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Jimmy's Sports Bar

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In the heart of Northampton, away from its medieval architecture and the River Nene's gentle flow, stands a modern-day rendezvous for sports enthusiasts - Jimmy's Sports Bar. While the bar itself has earned accolades for its vibrant ambiance and extensive sports screenings, the crowning glory is undoubtedly its rooftop setting. Here's an insight into this athletic paradise that towers above Northampton.

Sports Heaven with a View

Jimmy's rooftop is not your typical bar space. With large screens strategically positioned, it ensures that patrons don't miss a second of their favorite sports, all while soaking in panoramic views of Northampton's skyline. From the echoing cheers of football matches to the tense silences of cricket games, the rooftop comes alive with the emotions of every significant sporting event.

Design: A Tribute to the World of Sports

Every corner of Jimmy's rooftop pays homage to the world of sports. From seats made of reclaimed stadium benches to walls adorned with memorabilia from iconic matches, the decor transports patrons to legendary arenas and moments. The open-air setting, punctuated with green turf-like carpets and goalpost-inspired structures, enhances the sporty feel.

Gastronomic Goals

Complementing the sports frenzy is a menu that scores on all fronts. Taking inspiration from stadium favorites across the world, Jimmy's offers a range of snacks perfect for game-time munching. From loaded nachos to juicy burgers, the culinary lineup is a hat-trick of flavors, textures, and aromas.

The bar, echoing the diverse spirit of sports, boasts an array of beverages. Whether it's a craft beer reminiscent of English football stadiums or a cocktail inspired by American baseball parks, there's a drink for every sports lover.

Interactivity Off the Screens

Beyond the screens, Jimmy's rooftop has spaces for patrons to indulge in some athletic action. Whether it's a game of darts, foosball, or tabletop soccer, visitors can engage in friendly competitions, amplifying the sports bar experience.

Adapting to Northampton's Whims

Aware of Northampton's unpredictable weather, the rooftop is designed to ensure uninterrupted sports viewing and enjoyment. Retractable awnings and efficient heating solutions ensure that neither rain nor chill dampens the spirits of the patrons.

Northampton's Athletic Elevation

Jimmy's Sports Bar Rooftop is more than just a place to watch a match; it's where the passion for sports is celebrated in all its glory. With its immersive atmosphere, delectable menu, and heart of Northampton location, it stands as a testament to the town's evolving urban spirit while saluting the universal love for sports. Whether you're a die-hard sports aficionado or someone seeking a unique rooftop experience, Jimmy's promises an outing that's both exhilarating and memorable.

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The Wedgwood

Indoor & Outdoor

Tucked away in the heart of Northampton, a town renowned for its historical richness and architectural beauty, lies The Wedgwood - a rooftop destination that seamlessly weaves classic charm with contemporary luxury. With its vantage point, sophisticated design, and culinary wonders, The Wedgwood Rooftop emerges as a sanctuary for those seeking a touch of grandeur amidst the urban landscape.

A Picturesque Escape Above Northampton

As you ascend to The Wedgwood's rooftop, Northampton's heritage unfolds beneath. The town's red-bricked buildings, punctuated with spires, chimneys, and green canopies, paint a picture reminiscent of an English classic novel. The soft hum of the town below contrasts with the tranquil serenity atop, crafting an experience that is both immersive and rejuvenating.

Timeless Design with Modern Sensibilities

The design ethos of The Wedgwood pays homage to Northampton's architectural legacy. Victorian-inspired furniture, intricate wrought-iron details, and ornate planters transport visitors to a bygone era. Yet, the inclusion of modern amenities and contemporary design accents ensure that the rooftop caters to the sensibilities of today's discerning clientele.

A Culinary Symphony on the Rooftop

The Wedgwood isn't just a visual delight; it's a gastronomic journey. The menu is a fusion of traditional English fare and global flavors. Local produce, handpicked from Northamptonshire's farms, transforms into dishes that tell tales of lands near and far.

The bar, elegantly stocked and helmed by expert mixologists, offers a cocktail experience like no other. Classic concoctions are masterfully recreated with a Wedgwood twist, ensuring every sip is an exploration of flavors and memories.

Ensemble of Events

The Wedgwood is not just a space for leisurely indulgence; it's a canvas for memories. From intimate jazz nights under the stars to high-tea afternoons echoing Victorian elegance, the rooftop regularly hosts events that resonate with Northampton's vibrant cultural pulse.

Bracing for Northampton's Moods

With the unpredictable charm of English weather, The Wedgwood is adeptly prepared. Retractable canopies shield patrons from sudden drizzles, while the strategically placed heaters ward off the evening chill, ensuring the rooftop remains an all-season retreat.

Northampton's Elevated Elegance

The Wedgwood Rooftop is more than an addition to Northampton's dining and leisure scene; it's an ode to the town's enduring elegance and evolving dynamism. It's where past and present converge, stories unfold, and memories are etched against the backdrop of Northampton's skyline. For those seeking an experience that's refined yet relatable, timeless yet timely, The Wedgwood emerges as Northampton's elevated jewel.

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