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The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace

Indoor & Outdoor

In the burgeoning cityscape of Sofia, a gem stands tall, drawing both locals and tourists alike for an elevated experience. The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace isn’t merely a bar—it’s a canvas where the panoramic views of Sofia paint a living picture and where the essence of Bulgarian hospitality is truly captured.

The Majestic Panorama

Located in the heart of Sofia, The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace provides a visual treat. From its vantage point, visitors can soak in the vast stretches of the city, the juxtaposition of historic edifices with modern architectural wonders, and in the distance, the enchanting Vitosha Mountain, which stands as a guardian over the Bulgarian capital. As day transitions to night, the city lights sparkle like stars on the ground, creating a mesmerizing nightscape.

A Design that Marries Aesthetics with Ambiance

The design of The Scene is both chic and welcoming. Modern furnishings meet organic elements, creating spaces that cater to both intimate moments and lively gatherings. Fire pits, scattered around the terrace, provide warmth on chilly evenings, and the strategic use of ambient lighting gives the entire space a dreamy glow.

A Culinary Symphony

What makes The Scene a must-visit is not just the view, but the gastronomic delights it offers. Drawing from Bulgaria's rich culinary traditions and global influences, the menu tantalizes the palate. From traditional kavarma (meat stew) given a modern twist to a selection of international dishes prepared with a Bulgarian touch, every dish promises a unique flavor journey. The bar boasts an extensive range of drinks, with a special emphasis on Bulgarian wines and rakia, ensuring that there’s a drink to complement every mood and dish.

An Evolving Mood

The ambiance at The Scene is fluid, changing with the hours. Daylight hours have a relaxed vibe, perfect for a brunch or an afternoon coffee as you take in the city’s hustle and bustle from above. But as the sun sets, the energy shifts. The beats from the live DJ, the clinking of glasses, and the animated conversations create a lively atmosphere that beckons night owls.

Impeccable Service

True to Bulgarian hospitality, the service at The Scene is both warm and efficient. The staff, well-versed in the offerings and with a keen sense of observation, ensure that every guest’s needs are catered to. Their recommendations, both from the menu and about the city’s attractions, enhance the overall experience.

Sofia's Skyline Elegance

The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace isn't just about luxury; it's about an experience. It's where Sofia's heartbeats can be both seen and felt. Whether you’re a traveler eager to explore the city from a unique vantage point or a local looking for an exquisite night out, The Scene promises more than just great food and views—it promises memories that linger. In the constantly evolving narrative of Sofia, The Scene Rooftop Bar & Terrace stands as a chapter that everyone wishes to revisit.

Kitchen 59 Rooftop Logo

Kitchen 59 Rooftop

Indoor & Outdoor

Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Sofia, characterized by its blend of age-old monuments and modern high-rises, one finds an elevated gastronomic retreat that has fast become the talk of the town: Kitchen 59 Rooftop. This rooftop restaurant and bar doesn’t just serve meals—it crafts memorable experiences that celebrate Sofia's vibrant character and rich culinary heritage.

The Bird's Eye View

Strategically positioned in Sofia's urban core, Kitchen 59 Rooftop offers a spectacular panoramic view. The city unfolds beneath you, presenting a mosaic of terracotta roofs, verdant parks, bustling streets, and historical landmarks. The majestic Vitosha Mountain on the horizon stands as a serene contrast to the city's lively vibe, especially during sunset when the city is bathed in a golden hue.

Modern Elegance with a Bulgarian Touch

The design ethos of Kitchen 59 is a harmony of contemporary aesthetics with hints of Bulgarian tradition. Sleek furniture, strategically placed greenery, and art installations create an ambiance that's both sophisticated and inviting. The use of local materials and motifs pays homage to Bulgaria's rich cultural tapestry.

A Culinary Expedition

Kitchen 59's menu is where Bulgarian culinary traditions meet global gourmet. Every dish tells a story, whether it's a classic Bulgarian recipe infused with a modern twist or an international favorite prepared using local ingredients. The precision and creativity in their kitchen ensure that each plate is not just food, but a work of art. Their extensive beverage list, featuring local wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic concoctions, is curated to complement the food offerings, making every meal a holistic experience.

Vibrancy at Every Hour

During the day, Kitchen 59 serves as a tranquil escape, ideal for leisurely lunches, business meetings, or simply to enjoy a drink with the city view. As night descends, the atmosphere undergoes a transformation. The ambient lighting, soulful tunes, and the hum of conversation create an electrifying energy that captures the essence of Sofia's nightlife.

Service Beyond Expectation

What truly sets Kitchen 59 apart is its unparalleled dedication to service. The staff, trained to international standards yet deeply rooted in Bulgarian hospitality, strive to offer personalized experiences. From dietary preferences to drink recommendations, they ensure every guest feels valued and attended to.

Sofia's Culinary Gem in the Sky

Kitchen 59 Rooftop isn't merely a place to dine—it's a destination. It's where the city's pulse can be felt most palpably, where every sense is engaged, and where Sofia's essence is best captured. Whether you're a traveler eager to savor Bulgarian flavors or a local seeking a refreshing change of scene, Kitchen 59 promises an evening that resonates with luxury, warmth, and authenticity. In Sofia's ever-evolving culinary landscape, Kitchen 59 Rooftop stands out, not just for its altitude but for its attitude towards crafting memorable experiences.

Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar Logo

Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar

Indoor only

In the bustling heart of Sofia, Bulgaria's capital, there’s a space that offers a retreat from the urban rush while letting you remain in the midst of its beauty. Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar stands not merely as a testament to luxury and design, but also as a haven for those looking to elevate their senses—both figuratively and literally.

A Panoramic Palette

Positioned with a 360-degree view of Sofia’s multifaceted beauty, Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar promises a visual treat. From this vantage point, one can marvel at the iconic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the timeless terracotta roofs, and the silhouette of Vitosha Mountain looming majestically in the distance. As day turns to night, the city lights of Sofia twinkle beneath the vast Bulgarian sky, creating a captivating celestial dance.

Architectural Allure

The architecture and design of Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar seamlessly fuse modernity with functionality. The glass structures provide an almost uninterrupted view, while the open space, punctuated with plush seating areas and subtle lighting, offers a blend of intimacy and openness. Touches of greenery, combined with wood and metal accents, create a harmonious ambiance, marrying the urban with the natural.

Gastronomic Glory

The culinary journey at Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is as much a feast for the palate as the view is for the eyes. With a menu that encapsulates a fusion of Bulgarian flavors and international delights, every dish is a testament to innovation and authenticity. Whether you're indulging in local cheeses, savoring fresh seafood, or exploring their array of signature cocktails and wines, your taste buds are in for an exquisite adventure.

Evolving Ambiance

Day or night, there's a unique charm to the rooftop bar. Mornings and afternoons provide a serene setting, ideal for a laid-back brunch or a casual business meeting against the backdrop of the city. Come evening, and the place transforms. With curated music, shimmering lights, and the vibrant buzz of conversations, it becomes the epicenter of Sofia's contemporary nightlife.

Service with a Personal Touch

The experience at Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is elevated by its team. Their meticulous attention to detail, commitment to exceptional service, and deep knowledge of both the menu and the surrounding city ensure that guests are treated to a memorable visit.

Sofia’s Sensory Oasis Above the City

Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is more than just a place—it’s an experience. It captures the spirit of Sofia, presenting it with a touch of elegance and a burst of flavor. Whether you're a wandering traveler seeking to absorb the city’s essence or a local looking for a luxurious escape from the everyday, this rooftop bar promises moments of magic. In a city rich in history and culture, the Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar stands as a contemporary jewel, reflecting Sofia's evolving narrative.

Ozone Skybar & Lounge Logo

Ozone Skybar & Lounge

Indoor & Outdoor

Perched high amidst Sofia's vibrant urban landscape is a destination that encapsulates the spirit of modern Bulgaria while echoing the city's storied past. Ozone Skybar & Lounge, with its ethereal aura and unparalleled views, serves as a bridge between Sofia's earthy charm and the limitless sky.

Celestial Views and Earthly Beauty

Set against the sprawling backdrop of Sofia, Ozone Skybar & Lounge offers vistas that few can rival. Gaze upon Sofia’s iconic landmarks, the dynamic play between historic structures and innovative architecture, and the ever-present embrace of the Vitosha Mountain. By day, the city's energetic rhythm can be observed, while nights bring a serene shimmer, with streetlights resembling stars on the ground.

Sleek Design Meets Organic Elegance

Ozone's design is a contemporary nod to luxury. Clean lines, glass balustrades, and minimalist furnishings create a sophisticated space that doesn't detract from the views but complements them. Subtle lighting fixtures mirror the constellations, while potted plants and wooden accents lend an organic touch, allowing guests to feel both grounded and elevated.

A Culinary Journey Above the Clouds

At Ozone, food and drink aren’t mere sustenance—they're experiences. The menu draws from Bulgaria’s rich gastronomic history, integrating traditional flavors with avant-garde techniques. Whether you're sampling a classic Bulgarian dish, reimagined with a modern twist, or sipping on an artisanal cocktail infused with local herbs, every taste transports you on a culinary flight.

From Serene Days to Electric Nights

During daylight hours, Ozone serves as a tranquil retreat, ideal for those seeking to escape the hustle below. The calming ambiance, paired with panoramic views, makes it a favored spot for both introspection and conversation. As the sun sets, Ozone undergoes a metamorphosis. The beats grow livelier, the lights dance, and the atmosphere pulsates with energy, making it a hotspot in Sofia's nightlife.

Attentive Service in the Stratosphere

Integral to the Ozone experience is its exemplary service. Each staff member, apart from being well-versed in the offerings, embodies the spirit of Bulgarian hospitality. Their attentive, personalized approach ensures that every guest, whether a local or a traveler, feels at home amidst the stars.

An Atmospheric Escape Above Sofia

Ozone Skybar & Lounge is not just a place; it's a realm where earth and sky converge. It’s a testament to Sofia's evolving character—a city that reveres its past while eagerly embracing the future. Whether you’re looking to indulge in gourmet delights, enjoy a drink with a view, or simply soak in the ambiance, Ozone promises an elevated experience in every sense. Amidst Sofia’s ever-changing skyline, Ozone Skybar & Lounge shines brightly, beckoning all to ascend and experience the city from a breathtaking perspective.

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar Logo

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar

Outdoor only

In the heart of Sofia, away from its Byzantine-era structures and cobblestone streets, lies an unexpected oasis that evokes the spirit of the beach amidst urban sprawl: the Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar. It's not merely a venue—it's a vivid and unique escape that merges the city's vibrancy with a coastal ambiance.

An Elevated Beach Experience

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar offers an ingenious solution to those craving the feel of a beach resort without leaving Sofia. Stepping onto the rooftop, guests are greeted by a fine layer of golden sand, comfortable sun loungers, and even chic cabanas, recreating the serene atmosphere of a seaside retreat, all with a panoramic view of Sofia's skyline.

Design: Coastal Chic Meets Urban Cool

The design ethos of Cabana is undeniably refreshing. Wooden decks, beach umbrellas, and tropical plants blend effortlessly with modern lighting and art installations. As night falls, fairy lights twinkle above, transforming the space into a luminous beach party under the stars.

Flavors of the Sea and Beyond

Cabana's menu mirrors its ambiance, offering a curated selection of dishes that resonate with the flavors of the Mediterranean and other coastal regions. Fresh seafood, zesty salads, and inventive cocktails evoke the taste of summer, ensuring guests are mentally transported to the coastline with every bite and sip. Additionally, with an array of refreshing drinks, from classic mojitos to tropical concoctions, every thirst is quenched.

Day to Night: Shifting Moods

During the day, Cabana serves as a sun-soaked retreat, ideal for those looking to lounge with a book or sunbathe amidst the sounds of upbeat summer tracks. But as the sun dips below the horizon, the mood shifts. Vibrant beats, live DJ sets, and a dance floor beckon patrons to let loose and dance the night away.

Exceptional Service under the Sun and Stars

A major cornerstone of Cabana's charm is its exceptional service. Staff, clad in beach-friendly attire, navigate the sands with smiles, ensuring every guest feels the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality coupled with the laid-back attitude of a beach resort.

Sofia’s Urban Beach Escape

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar is a testament to imagination and innovation. It showcases how, even in a landlocked city like Sofia, the beach experience is just a rooftop away. It's a venue where summer never ends, where city-dwellers can relish the feel of sand between their toes while gazing upon an urban panorama. Amidst Sofia’s myriad attractions, Cabana stands out, offering both residents and visitors an unexpected and unforgettable beach party in the sky.

The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner Logo

The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled amongst Sofia's urban heartbeat, where the buzz of the city melds with its historical whispers, there exists a rooftop gem that offers more than just a view. The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner seamlessly merges the sophistication of fine dining with the soulful tunes of live piano performances, creating an ambiance unlike any other in the city.

An Ode to Elegance

Situated atop one of Sofia’s contemporary structures, The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner offers an expansive view of the city's iconic landmarks, all set against the backdrop of the magnificent Vitosha Mountain. As spectacular as the views are, the true essence of this place lies in its ambiance—a careful blend of modern aesthetics and classical charm.

A Symphony of Interiors

The interior of The Corner boasts plush seating, warm wooden accents, and ornate chandeliers that hang like jewels. But the pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the grand piano, perched prominently, awaiting the touch of talented pianists to serenade guests through their evening.

Gastronomy Meets Melody

The menu at The Corner is a curated masterpiece, blending Bulgarian culinary traditions with international flair. Every dish is a testament to the chef's dedication to quality, presentation, and flavor. Whether you're indulging in a succulent steak or savoring a delicate dessert, the experience is enhanced tenfold by the soft melodies emanating from the piano.

The Soundtrack to Sofia’s Nights

Evenings at The Corner are a unique affair. As day turns to night, the city lights become stars beneath the vast Bulgarian sky, and the live piano performances begin. From classical pieces to contemporary favorites, the pianists breathe life into the night, making the entire rooftop resonate with their melodies. On certain nights, guest musicians or vocalists join, adding layers to the aural tapestry.

Exceptional Service in Perfect Harmony

What amplifies the experience at The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner is its dedicated team. Every member, from the waitstaff to the musicians, is committed to making each visit memorable. Their attention to detail, prompt service, and genuine warmth are reminiscent of classic Bulgarian hospitality.

Sofia’s Elevated Serenade

The Corner Piano Bar & Dinner isn’t just another rooftop destination in Sofia—it's a symphonic experience. It stands as a harmonious confluence of gastronomy, music, and panoramic beauty. For those seeking an evening that resonates with luxury, art, and emotion, The Corner offers a seat by the piano, under the stars, with Sofia's splendor spread out below. It’s an elevated retreat where every note and flavor creates memories set to the timeless rhythm of the city.

XS Tower Sky Bar Logo

XS Tower Sky Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Among the architectural marvels and historical edifices of Sofia lies a modern gem that beckons the city’s elite and curious travelers alike. XS Tower Sky Bar, a beacon of contemporary luxury, rises above the city, promising an experience that defies gravity and expectations.

A Vantage Point Like No Other

Positioned high above Sofia's mosaic of rooftops, XS Tower Sky Bar offers an unparalleled panoramic view. From here, one can observe the grandeur of the Vitosha Mountain juxtaposed against Sofia's urban landscape, including its iconic landmarks, green patches, and the intertwining streets bustling with life.

Sleek, Modern, and Sophisticated

XS Tower Sky Bar is an ode to modern design. Clean geometric lines, glass walls, and metallic accents dominate the space, reflecting the city's lights and creating an ambiance of urban sophistication. The bar boasts a luminescent quality, with strategic lighting amplifying its futuristic aesthetic.

A Toast to Global Flavors

The XS Tower isn't just about the sights—it's also a sensory delight for the palate. The bar's menu is an eclectic mix of international and local beverages, crafted meticulously by expert mixologists. From Bulgarian wines to signature cocktails with exotic ingredients, every drink is a journey of flavors. Complementing the drinks is a selection of gourmet bites that cater to both local tastes and international cravings.

The Pulse of Modern Sofia

The energy at XS Tower Sky Bar shifts as the day progresses. During the day, it's a serene escape, perfect for business meetings or casual rendezvous, with the city sprawling quietly below. As the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms. With curated music playlists, the bar becomes a hotspot for Sofia's modern crowd, offering a pulsating nightlife experience high above the city streets.

Service Beyond the Skies

What sets XS Tower Sky Bar apart, beyond its impressive design and offerings, is its exceptional service. The staff exude professionalism, seamlessly catering to every guest's needs. Their knowledge of the menu and their recommendations often become the highlight of many patrons’ visits.

Soaring Above Sofia with Style

XS Tower Sky Bar is not just a destination—it's a statement. It encapsulates Sofia's evolving spirit, blending the city's rich history with its dynamic future. It's where traditions meet trends, where every sunset becomes an event, and where the horizon holds endless possibilities. For those seeking an elevated experience in Sofia, XS Tower Sky Bar awaits with its doors open to the sky.

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