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18 Lounge by Embassy Logo

18 Lounge by Embassy

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Bucharest, the bustling capital of Romania, the skyline boasts a number of impressive structures, but few as stunning as the rooftop experience offered at 18 Lounge by Embassy. Set atop one of the city's modern skyscrapers, this lounge provides an elevated experience—both literally and figuratively—for its visitors.

Unparalleled Views

Perched high above the bustling streets, the 18 Lounge offers panoramic vistas of the entire city. From the historic architecture of the old town to the serpentine meanderings of the Dâmbovița River, the view from this vantage point is nothing short of breathtaking. As dusk settles in, the city lights start twinkling, offering a mesmerizing urban landscape that perfectly complements the sophisticated ambiance of the lounge.

Ambiance & Design

Walking into the 18 Lounge feels like stepping into a modern-day fairy tale. With sleek, contemporary décor accentuated by warm ambient lighting, the lounge strikes a fine balance between modern opulence and comforting coziness. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows ensure that the city remains a constant backdrop to your evening, and the open-air section brings the Bucharest breeze right to your table.

Gastronomy at Its Finest

But the 18 Lounge isn't just about views and décor. It’s a culinary destination. The menu, curated by top chefs, fuses traditional Romanian dishes with international flavors, offering a gastronomic journey that tantalizes the taste buds. Whether you're savoring the delectable appetizers, indulging in a sumptuous main course, or diving into a divine dessert, dining here is a multisensory delight. The cocktail menu, too, is not to be missed, with mixologists crafting innovative concoctions that echo the lounge's ethos of modern luxury.

Events and More

Frequented by both locals and international visitors, the lounge also hosts a series of events throughout the year. From live music sessions to themed parties, there's always something happening atop this urban retreat. The space is also available for private bookings, making it a sought-after venue for corporate events and intimate celebrations.

The Crowning Jewel of Bucharest

In a city as vibrant and multifaceted as Bucharest, the 18 Lounge by Embassy stands out as a beacon of modern luxury. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening out, a lively night with friends, or simply a quiet corner to enjoy the city's views, this rooftop lounge offers it all. With its combination of visual delights, culinary excellence, and impeccable service, a visit to 18 Lounge is nothing short of an unforgettable experience.

Elfi Sky Bar & Urban Kitchen Logo

Elfi Sky Bar & Urban Kitchen

Indoor & Outdoor

Bucharest, with its tapestry of architectural grandeur, historical relics, and vibrant street life, is a city that promises enchantment at every turn. Yet, amid its captivating cityscape, the Elfi Sky Bar & Urban Kitchen emerges as a distinctive gem, blending urban sophistication with a serene ambiance. Here’s a closer look at this rooftop oasis that promises an experience like no other in Romania's capital city.

Sky-High Serenity

Situated in the heart of Bucharest, Elfi Sky Bar & Urban Kitchen offers visitors a serene retreat from the bustling streets below. As the elevator doors open onto this rooftop haven, visitors are immediately greeted with sweeping views of the city's iconic landmarks, contrasted with the azure sky and soft hues of sunset.

Artistic Ambiance

With a keen attention to detail, Elfi's interior exudes an artsy yet elegant vibe. The decor seamlessly fuses minimalist elements with plush comfort, creating spaces that invite intimate conversations. Glistening lights, rustic wooden accents, and a plethora of greenery create an environment that feels both organic and upscale.

Culinary Craftsmanship

At its core, Elfi is a celebration of gastronomy. The "Urban Kitchen" aspect of the venue shines through in its menu that is a harmonious blend of local flavors and international finesse. From succulent meats to fresh vegetarian delights, every dish is a testament to the chef's commitment to quality and innovation. To accompany the meals, Elfi boasts an extensive wine list and an array of handcrafted cocktails, ensuring that every palate finds its match.

Events and Entertainment

Beyond its culinary offerings, Elfi is also renowned for its lively atmosphere. With a calendar packed with events, from live music to DJ nights, this rooftop venue transforms into a pulsating hub of entertainment as the night progresses. The open-air setting only adds to the allure, allowing guests to dance under the stars.

Service Beyond the Ordinary

What sets Elfi apart, even more, is its impeccable service. The staff, with their warm hospitality and expert knowledge, ensure that every guest's experience is tailor-made to their preferences. Whether you're seeking a wine recommendation or a customized dish, the team at Elfi goes above and beyond to accommodate.

A Celestial Retreat in Bucharest

Elfi Sky Bar & Urban Kitchen is not just another rooftop bar; it’s a sanctuary that promises respite, luxury, and unmatched views. Whether you're a tourist seeking the city's best sights or a local in need of a lavish escape, Elfi stands as a beacon of contemporary elegance and gastronomic excellence. Amid the urban chaos of Bucharest, it's a place where the sky truly meets the soul.

Linea / Closer to the Moon Logo

Linea / Closer to the Moon

Outdoor only

In the dynamic urban landscape of Bucharest, where history gracefully intertwines with contemporary artistry, one rooftop stands out as an emblem of elevated recreation: Linea / Closer to the Moon. Perched high above the city’s bustling streets, this rooftop haven combines atmospheric ambiance with impeccable culinary offerings, making it a must-visit destination in Romania’s capital.

A Glimpse of Bucharest's Essence

Nestled in the heart of Bucharest, Linea / Closer to the Moon offers its visitors a mesmerizing view of the city's architectural melange. The vista captures everything from the classic grandeur of historical buildings to the sleek silhouettes of modern constructions. As the day fades and the city lights begin to twinkle, this rooftop spot transforms into a magical observatory, offering views of the city's pulsating energy.

A Fusion of Retro and Modern

Drawing inspiration from the 1930s and the golden age of cinema, the decor at Linea / Closer to the Moon boasts a chic retro flair. Vintage film projectors, classic movie posters, and monochromatic checkered flooring transport visitors to a bygone era. Yet, the venue beautifully juxtaposes these elements with modern design, creating a space that's both nostalgic and avant-garde.

The open-air setting, accentuated by green potted plants and ambient lighting, sets the tone for relaxed conversations, making it an ideal spot for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.

A Taste of the World

Linea / Closer to the Moon doesn't just entice with its views and vibes; the culinary offerings are equally compelling. The menu is a curated selection of global flavors, ensuring there's something to tantalize every palate. From fresh sushi rolls and Mediterranean-inspired tapas to hearty European mains, the dishes showcase a rich tapestry of ingredients and techniques.

The cocktail menu deserves special mention. Drawing inspiration from classic films, each drink tells a story, both in its name and its unique blend of flavors. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing mojito or a smoky whiskey concoction, the mixologists here craft each beverage with precision and flair.

Events and Nightlife

As the sun sets, Linea / Closer to the Moon comes alive with a vibrant energy. The venue frequently hosts DJs, turning the rooftop into a pulsating dance floor under the stars. The combination of groovy tunes, panoramic views, and exquisite cocktails makes it one of Bucharest’s premier nightlife destinations.

Elevate Your Senses in Bucharest's Skyline

Linea / Closer to the Moon isn't just another rooftop bar. It's a sensorial journey that captures the essence of Bucharest while offering a global culinary experience. Whether you're a local seeking a refreshing change of scenery or a traveler eager to soak in the city's vibes, this rooftop promises an unforgettable experience. Above the city's skyline, closer to the moon, and amidst the stars, this is where Bucharest dreams a little dream every night.

SkyBar Dorobanti Logo

SkyBar Dorobanti

Indoor only

Nestled in the heart of Bucharest, the capital and the largest city of Romania, the SkyBar Dorobanti stands as an epitome of urban sophistication and modern elegance. This rooftop bar, heralded for its sweeping views, offers not just a drink, but an experience that merges the urban heartbeats with serene luxury.

Location & Architecture

SkyBar Dorobanti is situated in Dorobanti, one of the city's posh neighborhoods. The strategic placement ensures that guests are treated to panoramic vistas of Bucharest's skyline, punctuated by historical landmarks, bustling streets, and the shimmering horizon.

The bar's design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with functional elegance. Glass barriers offer unobstructed views while ensuring safety. The seating is a balanced mix of intimate corners for couples or small groups and communal areas for larger parties or those looking to socialize.

Ambience & Experience

What sets SkyBar Dorobanti apart is its unparalleled ambiance. By day, it provides a serene escape from the city’s hustle. The sun bathes the rooftop in a warm glow, turning it into an ideal spot for lazy afternoon chats or early evening musings. As night falls, the ambiance undergoes a transformation. The city lights up below, stars begin to twinkle above, and the SkyBar illuminates with a gentle, moody glow.

Live music sessions on certain evenings further enhance the experience. From soulful jazz to contemporary hits, the bar ensures that its patrons are wrapped in a cocoon of auditory delight.

Culinary Delights

No rooftop experience is complete without a tantalizing array of food and drinks. SkyBar Dorobanti boasts an impressive menu that caters to a diverse palate. Expect to find a mix of local Romanian flavors and international favorites. From light tapas to hearty mains, there's something to satiate every hunger level.

Their drink menu is equally commendable. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine wines, a lover of crafted cocktails, or someone who swears by classic spirits, SkyBar Dorobanti has you covered. Their in-house mixologists often whip up signature concoctions, ensuring that there's always something new to try.

Bucharest's Elevated Retreat

SkyBar Dorobanti isn't just another spot in Bucharest's burgeoning nightlife scene; it's a destination. A place where the city's pulse can be felt in its truest essence. For tourists, it offers an unparalleled view of Bucharest, and for locals, it's a proud testament to the city's growth, vibrancy, and potential.

In a city brimming with history, culture, and ever-evolving urban vibes, the rooftop SkyBar Dorobanti in Bucharest offers a harmonious blend of all these elements, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

Aria TNB Logo

Aria TNB

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the cityscape of Romania's vibrant capital, Bucharest, Aria TNB emerges as a poetic escape from the bustling streets below. Its name, evoking melodious tunes and airy heights, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this rooftop marvel. Offering a blend of sophisticated ambiance, culinary masterpieces, and awe-inspiring vistas, Aria TNB stands out as a crown jewel in Bucharest's array of rooftop destinations.

Center Stage in the City

Aria TNB boasts an enviable location in the heart of Bucharest. Overlooking the majestic National Theatre, from which it draws part of its name, the venue offers its patrons a front-row seat to the city's cultural and architectural grandeur. With panoramic views encompassing both historical landmarks and modern skyscrapers, visitors are treated to a visual feast that captures Bucharest's multifaceted charm.

Elegance Elevated

Stepping onto Aria TNB's rooftop is like entering a contemporary oasis. Minimalistic design elements, accented with lush greenery, create an ambiance of serene sophistication. The use of glass and metal, coupled with tasteful outdoor furnishings, strikes a balance between modernity and comfort. As the sun sets, the space is bathed in the warm glow of ambient lighting, setting a romantic and intimate mood.

A Gastronomic Ballet

One of Aria TNB's standout features is its commitment to culinary excellence. The menu, curated by top chefs, is a harmonious blend of traditional Romanian flavors and international dishes. Whether it's a reinvention of a local classic or a globally-inspired entrée, every dish is a testament to the kitchen's dedication to quality and creativity.

Complementing the food offerings is a wine list that reads like a who's who of global vineyards. Handpicked selections ensure that every meal can be paired with the perfect bottle, elevating the dining experience to sublime heights.

A Calendar of Enchantments

Aria TNB is not just a place to dine; it's a hub of cultural and social events. Throughout the year, the venue hosts a variety of happenings, from live music sessions and art exhibitions to exclusive themed parties. These events, combined with the venue's intrinsic allure, make it a magnet for Bucharest's who's who.

A Symphony of Sensations Above Bucharest

In a city teeming with history, culture, and urban allure, Aria TNB stands out as a sanctuary above it all. It's a place where the arts of gastronomy, architecture, and entertainment converge, offering locals and travelers alike a rooftop experience that resonates long after the night ends. In Bucharest's symphony of sights and sounds, Aria TNB is a note of pure perfection.

DESCHIS Gastrobar Logo

DESCHIS Gastrobar

Outdoor only

Nestled atop the energetic streets of Bucharest, DESCHIS Gastrobar stands as a testament to innovative design, gastronomic delights, and breathtaking views. Its intriguing name, 'DESCHIS' – meaning 'open' in Romanian – perfectly encapsulates its welcoming ambiance and the open skies overhead. A unique blend of relaxed vibes, tasteful decor, and a menu that tantalizes the palate, this rooftop gem is Bucharest's answer to cosmopolitan relaxation.

An Urban Retreat

Located in a rejuvenated industrial area, DESCHIS Gastrobar is like discovering an urban secret. Its slightly off-center location provides a respite from the city's bustling core, while still offering panoramic views of Bucharest's skyline. From historic landmarks to the meandering Dambovita River, guests are presented with a visual journey through the capital's diverse landscape.

Industrial Chic Meets Green Sanctuary

True to its industrial roots, DESCHIS sports a minimalist design that gracefully marries raw materials with refined aesthetics. Exposed beams, concrete flooring, and metal fixtures pay homage to the building's history. Yet, interspersed with these industrial elements is a plethora of greenery. Potted plants, vertical gardens, and even small trees breathe life into the space, making it a green oasis in the heart of an urban jungle.

Open seating arrangements, from communal tables to more intimate nooks, cater to groups and solo visitors alike. And as night descends, the fairy lights strung overhead cast a magical glow, making the rooftop a romantic getaway.

A Fusion of Flavors

At the heart of DESCHIS Gastrobar is its culinary repertoire. A delightful fusion of Romanian classics and global favorites ensures there's something for every palate. The chefs, drawing inspiration from their travels and local produce, have crafted a menu that celebrates diversity and innovation. Seasonal ingredients, locally sourced, are the stars of each dish, making every meal a fresh experience.

The drink menu is no less impressive. From handcrafted cocktails that take cues from global trends to a selection of wines that showcase Romania's underrated vineyards, there's an elixir for every mood.

A Hub of Creativity

Beyond being a dining destination, DESCHIS Gastrobar is a vibrant cultural hub. The venue frequently hosts workshops, art exhibitions, and live music, attracting a diverse crowd of creatives, intellectuals, and curious souls. These events, combined with the gastrobar's inherent charm, infuse the space with an energy that's both electric and welcoming.

Bucharest's Elevated Oasis of Culinary Fusion

DESCHIS Gastrobar is more than just a rooftop eatery; it's a symbol of Bucharest's evolving identity – a blend of history, modernity, and boundless creativity. Whether you're seeking a culinary adventure, a serene spot to watch the sunset, or a dive into the city's cultural pulse, DESCHIS is the place to be. In a city teeming with hidden treasures, this rooftop sanctuary is a jewel that shines brightly.

Amethyst Sky Bar & Rooftop Logo

Amethyst Sky Bar & Rooftop

Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Bucharest, where historic charm and modern vibrancy intersect, lies a rooftop bar that's nothing short of a gem: the Amethyst Sky Bar & Rooftop. Named after the precious stone that symbolizes calm, balance, and peace, this elegant retreat offers guests an unparalleled experience of luxury, relaxation, and a touch of magic.

Centered in the Heart of History

Situated within the bustling central district of Bucharest, Amethyst Sky Bar & Rooftop offers an escape from the city's hustle and bustle without taking you too far from its heartbeat. Its central location ensures guests have an unrivaled view of the city's iconic landmarks, with the Palace of Parliament, Herastrau Park, and more, all in one panoramic sweep.

A Marriage of Elegance and Simplicity

Elegance is at the core of Amethyst's design. From the moment guests step out of the elevator, they're greeted by the deep purple hues of amethyst stones, beautifully contrasted against the bar's plush gold fittings. The seating area is designed with modern, clean lines, ensuring that while the decor is opulent, it never feels overwhelming.

Glass balustrades surround the rooftop, offering an unobstructed view of the city below while chic loungers and private cabanas provide comfortable spots for guests to unwind.

An Elevated Experience

Amethyst's menu is a testament to culinary artistry. Each dish, carefully curated by top chefs, is a fusion of Romanian and international flavors. Freshness is paramount, with many ingredients sourced locally to ensure a dining experience that is both authentic and innovative.

The bar, glittering with rows of top-shelf spirits and liqueurs, offers a diverse range of beverages. The mixologists at Amethyst are renowned for their unique concoctions, blending traditional recipes with modern twists.

Nights to Remember

Amethyst isn’t just a place to dine and drink; it’s an experience. The rooftop frequently plays host to some of Bucharest’s most sought-after events, from live jazz performances to DJ nights. The ambiance, combined with the panoramic views and stellar service, ensures that nights at Amethyst are unforgettable.

Bucharest's Gleaming Gem in the Sky

In a city as diverse and dynamic as Bucharest, Amethyst Sky Bar & Rooftop stands out not just for its location, but for the experiences it curates. It's a place where moments are frozen in time, where the city's pulse can be felt right under one's fingertips, and where every visit feels like stepping into a world of luxury. For those looking to see Bucharest from a different perspective, Amethyst is a destination that promises—and delivers—exceptionality.

NOMAD Skybar Logo

NOMAD Skybar

Indoor & Outdoor

Bucharest, the vibrant capital of Romania, is a city of juxtapositions: where history intertwines with modernity, where traditions melt into avant-garde artistry. It is in this beautiful interplay of contrasts that the NOMAD Skybar has found its rightful place, as a crowning jewel in Bucharest’s nightlife.

Location and Architecture

Perched atop the city's urban landscape, the NOMAD Skybar is not just a place for drinks; it's an experience. Located in the Lipscani district, which is often referred to as Bucharest's Old Town, the bar is within a stone's throw away from many of the city's historical and cultural treasures. This provides patrons with the perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary finesse.

Its architecture and design are true to its name. Drawing inspiration from nomadic aesthetics, the space combines rustic and modern elements, exuding a cosmopolitan yet cozy ambiance. The indoor space is a melange of raw wood, metal, and ambient lighting, while the outdoor terrace opens up to the sky, offering an unparalleled panorama of the city below.

The Experience

From the moment you ascend to NOMAD Skybar, there's an undeniable feeling of escapism. The city's hustle and bustle fade away, replaced by an ethereal calmness. The soft hum of conversations, clinking glasses, and occasional laughter is underscored by curated music sets, ranging from chill beats to live performances.

The bar boasts an extensive menu that caters to all tastes. From classic cocktails that take you on a trip down memory lane to innovative concoctions that challenge your palate, there's a drink for every mood. Not to be overshadowed, their culinary offerings are equally commendable. With dishes inspired by global flavors and prepared with local ingredients, the food at NOMAD is a gastronomic delight.

Events and Culture

NOMAD Skybar is more than just a bar; it's a cultural hub. Throughout the year, the place buzzes with events — from art exhibitions and fashion showcases to musical performances and DJ nights. It has become a haven for artists, thinkers, and dreamers, fostering a community of creativity and expression.

For those looking to immerse themselves in Bucharest's burgeoning underground music scene, NOMAD often plays host to local and international DJs, offering a platform for genres spanning deep house, techno, and beyond.

A Gem Atop Bucharest's Urban Canvas

In a city that never sleeps, the NOMAD Skybar offers a dreamy respite. It's a place where worlds collide — where the allure of the past meets the thrill of the present. Whether you're a traveler seeking a unique perspective of Bucharest, a local looking for a night of fun, or an artist in search of inspiration, NOMAD Skybar awaits with open arms and a drink ready to be poured. So, the next time you find yourself wandering the streets of Bucharest, let your feet (and heart) lead you to this urban oasis.

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