosphere.

Savoring the Sea and Beyond

True to its coastal setting, Pier One offers a menu deeply inspired by the ocean's bounty. From freshly caught seafood delicacies that celebrate Plymouth's marine riches to a diverse array of dishes reflecting global gastronomy, the culinary journey here is vast and varied.

The bar, a central attraction of Pier One, is a testament to mixological artistry. Alongside classics, there are drinks infused with local ingredients, offering patrons a taste of Plymouth in every sip. The curated wine and spirits list, with selections from around the world, ensures that there's a perfect accompaniment for every meal and mood.

A Stage Set for Celebrations

Pier One is not just about leisurely dining and drinking. It regularly metamorphoses into a hub of entertainment and festivity. Live music nights, DJ sets, and themed events make it a go-to venue for those seeking spirited evenings under the Plymouth sky.

Braced for the Coastal Clime

Plymouth's maritime weather, known for its unpredictable charm, is anticipated at Pier One. With adjustable shading and heating solutions, the rooftop ensures that guests can relish their time irrespective of the seasonal whims.

An Elevated Ode to Coastal Elegance

Pier One stands as a beacon of Plymouth's modern aspirations, rooted deeply in its rich heritage. It's not just a space but an experience that encompasses the city's maritime heart, culinary delights, and vivacious energy. Whether one seeks a serene afternoon gazing at the harbor or a lively night filled with music and laughter, Pier One promises an elevated Plymouth experience that is both authentic and enchanting.

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Roof Terrace The Navy Inn

Outdoor only

Anchored in the historic heart of Plymouth, The Navy Inn has long been a beacon for those seeking a genuine maritime experience. But it's not just the inn itself that draws patrons. Its crowning glory, the Roof Terrace, beckons visitors with a promise of sweeping views, atmospheric vibes, and a taste of Plymouth's seafaring soul.

Plymouth's Maritime Majesty Elevated

Set atop The Navy Inn, the Roof Terrace offers an unrivaled vantage point of Plymouth's iconic waterfront. With the sounds of the bustling harbor below, patrons are treated to panoramic views that stretch from the famous Mayflower Steps to the distant horizons of the English Channel. The juxtaposition of Plymouth's historic buildings against the modern yachts and ships creates a visual spectacle that narrates a tale of a city steeped in history yet forward-looking.

Design: A Toast to Tradition

The design of the Roof Terrace pays homage to Plymouth's nautical heritage. Rustic wooden decking, reminiscent of ship decks of yore, is complemented by marine ropes and anchors serving as decor elements. Potted plants intersperse the space, adding a touch of greenery to the sea-blue backdrop. In the evening, fairy lights strung overhead lend a magical ambiance, making it seem like the stars have descended just a touch closer.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds

No maritime experience is complete without a feast from the sea. The Roof Terrace menu is a delectable journey through Plymouth's seafood heritage. Freshly caught fish, succulent oysters, and other seafood delights promise a culinary experience that's as vast and varied as the ocean itself.

For those seeking libations, the bar doesn't disappoint. Classic cocktails are infused with a nautical twist, while the selection of local ales and spirits reflects Plymouth's rich brewing and distilling traditions.

Events Under the Open Sky

The Roof Terrace isn’t just a space for dining and relaxation; it's an arena for entertainment. From live music that resonates with the city's maritime tunes to themed parties that celebrate Plymouth's historic milestones, the terrace is a hub of activity and celebration.

Embracing Plymouth's Weather

Plymouth's maritime climate, with its unpredictable mix of sunshine and sea breezes, is all part of the charm. The Roof Terrace, with its retractable covers and cozy heaters, ensures that every weather becomes a part of the experience rather than a deterrent.

Plymouth's Nautical Nirvana

The Roof Terrace at The Navy Inn isn't just another rooftop spot in Plymouth. It's an ode to the city's maritime spirit, a space where history, gastronomy, and scenic beauty converge. Whether you're a sailor at heart or a traveler seeking the essence of Plymouth, the Roof Terrace awaits with its nautical embrace.

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The Terrace

Outdoor only

Elevating the experience of Plymouth's rich maritime heritage is The Terrace, a rooftop gem that provides panoramic views of the city's historic waterfront and beyond. Perched elegantly in the heart of Plymouth, The Terrace is not just a vantage point but a destination that offers a multisensory immersion into the city's vibrant atmosphere.

A Panoramic Canvas of Plymouth

As you ascend to The Terrace, the expanse of Plymouth unfurls before you like a living tapestry. From the sprawling harbor, dotted with boats of every conceivable size, to the historic landmarks and modern urban skyline, visitors are treated to a visual treat that encapsulates Plymouth's essence. The distant lull of the waves, paired with the city's urban hum, crafts an auditory backdrop that's both calming and invigorating.

Modern Elegance Meets Coastal Charm

The design philosophy of The Terrace is a blend of contemporary chic and coastal allure. Sleek furnishings, set against the backdrop of rustic wooden panels, create an ambiance that's both sophisticated and relaxed. The use of ambient lighting, from soft lanterns to string lights, ensures that the setting transforms from a sunlit lounge during the day to a twinkling wonderland come evening.

A Culinary Voyage

The Terrace prides itself on a menu that's as diverse and captivating as Plymouth itself. Taking inspiration from the city's maritime heritage, the culinary offerings are a celebration of fresh seafood. However, the chefs ensure there's something for every palate, blending local ingredients with global flavors to create dishes that tantalize and surprise.

The bar, an impressive array of spirits, wines, and brews, is a focal point of the rooftop. From craft cocktails that narrate Plymouth's tales to local brews that showcase the region's brewing finesse, every drink is a journey in itself.

Events with Altitude

The Terrace isn't just a space to dine and relax; it's an ever-evolving stage of entertainment. From live music sessions that showcase local talent to themed nights that transport guests to another era or region, there's always something happening atop this Plymouth haven.

Weather-Ready Retreat

Knowing the whims of Plymouth's coastal weather, The Terrace is designed for all seasons. Retractable canopies provide shade on sunnier days, while strategically placed heaters offer warmth on those cooler evenings, ensuring that Plymouth's moods only add to the ambiance.

A Sky-High Retreat Amidst Maritime Majesty

The Terrace in Plymouth is more than a rooftop; it's a reflection of the city's multifaceted charm. With breathtaking views, delectable dining, and an atmosphere that shifts with the city's rhythms, it offers a slice of Plymouth that's elevated in every sense. For locals and visitors alike, The Terrace beckons as a must-visit spot, promising memories that linger long after the sun sets on its horizon.

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