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Bilbao, a city draped in history and adorned with modern marvels, offers a unique blend of Basque traditions and contemporary charisma. At its heart, adding a touch of elevated elegance, stands the Collection Rooftop Bar—a rendezvous with luxury, gastronomy, and panoramic grandeur.

Stepping into Sophistication

From the moment one sets foot into the Collection Rooftop Bar, it becomes evident that this isn't just another venue; it's an experience. The chic decor, accentuated by stylish furnishings, ambient lighting, and tasteful art installations, immediately sets a mood of upscale leisure and sophistication.

Gastronomic Elegance High Above

Bilbao, known for its culinary treasures, finds a worthy representative in the Collection Rooftop Bar. The menu reflects the essence of the Basque Country, with its time-honored recipes infused with modern twists. Be it pintxos that capture the region's essence in bite-sized portions, or more elaborate dishes that reflect the city's coastal bounty, every offering promises a treat for the palate.

To complement this culinary journey, the bar boasts an exquisite array of drinks. From classic Spanish wines and crafted cocktails to a selection of international spirits, there's something to satiate every thirst.

A Canvas of Bilbao’s Beauty

What truly sets the Collection Rooftop Bar apart is its unobstructed, panoramic view of Bilbao. Whether you're gazing at the shimmering waters of the Nervión river, the architectural masterpiece of the Guggenheim Museum, or the undulating Basque landscapes, the rooftop offers a visual treat that's unparalleled.

As the sun descends, casting a golden hue over the city's tapestry, the spectacle from this vantage point is nothing short of magical. The city lights gradually sparkle to life, turning Bilbao into a glittering mosaic, best enjoyed with a drink in hand and good company by one's side.

Events with an Elevated Touch

Given its aesthetic appeal and prime location, the Collection Rooftop Bar has also emerged as a sought-after venue for private gatherings and events. From intimate soirées to corporate cocktail nights, the bar provides a setting that's both memorable and mesmerizing.

A Luxurious Perch Over Bilbao

In a city that seamlessly marries the old with the new, the Collection Rooftop Bar stands as an emblem of Bilbao's luxurious side. With its impeccable service, gourmet offerings, and breathtaking views, it serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best way to appreciate a city's beauty is from a perch high above.

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La Terraza Del Yandiola

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Bilbao, where historic charm melds seamlessly with modern dynamism, stands an exquisite rooftop gem—La Terraza Del Yandiola. This luxurious retreat, nestled atop the city's vibrant cultural quarters, offers an immersive experience of Basque indulgence, presenting a panorama of sights, sounds, and tastes that capture the essence of the city.

Stepping into Sophistication

Upon ascending to La Terraza Del Yandiola, visitors are immediately greeted by an ambiance of cultivated elegance. Modern architecture effortlessly integrates with elements reminiscent of Bilbao's rich heritage. The decor, an artful blend of contemporary chic and rustic charm, sets the tone for an experience that's both intimate and grand.

A Culinary Ballet of Basque Flavors

Bilbao's gastronomic legacy shines brightly at La Terraza Del Yandiola. The menu is a tribute to the region's culinary traditions, yet it boldly ventures into innovative territories. Classic Basque dishes are reimagined with a modern twist, ensuring every bite is a delightful surprise.

Seafood platters showcase the freshness of the Bay of Biscay, while the region's famous pintxos (tapas) come alive in a myriad of presentations. Each dish is expertly paired with wines selected from both local Rioja vineyards and international cellars, promising a symphony of flavors.

Breath-taking Vistas of the Bilbao Skyline

Beyond its gastronomic offerings, what truly sets La Terraza Del Yandiola apart is its magnificent views. Overlooking the city, guests are treated to a visual spectacle—from the intricate facades of historic buildings to the avant-garde silhouettes of landmarks like the Guggenheim Museum. As the sun sets, the city lights below begin their twinkling dance, crafting an enchanting backdrop for evening soirées.

A Pulse of Cultural Fusion

Situated within the iconic Alhóndiga Bilbao, a cultural and leisure center, La Terraza Del Yandiola benefits from a pulsating energy. Regular events, art exhibitions, and live performances reverberate the essence of Bilbao's artistic soul. The rooftop, in many ways, becomes a theater where the city's cultural narratives come alive.

Bilbao's Elevated Oasis of Elegance

La Terraza Del Yandiola is not merely a rooftop bar and restaurant; it's a sensory voyage that encapsulates the spirit of Bilbao. From its culinary masterpieces and intoxicating vistas to its vibrant cultural heartbeat, this rooftop haven stands as a testament to the city's ever-evolving allure.

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