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Nestled high above the enchanting streets of Dubrovnik, Love Bar promises an experience that resonates deeply with its name – a heartfelt connection to the city's charm and beauty. Offering unparalleled views and an ambiance of romance, this rooftop haven is a testament to the timeless allure of Croatia's most iconic coastal town.

An Ode to Dubrovnik's Beauty

From Love Bar, patrons get a bird's-eye view of the UNESCO World Heritage site below. As the Adriatic Sea glistens under the sunlight and the ancient city walls stand guard, the terracotta rooftops seem to stretch into infinity. The view is a mosaic of history, nature, and urban life – a living painting that changes hues with each passing hour.

Elevated but not detached, Love Bar feels integrally connected to the city. Its design, while modern, pays homage to local aesthetics. Stone accents and wooden touches, inspired by Dubrovnik's architectural heritage, beautifully meld with contemporary furnishings and decor.

Cocktails with a View

At Love Bar, the drink menu is as enticing as the vistas. The bar celebrates the essence of the Mediterranean with a curated selection of cocktails that use local ingredients. From lavender-infused gin concoctions to rosemary-sprinkled tonics, each drink is a nod to the region's aromatic landscapes.

Additionally, Croatian wines, with their distinctive flavors and bouquets, have their moment in the spotlight. Whether you're a connoisseur or a casual drinker, the bar's offerings promise a delightful journey for the palate.

Moments of Serenity and Revelry

Love Bar is versatile, embodying the calm of Dubrovnik's sunlit afternoons and the vibrancy of its nightlife. During the day, it's a serene spot to sip on a coffee or a refreshing drink, with soft melodies wafting through the air. As the sun sets, casting golden hues over the city, the ambiance gradually shifts. Ambient lighting, live music, and DJ sets ensure that the energy remains infectious yet intimate.

An Elevated Embrace of Dubrovnik's Charm

In a city renowned for its history and natural beauty, Love Bar captures the contemporary spirit of Dubrovnik. It offers a space where locals and travelers can converge, share stories, and create memories against the backdrop of the Adriatic's shimmering expanse. For those seeking a blend of panoramic views, delightful drinks, and heartfelt experiences, Love Bar is Dubrovnik's rooftop treasure.

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Sunset Lounge

Indoor only

In the city where the Adriatic Sea kisses ancient walls, there's a place where the setting sun weaves magic every evening. The Sunset Lounge in Dubrovnik is not just a venue; it's an experience – one that encapsulates the ethereal beauty of Croatia's famed coastal city.

The Dance of Sun and Sea

Strategically positioned to offer unparalleled views of the Adriatic, the Sunset Lounge truly lives up to its name. As the sun descends towards the horizon, casting a myriad of oranges, purples, and pinks upon the vast seascape, visitors are given a front-row seat to nature's awe-inspiring show. The panoramic vistas, encompassing the Elaphiti Islands and the iconic city walls, create an ambiance that's nothing short of magical.

Sophistication in Every Sip

The Sunset Lounge is renowned for its curated selection of beverages. The bar boasts an impressive array of cocktails, each crafted with precision, flair, and an undeniable passion for mixology. From classic concoctions to drinks infused with local herbs and fruits, there's a taste for every palate. The wine list, featuring Croatian and international vintages, further elevates the sipping experience, ensuring that each drink mirrors the beauty of the surroundings.

Design that Resonates with the Landscape

The aesthetics of the Sunset Lounge have been carefully conceptualized to harmonize with Dubrovnik's natural and architectural beauty. The décor strikes a balance between modern elegance and rustic charm. Earthy tones, wooden accents, and comfortable seating arrangements create an ambiance of relaxed luxury. The expansive glass and open spaces ensure that the mesmerizing outdoors remains the focal point, no matter where you're seated.

An Oasis of Calm and Celebration

Beyond the beverages and vistas, the Sunset Lounge offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. The ambient music, ranging from soft jazz to chill lounge tracks, complements the soothing sounds of the waves below. Yet, as the night progresses, the energy is palpable, with occasional live performances and DJ sets infusing vibrancy into the atmosphere.

Dubrovnik's Premier Destination for Golden Hour Magic

The Sunset Lounge in Dubrovnik is more than a rooftop bar. It's a testament to life's simple pleasures: a mesmerizing view, a delightful drink in hand, and moments that transform into memories. In a city known for its historic allure and coastal wonders, the Sunset Lounge stands as a beacon of modern luxury and timeless beauty.

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Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant

Outdoor only

Set atop the historic core of Dubrovnik, Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant offers an experience that seamlessly blends gastronomic delights with panoramic views. In a city renowned for its fortified walls and medieval charm, Above 5 stands out as a modern dining retreat that preserves the essence of its surroundings.

Medieval Walls and Adriatic Horizons

Above 5 is uniquely positioned on the only rooftop restaurant within Dubrovnik's UNESCO-protected old town. The vistas from the restaurant offer a spectacular contrast: on one side, the intricate stonework of medieval architecture, and on the other, the vast expanse of the Adriatic Sea with its infinite blue hues.

The seating arrangement, with its ambient outdoor setting, allows guests to truly appreciate the melding of the city's history with nature’s grandeur. Whether it's the sunlit facades of ancient buildings or the shimmering sea under the moonlight, every meal comes with a side of breathtaking scenery.

Cuisine That Celebrates Heritage

Above 5 takes pride in its culinary offerings, curating dishes that draw inspiration from Croatia's rich gastronomic legacy. Emphasizing fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, the menu is a delightful exploration of Mediterranean flavors with a contemporary twist.

From Adriatic seafood to Dalmatian delicacies, each dish is prepared with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a harmonious balance of taste and presentation. The wine list, too, echoes the restaurant's commitment to heritage, showcasing some of the finest Croatian vintages and international selections.

Elegance and Intimacy in Design

The décor at Above 5 exudes understated luxury. While the space is modern, it incorporates elements reminiscent of Dubrovnik's character. Stone walls, wooden furniture, and strategic lighting create an atmosphere that is both elegant and inviting. The limited seating amplifies the sense of exclusivity and intimacy, making each dining experience feel uniquely personal.

Dubrovnik’s Elevated Culinary Jewel

Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant is more than just a dining establishment; it's a celebration of Dubrovnik’s spirit. From its unparalleled location to its exceptional cuisine, every aspect of the restaurant has been designed to offer guests a slice of the city's magic from a vantage point like no other. For travelers seeking an unforgettable culinary journey set against the backdrop of one of the world's most beautiful cities, Above 5 is a must-visit destination.

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