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Oben Restaurant & Skybar

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

Frankfurt am Main, Germany's financial powerhouse, is a blend of old-world charisma and ultramodern grandeur. Amidst its imposing skyscrapers and historic buildings, there's a gem that captures the essence of both worlds: Oben Restaurant & Skybar. This venue offers not just an elevation in altitude but in dining and relaxation experiences as well.

Elevated Elegance

The entrance to Oben is nothing short of impressive. As you ascend, the city unfurls below in a tapestry of architectural wonders and winding streets. Once at the top, you're greeted with a space that melds sophistication with comfort, featuring minimalist decor accentuated by touches of lush greenery and artful lighting.

Panoramic Views

Being in one of the most iconic cities in Germany, Oben boasts unobstructed, panoramic views of Frankfurt am Main. During the day, visitors can relish the sight of the bustling streets, the serene flow of the Main River, and iconic structures like the Frankfurt Cathedral. As twilight descends, the city transforms into a labyrinth of lights, with the shimmering skyscrapers standing tall amidst the stars. It's an ever-changing view that never ceases to amaze.

Culinary Journey

Oben isn't just about the sights; it's an adventure for the palate as well. The restaurant offers a menu that's a delightful blend of local German flavors and international cuisine. Each dish is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a symphony of tastes and textures. Whether you opt for their signature dishes or a classic favorite, the culinary creations promise a memorable experience.

Adjacent to the restaurant, the Skybar serves a plethora of beverages. From finely aged wines and local brews to innovative cocktails that meld unexpected ingredients into a cohesive flavor, there's something for every beverage enthusiast.

Ambience and Atmosphere

Oben has mastered the art of creating a versatile atmosphere. By day, it's a serene oasis perfect for business lunches or relaxed afternoons. As evening dawns, the ambiance shifts to a more vibrant tone, with soft music filling the air, making it an ideal spot for romantic dinners or gatherings with friends.

Events with a View

For those seeking a unique event venue, Oben offers exclusive spaces that can cater to a range of requirements. Be it corporate events, private parties, or celebrations, the combination of impeccable service, gourmet food, and the mesmerizing backdrop ensures an unparalleled experience.

A Celestial Experience in Frankfurt am Main

Oben Restaurant & Skybar isn't just a place; it's an emotion. Every aspect, from the design and decor to the culinary offerings and the views, is curated to offer guests an escape from the ordinary. Whether you're a local or a traveler exploring Frankfurt am Main, a visit to Oben promises memories that will linger long after you've descended back to the city streets.

GAIA Frankfurt Logo

GAIA Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main
Outdoor only

In the pulsating heart of Frankfurt am Main, known colloquially as "Mainhattan" due to its imposing skyline, is a rooftop oasis that stands out even amidst the city's impressive verticality: GAIA Frankfurt. A seamless blend of luxury, gastronomy, and panoramic views, GAIA offers an experience that resonates with both the historical spirit of Frankfurt and its modern dynamism.

Sweeping Views of Europe's Financial Hub

Located within the city's bustling business district, GAIA Frankfurt provides its visitors with a unique vantage point. From here, the city's array of skyscrapers stand tall against the backdrop of the cerulean sky, the winding Main River sparkles beneath, and the centuries-old landmarks narrate tales of a bygone era.

The juxtaposition of historic structures, such as the Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral, against the gleaming towers of financial institutions, creates a tapestry that speaks to the city's rich history and its role as a modern economic powerhouse.

Gastronomic Excellence Among the Clouds

GAIA isn't just a feast for the eyes. It offers a culinary journey that harmoniously melds traditional German flavors with international influences. Under the guidance of acclaimed chefs, the rooftop restaurant serves a menu that evolves with the seasons, ensuring a fresh, innovative approach to dining. Each dish, from heartwarming local stews to zesty global fusions, is an ode to the art of gastronomy.

The bar, a realm of liquid craftsmanship, showcases an impressive range of cocktails. From age-old classics to innovative concoctions inspired by Frankfurt itself, there's an elixir for every palate.

A Modern Design Palette with Local Touches

Reflecting Frankfurt's ethos of innovation-meets-tradition, GAIA's design is a marvel. Contemporary furnishing, clean lines, and a neutral color palette lend it a modern, airy feel. However, hints of Frankfurt's rich heritage are sprinkled throughout, from art installations by local artists to design motifs that echo the city's history.

Transparent panels ensure uninterrupted views, while strategic lighting enhances the ambiance, creating a space that feels intimate and grand at once.

An Elevated Event Venue

For those looking to host events that leave a lasting impression, GAIA Frankfurt rises to the occasion. Its state-of-the-art facilities, combined with the expertise of its staff, make it an ideal venue for both corporate events and personal celebrations. Whether it's a product launch against the backdrop of Frankfurt's skyline or a romantic wedding reception under the stars, GAIA ensures an event like no other.

A Jewel in Mainhattan's Crown

GAIA Frankfurt isn't just another spot in the city; it's an emblem of what Frankfurt stands for. As the sun sets, casting a golden hue on the skyscrapers, and the city below transforms into a mosaic of lights, there's no place quite like GAIA to immerse oneself in the magic of Frankfurt am Main. Whether it's for a meal, a drink, or simply to gaze upon the city from above, GAIA promises an unforgettable experience.

The Blasky Hotel & Rooftop Logo

The Blasky Hotel & Rooftop

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

Frankfurt am Main, affectionately known as "Mainhattan" due to its soaring skyscrapers, is a city that uniquely marries old-world charm with modern vibrancy. Amidst its ever-evolving skyline, The Blasky Hotel Rooftop stands as an epitome of luxury, offering breathtaking views, top-notch amenities, and an ambiance that is nothing short of ethereal.

An Architectural Marvel

Even before one steps onto the rooftop, it's evident that this isn't just another terrace but an architectural marvel. With its sleek design, encompassing both glass and greenery, The Blasky Hotel Rooftop effortlessly fuses contemporary aesthetics with nature's tranquility. The panoramic glass barriers offer an uninterrupted view of the city, while strategically placed green patches provide a refreshing contrast.

A View Like No Other

Perched atop one of Frankfurt's prime locales, the rooftop offers a 360-degree vista of the city's breathtaking skyline. By day, one can see the shimmering waters of the Main River, the bustling streets, and the towering skyscrapers that give the city its nickname. As the sun sets, the cityscape transforms, with buildings illuminated in a golden glow, and the river reflecting the twinkling city lights, offering a mesmerizing spectacle.

Gastronomic Delights

It's not just the views that draw people to The Blasky Hotel Rooftop. The culinary offerings here are equally enticing. The rooftop restaurant offers a curated menu that marries international flavors with local German delicacies. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal or light nibbles, the dishes here promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Adjacent to the dining area is the rooftop bar, renowned for its innovative cocktails. Here, mixologists blend traditional ingredients with modern techniques, offering a drink menu that is both familiar and excitingly novel.

An Oasis of Relaxation

Understanding the pulse of the modern traveler, The Blasky Hotel Rooftop also offers spaces dedicated to relaxation. The plush seating areas, adorned with cozy cushions and ambient lighting, are perfect for those looking to unwind. The soft hum of ambient music in the background, coupled with the city's gentle buzz, creates a soothing atmosphere that's hard to find amidst Frankfurt's hustle and bustle.

Events Above The Horizon

For those looking to host events with a touch of elegance, the rooftop offers an exclusive space. Be it corporate gatherings, intimate weddings, or cocktail parties, the venue is equipped to cater to diverse needs. With state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and a dedicated team, events here are bound to be memorable.

Frankfurt's Sky-High Oasis

The Blasky Hotel Rooftop isn't just another space in Frankfurt's vast cityscape. It's a destination that offers an experience. Whether you're a traveler seeking solace, a food enthusiast, or someone looking for an elegant event venue, this rooftop promises to exceed expectations. A visit here is not just about enjoying the views but immersing oneself in Frankfurt's unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Citybeach Frankfurt Logo

Citybeach Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the bustling streets of Frankfurt am Main is a sandy surprise – the Citybeach Frankfurt. As you ascend to this rooftop haven, the hum of the city begins to fade, replaced by the ambient sounds of crashing waves and tropical tunes. What awaits is not just a bar or a lounge, but an urban beach experience with unparalleled views of the city's skyline.

Sands Above the Skyline

Imagine, if you will, stepping out onto a sandy beach, but instead of the horizon stretching out in front of you, you’re met with Frankfurt’s magnificent skyline. That’s Citybeach Frankfurt for you. Lounge chairs, cabanas, and even palm trees dot this rooftop paradise. Every element, from the sand beneath your feet to the ambient lighting at night, has been meticulously curated to transport visitors from the heart of the city to a coastal getaway.

Culinary Waves

No beach experience is complete without tantalizing refreshments, and Citybeach doesn't disappoint. With a menu inspired by coastal cuisines from around the world, every bite offers a burst of flavor reminiscent of a seaside retreat. Fresh seafood, zesty salads, and delectable grilled dishes promise a gastronomic journey.

The drink menu is equally enticing. Tropical cocktails, chilled beers, and a selection of wines are served, providing the perfect accompaniment to the serene atmosphere. The signature cocktails, with their vibrant colors and inventive mix of ingredients, are not just drinks but experiences in themselves.

Golden Hours and Glittering Nights

Daytimes at Citybeach offer a relaxed ambiance, perfect for sunbathing, reading, or simply enjoying the view. As the sun sets, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the vibe transforms. The reflection of the sunset on Frankfurt's glass skyscrapers is a sight to behold.

With nightfall, Citybeach becomes a lively venue. The twinkling city lights, combined with the bar’s atmospheric lighting, create a magical setting. Live music performances, DJ nights, and themed parties ensure that there's always something happening atop this urban oasis.

Events with a Twist

For those seeking an unconventional event venue, Citybeach offers customizable spaces. Be it corporate gatherings, birthday celebrations, or romantic dinners, the beach setting adds a unique charm to every occasion.

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable

Understanding the importance of sustainability, especially in today's times, Citybeach Frankfurt ensures its operations leave a minimal carbon footprint. From eco-friendly materials used in the decor to sourcing local ingredients for its kitchen, every aspect echoes a commitment to sustainability.

An Urban Oasis Above Frankfurt am Main

Citybeach Frankfurt redefines rooftop experiences. It's not just a place to drink and dine; it's an escape from the urban hustle without ever leaving the city. Whether you're seeking a midday respite, a scenic sunset, or a vibrant nightlife spot, Citybeach promises a unique blend of beach vibes and urban luxury. In the heart of Frankfurt, discover a beach like no other.

Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar at Ruby Louise Hotel Logo

Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar at Ruby Louise Hotel

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

Perched atop the chic Ruby Louise Hotel, the Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar is a testament to Frankfurt's evolving urban sophistication. Marrying the city's thriving cosmopolitan spirit with the intimate allure of a private lounge, this rooftop haven is a must-visit for both locals and travelers. Here's an insider's peek into what makes the Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar a gleaming jewel in Frankfurt's nightlife crown.

A Captivating Panorama

Situated in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, the Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar offers an uninterrupted view of the city's skyline. As the sun sets, the towering skyscrapers come alive, bathed in a golden hue, providing a breathtaking backdrop. Whether it's the bustling streets below or the far-reaching horizons, the vistas from this rooftop are both intimate and expansive.

Chic Interiors with a Personal Touch

Drawing inspiration from the hotel's overall design ethos, the rooftop bar exudes an ambience of relaxed luxury. A blend of modern decor elements with vintage touches creates a space that feels both contemporary and nostalgic. Plush seating, ambient lighting, and well-curated music playlists make it a perfect setting for both casual gatherings and special occasions.

Culinary Experiences to Remember

The bar menu at Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar is as exquisite as its views. Celebrating the vibrant flavors of Germany and beyond, the cocktails are crafted with precision, creativity, and a dash of whimsy. Each drink tells a story, making use of premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and innovative mixology techniques.

Pair these drinks with a selection from their tapas-style menu, which offers a mix of local favorites and international classics. Whether you're in the mood for a light snack or a hearty treat, the culinary team ensures each dish is a gastronomic delight.

A Social Hub

Beyond the views and the menu, it's the vibe of the Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar that truly sets it apart. The space seamlessly transforms from a tranquil daytime retreat to a buzzing night-time hotspot. With regular events, including DJ nights, themed parties, and live performances, the bar has quickly established itself as a dynamic social hub in Frankfurt's nightlife scene.

Attentive Service

Staying true to the Ruby Louise Hotel's commitment to impeccable hospitality, the staff at the rooftop bar ensures every guest feels special. Their attentive, personalized service ensures that whether you're a first-time visitor or a regular patron, every experience feels uniquely memorable.

An Elevated Experience in Frankfurt

The Ruby Louise Rooftop Bar is more than just a place to grab a drink; it's an experience that encapsulates the essence of modern Frankfurt. With its stunning views, impeccable service, and vibrant atmosphere, it's a space that invites you to linger, celebrate, and create memories. If there's one spot in Frankfurt that promises an evening of elevated luxury and fun, it's the rooftop bar at Ruby Louise Hotel.

Skyline Garden at Skyline Plaza Logo

Skyline Garden at Skyline Plaza

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

In the bustling heart of Frankfurt am Main, amidst the sharp contours of glass and steel skyscrapers, lies an unexpected urban sanctuary: the Skyline Garden atop the iconic Skyline Plaza. This verdant escape juxtaposes the city's fast-paced urban life with a slice of tranquility. Here's a deep dive into the wonders of the Skyline Garden and what makes it a must-visit destination in Frankfurt.

A Breathing Space in the Sky

Covering an impressive expanse, the Skyline Garden crowns the Skyline Plaza, offering visitors a panoramic view of Frankfurt's skyline. The horizon dotted with architectural marvels is a sight to behold, especially during sunset when the city lights begin to twinkle, painting a mesmerizing canvas.

A Palette of Green and Blooms

One of the standout features of the Skyline Garden is its meticulous landscaping. The garden is a testament to the transformative power of nature, with a variety of plants, flowers, and trees creating a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures. From manicured lawns to themed garden sections, every corner offers a new visual delight. Seasonal blooms ensure the garden wears a different look with every changing season, making every visit unique.

Relaxation and Recreation

Understanding the diverse needs of its visitors, the Skyline Garden is designed to offer both relaxation and recreation. There are serene spots for those looking to find a quiet moment amidst nature. Benches, water features, and shaded areas provide a respite for visitors seeking a break from the urban hustle.

For the more active visitors, the garden also boasts a range of recreational facilities. A dedicated jogging track allows fitness enthusiasts to enjoy their routine with a view. Children, too, find their own slice of heaven with play areas that blend seamlessly with the garden's natural setting.

Gastronomic Delights

No visit to the Skyline Garden is complete without indulging in some culinary treats. The garden houses a range of eateries and cafes that serve a delightful mix of local and international cuisine. Whether it's sipping on a cup of coffee, enjoying a hearty meal, or simply indulging in an ice cream while taking in the views, the gastronomic options enhance the overall experience.

Events and Activities

The Skyline Garden isn't just a space to relax; it's also a hub of activity. Regular events, from yoga sessions to live music evenings and gardening workshops, ensure there's always something happening. The garden transforms into a vibrant community space where locals and tourists come together to celebrate, learn, and engage.

A Verdant Oasis in the Heart of Frankfurt

The Skyline Garden at Skyline Plaza is not just a garden; it's a symbol of Frankfurt's commitment to harmonizing urban development with nature. It's a space that celebrates the city's progress while also providing a gentle reminder of the simple joys of nature. Whether you're a nature lover, a city dweller looking for a quick escape, or a tourist exploring Frankfurt, the Skyline Garden promises an experience that is both rejuvenating and memorable.

Occhio d‘Oro Logo

Occhio d‘Oro

Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

In the heart of Frankfurt am Main, amidst a vibrant blend of historic facades and sleek skyscrapers, lies a rooftop treasure: Occhio d‘Oro. Its name, translating to "Golden Eye," captures the essence of this venue—a privileged vantage point from which one can behold the city's splendor.

Architectural Alchemy

Upon entering Occhio d‘Oro, visitors are greeted by a harmonious amalgamation of contemporary design and timeless elegance. The decor marries minimalist elements with opulent touches, drawing inspiration from both the modernity of Frankfurt and the rich history of European architecture. Glass balustrades and elegant outdoor furnishings ensure that the view remains the protagonist of the setting.

A Vision of Frankfurt

The primary allure of Occhio d‘Oro is, undoubtedly, its breathtaking panoramic view. To one side, the shimmering Main River snakes its way through the city, reflecting the skyline in its placid waters. Opposite, Frankfurt's iconic skyscrapers rise, a testament to the city's status as a global financial hub.

By day, the venue offers a serene vista of the bustling streets below, where the pace of city life unfolds in a myriad of colors and movements. As dusk approaches, the setting sun casts a golden hue over the city, living up to the venue's name. Nightfall transforms Frankfurt into a sea of twinkling lights, with the illuminated skyline juxtaposed against the starry expanse above.

Gastronomic Delights

But Occhio d‘Oro isn't just a feast for the eyes. The culinary experience here is equally captivating. The menu is a tapestry of flavors, expertly weaving together local German ingredients with international culinary techniques. Each dish, presented with an artist's precision, promises not just taste but an experience.

Complementing the food is a beverage menu that reflects the same philosophy—a blend of local and global. From the finest German beers and wines to a curated selection of cocktails, there's a drink for every palate and occasion.

An Ambience Like No Other

The atmosphere at Occhio d‘Oro oscillates between tranquil and lively, adapting to the rhythm of the day. Mornings and afternoons are perfect for casual meetings or solitary musings, while evenings see the energy shift to a more dynamic vibe, with curated music adding to the ambiance.

Events Above the Clouds

For those seeking a venue that will leave an indelible mark on their guests, Occhio d‘Oro offers customizable event spaces. Whether it's a corporate soirée, a private celebration, or a romantic evening, the backdrop of Frankfurt's skyline ensures an unforgettable experience.

A Golden Glimpse of Frankfurt am Main

Occhio d‘Oro is more than just a rooftop bar and restaurant; it's a celebration of Frankfurt am Main. It encapsulates the city's spirit—its history, its future, its hustle, and its serenity. Whether you're a local revisiting the magic of your city or a traveler on a journey of discovery, Occhio d‘Oro offers a perspective of Frankfurt that's truly golden.

Chicago Roof at Gekko House Logo

Chicago Roof at Gekko House

Frankfurt am Main
Outdoor only

Nestled in the pulsing heart of Frankfurt am Main, the Gekko House is an emblem of urban luxury and contemporary aesthetics. At its zenith, the Chicago Roof stands as an emblematic rooftop retreat that exudes an enticing blend of sophistication and laid-back charm. Combining urbane flair with panoramic views, this rooftop bar and lounge is Frankfurt's go-to spot for those looking to elevate their evening, both literally and figuratively.

An Architectural Marvel with a View

Chicago Roof isn’t just a bar; it's an experience. The space itself is an ode to modern design, with minimalist aesthetics, sleek lines, and tasteful decor. Expansive glass walls not only flood the space with natural light but also offer unobstructed views of Frankfurt’s skyline. As day turns to night, the city's lights shimmer and dance, providing a mesmerizing backdrop against which memories are made.

Culinary Artistry

Much like the architecture, the culinary offerings at Chicago Roof are nothing short of masterful. The menu is a delightful meandering through international flavors and local favorites, with each dish a testament to the chef's prowess. Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the dishes promise a symphony of flavors with every bite.

The beverage menu is equally compelling. From handcrafted cocktails that tell tales of global sojourns to an extensive wine list featuring the world’s best vineyards, there's something to satiate every palate. The signature cocktails, often infused with regional herbs or presented with a theatrical flair, are especially worth noting.

A Vibe Like No Other

While the food and views are certainly the highlights, the ambiance at Chicago Roof is the unsung hero. The mood lighting, the curated playlists, and the soft hum of conversations create a vibe that's both intimate and lively. Whether it's a tranquil afternoon spent soaking in the sun or a vibrant evening with live DJ sets, Chicago Roof has an uncanny ability to set the mood just right.

Events in the Sky

For those seeking an unconventional yet stylish event space, Chicago Roof delivers in spades. Its versatile setting can be transformed to host corporate soirées, intimate wedding receptions, or milestone celebrations. With the Frankfurt skyline as a backdrop and impeccable service to match, events here are nothing short of memorable.

Sustainability at Its Heart

In tune with modern sensibilities, Chicago Roof takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. The bar and kitchen emphasize using sustainable and organic produce, reducing waste, and continually looking for ways to minimize their ecological footprint.

Frankfurt's Urban Chic Escape

Chicago Roof at Gekko House isn't just another rooftop bar; it's a destination. A place where design meets decadence, and where every visit offers a new perspective, not just of Frankfurt's skyline but of what a rooftop experience can truly entail. The next time you're in Frankfurt am Main, make sure to ascend to Chicago Roof — it promises an elevation in every sense of the word.

Oosten Logo


Frankfurt am Main
Indoor & Outdoor

In a city teeming with towering skyscrapers and bustling urban life, Oosten stands out as a serene escape, delicately positioned by the Main River in Frankfurt. This spectacular rooftop locale is much more than just another spot to grab a drink or bite; it's an experience, a journey, and a reflection of the city’s harmonious blend of cosmopolitan flair and natural beauty.

A Riveting Riverside Experience

Situated on the eastern bank of the Main River, Oosten offers a truly unique vantage point of Frankfurt. While many rooftop bars boast of city skylines, Oosten provides a panorama that seamlessly blends the river's tranquil beauty with the city's dynamic skyline. The reflections of the skyscrapers dancing on the water at sunset offer an almost surreal view, making Oosten a photographer's dream and a romantic's paradise.

Industrial Chic Meets Cozy Elegance

Housed in a former crane hall, Oosten's architectural brilliance is evident in its transformation. The industrial roots are beautifully juxtaposed with modern designs, creating an ambiance that's chic yet cozy. High ceilings, expansive windows, and open spaces make you feel one with the surrounding environment.

Gastronomic Delights

Oosten's menu is a delightful voyage that reflects the cosmopolitan spirit of Frankfurt. With a keen focus on freshness and quality, the culinary team curates dishes that range from local German favorites to international delicacies. Whether you're savoring their delectable brunch offerings, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or diving into a hearty dinner, your palate is in for a treat.

The bar is equally captivating. A carefully selected range of wines, craft beers, and signature cocktails ensure that there's a drink for every mood and moment. Their cocktails, often inspired by the city's rich history and culture, are a must-try.

Events and More

Oosten is not just a dining destination; it's also a vibrant cultural hub. From live music evenings and DJ nights to art exhibitions, there's always something happening. The space also hosts private events, making it a sought-after venue for celebrations against the mesmerizing backdrop of the Main River.

Sustainable and Conscious

In today's times, sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility. Oosten, with its deep connection to nature, is committed to eco-friendly practices. From sourcing ingredients to waste management, sustainability is woven into their operations.

Frankfurt's Waterfront Rooftop Oasis

Oosten is not just a place; it's a feeling. It encapsulates the spirit of Frankfurt—modern, vibrant, yet deeply connected to nature. Whether you're a local looking for an urban escape or a traveler eager to explore the city's gems, Oosten promises an experience that's unforgettable. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle, there's hardly a place in Frankfurt that feels more magical than the rooftop of Oosten.

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