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10. Kerros

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Helsinki's architectural wonders and cobblestoned streets, there's a rooftop haven that beckons locals and travelers alike—10. Kerros. Elevated ten stories above the heart of the Finnish capital, this rooftop bar and restaurant epitomizes the city's unique mix of historical reverence and contemporary innovation.

City Views and Skyline Silhouettes

Stepping onto 10. Kerros offers a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of street-level Helsinki. The space opens up to panoramic vistas of the city—sweeping views of the glistening Baltic Sea, the iconic spires of Helsinki's cathedrals, and the ever-evolving skyline. It’s here that one can watch as daylight softens into the magical Nordic twilight, painting the city in hues of lilac and gold.

Culinary Exploration, Elevated

The culinary journey at 10. Kerros is a reflection of Finland's rich gastronomic heritage meshed with a global touch. Drawing inspiration from the country's abundant natural produce—lakes teeming with fish, forests flush with game, and farms bursting with freshness—every dish is a symphony of flavors. Seasonal menus ensure that diners experience the very best of Finland's bounty, from summer's wild berries to winter's root vegetables.

Nordic Spirits, Crafted to Perfection

Beyond the food, 10. Kerros takes pride in its exceptional beverage program. Local brews, Nordic-inspired cocktails, and an extensive wine list dominate the offerings. Each drink, whether it's a classic Finnish Long Drink or a craft cocktail infused with cloudberry, is meticulously crafted to enhance the overall dining experience.

A Blend of Nature and Modernity

With interiors inspired by Nordic minimalism, 10. Kerros seamlessly integrates natural elements with modern design. Wood, stone, and glass converge to create a space that feels both organic and upscale. The thoughtful layout ensures that, whether seated indoors or on the terrace, guests are always privy to the captivating views of Helsinki.

Events with a Panoramic Backdrop

The versatility of 10. Kerros, combined with its striking views, makes it a preferred venue for events. From corporate soirees to intimate celebrations, the rooftop caters to diverse needs, ensuring that every occasion is both memorable and seamlessly executed.

A Nordic Oasis Above Urban Bustle

10. Kerros is more than just a rooftop space—it’s a reflection of Helsinki’s spirit. It’s where the city’s heartbeat can be felt most profoundly, amidst breathtaking views, impeccable culinary offerings, and an ambiance that exudes Finnish elegance. For those seeking an authentic, elevated Helsinki experience, 10. Kerros stands as an unparalleled destination.

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Palace Restaurant

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Helsinki, where the city's rhythmic pulse meets the calming ebb of the Baltic Sea, stands a beacon of culinary excellence: the Palace Restaurant. This rooftop dining destination doesn't just offer meals; it curates experiences, presenting a harmonious blend of Finland's rich gastronomic traditions with contemporary innovations—all set against a backdrop of breathtaking views.

An Elevated Embrace of Helsinki

The first and perhaps most awe-inspiring aspect of the Palace Restaurant is its panoramic embrace of Helsinki's skyline. With large glass windows framing the dining area, diners are treated to a visual feast. From the historical majesty of the Helsinki Cathedral to the serene expanse of the South Harbor, the city unfurls in all its glory, each view more captivating as the day transitions to twilight.

The Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of the Palace Restaurant is its commitment to culinary artistry. Harnessing locally sourced ingredients—be it the fresh catch from the Baltic waters, wild berries from Finnish forests, or organic produce from neighboring farms—the menu is a testament to the land's bounty.

Under the guidance of skilled chefs, these ingredients transform into dishes that narrate Finland's culinary tales while also echoing global influences. From reindeer carpaccio adorned with cloudberries to modern renditions of traditional salmon soup, every dish is both a homage to the past and a nod to the future.

Sips that Celebrate the Seasons

The beverage selection at Palace is no less impressive. An extensive wine list features bottles from world-renowned vineyards as well as hidden gems from budding regions. For those seeking a true taste of Finland, the restaurant offers an array of craft beers and artisanal spirits, including the iconic Finnish schnapps. Each drink, carefully chosen, complements the culinary offerings, ensuring a harmonious dining experience.

Elegance in Every Detail

The ambiance at the Palace Restaurant mirrors the elegance of its culinary endeavors. Modern Nordic design, characterized by minimalist aesthetics and warm wooden tones, creates an atmosphere of understated luxury. Each table, set with precision, reflects the restaurant's attention to detail—a trait that resonates through every aspect of the dining experience.

A Venue for Memories

Given its unparalleled setting and gastronomic prowess, the Palace Restaurant has become a sought-after venue for events. Whether it's an intimate proposal under the starlit Helsinki sky, a corporate dinner with a view, or a family celebration, the restaurant ensures moments turn into cherished memories.

A Culinary Crown Jeweling the City's Skyline

The Palace Restaurant is not merely a dining destination; it's a celebration of Helsinki's spirit. It honors the city's heritage, showcases its natural bounty, and offers a space where moments are savored, and memories are crafted. As the city lights reflect on the tranquil Baltic waters, and as flavors dance on the palate, one thing becomes evident: the Palace Restaurant is truly Helsinki's crowning culinary jewel.

Ateljee Bar Logo

Ateljee Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched high above the bustling streets of Helsinki, where urban fervor meets the tranquility of the sky, stands Ateljee Bar—a rooftop haven that seamlessly fuses art, ambiance, and astounding views. Located within the iconic Sokos Hotel Torni, Ateljee Bar isn't just a place to grab a drink; it's a vantage point that elevates the senses in more ways than one.

The City's Canvas

Ascending to Ateljee Bar, visitors are immediately greeted with panoramic vistas of Helsinki. The sprawling city stretches out below, a harmonious blend of historic architectural marvels, modern skyscrapers, and verdant pockets of parks. Whether it's the sun casting a golden glow over the rooftops or the ethereal Northern lights on a clear winter night, the views from Ateljee are nothing short of poetic.

Artistry in Ambiance

Staying true to its name, which draws from the word "atelier" or artist's workshop, Ateljee Bar is a hub of creativity. The interiors mirror an artist's space—eclectic, vibrant, and infused with inspiration. Local artists' works adorn the walls, turning the bar into a dynamic gallery that celebrates Finnish talent.

Crafted Concoctions

The drink menu at Ateljee is a curated collection of classic cocktails, Finnish spirits, and innovative concoctions. Whether it's a local craft beer, a berry-infused gin from Lapland, or a signature cocktail inspired by Finnish folklore, there's a narrative behind every pour. And for those seeking non-alcoholic delights, the bar serves an array of mocktails and artisanal coffees.

Bites with a Finnish Flair

While the beverages are undoubtedly a draw, the culinary offerings at Ateljee are equally compelling. Reflecting Finland's rich gastronomic heritage, the menu features small bites and snacks that perfectly complement the drink selection—from smoked salmon blinis to locally-sourced cheese platters.

Intimate and Inclusive

One of Ateljee Bar's most talked-about features is its pair of restrooms. Offering floor-to-ceiling views of Helsinki, these restrooms are an experience in themselves, often regarded as the "loos with a view."

Events Amidst the Clouds

Given its unique ambiance and unparalleled views, Ateljee Bar often plays host to various events. Art exhibitions, poetry readings, and intimate musical performances transform the bar into a cultural hotspot, drawing both locals and tourists.

Artistic Elegance Meets Aerial Allure

Ateljee Bar is more than just a rooftop establishment; it's a canvas where art, culture, and nature converge. Each visit promises not just impeccable service and delightful flavors but also an experience that lingers long after the last sip. For those wandering the streets of Helsinki, seeking a space that resonates with the city's soul, Ateljee Bar beckons from above.

Rooftop Miami Logo

Rooftop Miami

Indoor & Outdoor

Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is a mesmerizing blend of historic charm, contemporary flair, and natural beauty. And in the midst of this Nordic panorama, a surprise awaits: Rooftop Miami. Offering a taste of sun-soaked Florida in the heart of Finland, this rooftop oasis stands out as a unique, vibrant escape in the city's skyline.

Where the Midnight Sun Meets Miami Vibes

One of the most striking features of Rooftop Miami is its audacious yet seamless blend of two distinct cultures. Against the backdrop of Helsinki's long summer days or its enchanting winter twilight, the bar transports visitors straight to the sunny coasts of Miami. Think pastel-hued sunsets, palm trees, and the spirit of South Beach - all with a view of Helsinki's iconic landmarks.

Cocktails with a Twist

At Rooftop Miami, the drink menu is a delightful fusion of Floridian favorites and Finnish spirits. Expert mixologists weave together flavors that pay homage to both Miami's tropical essence and Helsinki's local ingredients. Whether you're sipping on a refreshing 'Helsinki Mojito' or a berry-infused 'Finnish Sunset', every drink is a journey bridging the Atlantic.

A Culinary Melting Pot

Adding to the allure is the rooftop's culinary selection. Imagine classic Finnish fare, but with a Miami-inspired twist. Fresh seafood, locally-sourced, is transformed into dishes that could easily find a home in both a Helsinki kitchen and a Miami beach shack. It's a flavorful dance between the traditional and the exotic, and it's a dance that Rooftop Miami has mastered.

An Atmosphere of Warmth and Cool

In terms of ambiance, Rooftop Miami effortlessly captures the cool, laid-back vibe of its namesake city. Neon lights juxtapose with minimalist Nordic designs, plush seating invites relaxation, and tropical beats create an atmosphere that's both trendy and cozy. Whether you're lounging under a faux palm tree or huddled near a heater, the bar ensures comfort and style.

Events Under the Northern Lights (or the Miami Neon)

Given its distinct theme and impeccable service, Rooftop Miami has become a go-to destination for events in Helsinki. From corporate parties with a unique twist to tropical-themed celebrations, the rooftop space adapts and transforms, offering an experience that guests won't soon forget.

A Tropical Haven Amidst Nordic Skies

Rooftop Miami is not just another bar in Helsinki; it's a testament to the magic that happens when cultures collide. It challenges the norms, it delights the senses, and most importantly, it offers a slice of sun and sand in a city known for its snow and forests. So, the next time you're wandering the streets of Helsinki and find yourself longing for a touch of tropical flair, you know where to go. Rooftop Miami awaits, where the heart of Florida beats under the Finnish sky.

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