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Romeo Hotel Naples

Indoor & Outdoor

Napoli, the city of echoes and illusions, holds within its embrace countless tales of yore, vibrant streets, and the passionate rhythm of life. Amidst its historic maze, the Romeo Hotel stands as a beacon of modern luxury, with its rooftop offering guests an unparalleled view of Napoli’s grandeur and the timeless allure of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A Stairway to Neapolitan Heavens

Elevating its visitors above the bustling streets of Napoli, the rooftop of Romeo Hotel is a realm where the ancient and contemporary merge seamlessly. The panoramic views offer a spectacle: the towering Vesuvius, the sprawling historic center, the azure expanse of the Gulf of Naples, and the distant silhouette of the islands like Capri and Ischia.

Modern Elegance Amidst Timeless Beauty

With a keen eye for design, the rooftop beautifully blends urban sophistication with touches of Mediterranean charm. Chic loungers and elegant seating areas are juxtaposed against lush greenery, offering pockets of tranquility. The ambient lighting, especially after dusk, transforms the space into a luminescent dreamscape.

Culinary Arts Under the Stars

The rooftop doesn’t just satiate the visual senses. It's a gastronomic journey, drawing inspiration from Napoli's rich culinary heritage. With dishes that emphasize fresh seafood, local cheeses, and traditional Italian flavors, dining here is both an homage to Napoli's culinary traditions and an exploration of contemporary tastes. And what's a meal without a drink? The bar, with its extensive list of wines, cocktails, and liqueurs, ensures every dish has its perfect liquid companion.

Wellness Sky-High

For those seeking relaxation, the wellness offerings at the rooftop promise serenity with a view. Whether it's a dip in the pristine pool or a session at the spa, rejuvenation is guaranteed with the backdrop of Napoli's skyline.

Events with an Elevated Touch

Celebrations at the Romeo Hotel rooftop carry a distinctive touch of elegance. Be it a wedding reception against the backdrop of a Neapolitan sunset or a corporate event under the canopy of stars, the venue ensures memories that linger.

Reveling High Above the Ancient Heart of Napoli

The rooftop at Romeo Hotel Naples isn’t merely a space; it’s an experience, a vantage point from where one can absorb the very essence of Napoli. As the city below sings its age-old lullabies and the Tyrrhenian waves whisper tales of the deep, this rooftop stands as a testament to luxury, beauty, and the eternal charm of Napoli.

Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant Logo

Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant

Indoor & Outdoor

In the ever-vibrant city of Napoli, where history interlaces with modernity and the sea kisses the land, the Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant emerges as an emblem of sophisticated luxury and authentic Neapolitan essence. Perched atop the city's skyline, this rooftop haven not only offers a tantalizing culinary experience but also boasts views that capture the timeless majesty of Mount Vesuvius and the azure embrace of the Gulf of Naples.

Panoramic Grandiosity: A Naples Spectacle

From Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant, the sprawling panorama of Napoli unravels before your eyes. The iconic silhouette of Mount Vesuvius, symbolizing both the city's historical legacy and natural beauty, is showcased in all its splendor. The Gulf of Naples stretches out, its waters shimmering under the sun, while the city's architectural tapestry forms a dynamic backdrop. As the day fades, the setting sun casts a golden hue over the waters and city, creating an ethereal ambiance.

A Culinary Ode to Neapolitan Heritage

The menu at Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant is a curated journey through Naples' rich culinary traditions. With a focus on fresh, local ingredients, the dishes encapsulate the flavors and aromas that have made Neapolitan cuisine renowned worldwide. Be it the creamy decadence of a risotto, the robust flavors of the sea captured in a seafood platter, or the simple elegance of a Margherita pizza, every dish is a testament to the region's gastronomic prowess.

Libations with a Local Touch

The beverage selection at Vesuvio pays homage to Italy's diverse viticulture and Naples' own drink traditions. From robust reds and crisp whites to sparkling Proseccos and regional liqueurs, the choices reflect the vast spectrum of Italian beverages. Cocktails infused with local flavors and garnished with Mediterranean twists promise a delightful sip with every drink.

Design and Atmosphere: Modern Elegance with Neapolitan Nuances

Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant beautifully marries contemporary design elements with Neapolitan aesthetics. The ambiance exudes a sense of luxury while still retaining a cozy, intimate feel. Rustic elements reminiscent of Naples' historic streets combine with sleek furniture and ambient lighting, ensuring a setting that resonates with both the city's past and present.

Genuine Hospitality: The Soul of Vesuvio

What truly elevates the experience at Vesuvio is the warmth and attentiveness of its staff. Embodying the renowned Italian hospitality, they ensure that every guest's experience transcends mere dining, turning it into a cherished memory.

Where Gastronomy Meets the Grandeur of Vesuvius

Vesuvio Roof Bar & Restaurant is a beacon of refined elegance and authenticity in the heart of Napoli. It is where culinary expertise, breathtaking views, and heartfelt hospitality converge, offering patrons a unique vantage point to experience the soul of Naples. For those who seek a harmonious blend of luxury and tradition, Vesuvio promises an unforgettable sojourn above the city's rooftops.

Riserva RoofTop Logo

Riserva RoofTop

Indoor & Outdoor

Hovering gracefully above the historical maze that is Napoli, Riserva RoofTop is not just a dining destination, but an invitation into the heart and soul of this vibrant Italian city. With an unparalleled vista of the Bay of Naples and the looming grandeur of Vesuvius, it offers an experience that is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

A Window to Naples' Soul

Riserva RoofTop's unique vantage point provides an uninterrupted view of the iconic Bay of Naples. From here, the city spreads out like a dynamic tapestry - ancient spires, bustling piazzas, and the shimmering Mediterranean waters, with the imposing silhouette of Mount Vesuvius punctuating the horizon. As day turns to night, the vista transforms, with city lights twinkling like stars and the bay reflecting the silvery glow of the moon.

Culinary Symphony: Napoli on a Plate

Drawing inspiration from the rich gastronomic heritage of Naples, Riserva RoofTop's menu is a tribute to authentic Neapolitan flavors. Each dish is a harmonious blend of traditional recipes and contemporary techniques. From the classic Margherita pizza, boasting of the freshest tomatoes and mozzarella, to intricate seafood dishes that pay homage to the city's maritime legacy, the culinary journey here is nothing short of spectacular.

Liquid Elegance: Sips of the Mediterranean

Naples, with its coastal location and rich history, has a diverse beverage culture. Riserva RoofTop showcases this through a curated selection of local wines, artisanal cocktails, and classic Italian aperitifs. Whether it's a glass of crisp Falanghina or a cocktail infused with the flavors of the Amalfi coast, every drink is a nod to the region's diverse palate.

Ambiance: Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Comfort

The design ethos of Riserva RoofTop effortlessly marries the old-world charm of Naples with contemporary luxury. Traditional Italian aesthetics, with terracotta tiles and rustic woodwork, blend seamlessly with modern furnishings and ambient lighting. The result is an ambiance that feels both intimate and expansive, reflecting the duality of Naples itself.

Heartfelt Hospitality: The Neapolitan Way

What truly sets Riserva RoofTop apart is its unwavering commitment to genuine Neapolitan hospitality. Every member of the staff radiates a warmth and passion that's quintessentially Italian. From personalized recommendations to attentive service, they ensure that every guest's experience is memorable and cherished.

A Celestial Perch Above the Bay of Naples

Riserva RoofTop is not just a place; it's an emotion. It encapsulates the vibrancy, history, and passion of Naples in every facet. Whether you're savoring the flavors, soaking in the views, or simply basking in the ambiance, a visit here is a journey into the very essence of Neapolitan culture. For those seeking a slice of Naples from an elevated perch, Riserva RoofTop awaits with promises of magic and memories.

Grand Hotel Vesuvio Sky Lounge Logo

Grand Hotel Vesuvio Sky Lounge

Outdoor only

Napoli, with its ancient allure, labyrinthine streets, and poetic sunsets over the Bay of Naples, has always held a special place in the heart of the discerning traveler. Enhancing this Neapolitan experience, the Grand Hotel Vesuvio Sky Lounge beckons visitors to elevate their senses in a setting that epitomizes luxury, culture, and breathtaking vistas.

An Elevated Gaze: Unraveling Napoli’s Magic

Resting atop one of Naples’ most prestigious establishments, the Sky Lounge presents a panoramic spectacle of the city’s most iconic landmarks. The majestic Mount Vesuvius, with its historical enigma, stands proudly in the distance. The glistening waters of the Gulf of Naples stretch out beneath, playing host to myriad hues as day turns to dusk. From this vantage, the bustling vibrancy of Napoli takes on a serene, almost ethereal quality.

Gastronomic Grandeur: A Taste of Naples Above the Clouds

The Sky Lounge is more than just a visual treat; it's a culinary haven. The menu celebrates Neapolitan cuisine, harmoniously blending traditional recipes with contemporary innovations. Whether you indulge in a plate of freshly made pasta, drizzled in rich, aromatic sauces, or savor a gourmet pizza that pays homage to the city's culinary legacy, every bite is a testament to the region's rich flavors and traditions.

A Toast to Naples: Exquisite Beverages for the Discerning

Grand Hotel Vesuvio's Sky Lounge has curated a drink menu that mirrors the diversity and sophistication of Italian viticulture. From velvety red wines sourced from the region's finest vineyards to cocktails that carry a whisper of Mediterranean zest, every drink here is crafted to complement the ambiance and views.

Decadent Design: Where Heritage Meets Modernity

Reflecting the elegance synonymous with Grand Hotel Vesuvio, the Sky Lounge melds classic Italian charm with contemporary flair. The decor is a balanced interplay of rich wooden finishes, opulent fabrics, and sleek, modern touches. Every nook and corner, every piece of furniture, is thoughtfully placed, creating an ambiance of understated luxury.

Unparalleled Hospitality: Making Moments Memorable

Naples is known for its warmth, and this sentiment is heartily echoed in the impeccable service at the Sky Lounge. Each staff member embodies the spirit of genuine Italian hospitality, ensuring every guest feels cherished and attended to, turning their visit into a cherished memory.

Revel in Naples’ Skyline Sophistication

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio Sky Lounge is not just a place—it’s an experience, a journey that weaves the charm of Napoli with the luxury of elevated dining and views. It's a symphony of sights, sounds, and tastes that capture the essence of Naples, making it an indispensable stop for those looking to experience the city in all its grandeur.

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