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Amidst the vibrant cityscape of Sofia, characterized by its blend of age-old monuments and modern high-rises, one finds an elevated gastronomic retreat that has fast become the talk of the town: Kitchen 59 Rooftop. This rooftop restaurant and bar doesn’t just serve meals—it crafts memorable experiences that celebrate Sofia's vibrant character and rich culinary heritage.

The Bird's Eye View

Strategically positioned in Sofia's urban core, Kitchen 59 Rooftop offers a spectacular panoramic view. The city unfolds beneath you, presenting a mosaic of terracotta roofs, verdant parks, bustling streets, and historical landmarks. The majestic Vitosha Mountain on the horizon stands as a serene contrast to the city's lively vibe, especially during sunset when the city is bathed in a golden hue.

Modern Elegance with a Bulgarian Touch

The design ethos of Kitchen 59 is a harmony of contemporary aesthetics with hints of Bulgarian tradition. Sleek furniture, strategically placed greenery, and art installations create an ambiance that's both sophisticated and inviting. The use of local materials and motifs pays homage to Bulgaria's rich cultural tapestry.

A Culinary Expedition

Kitchen 59's menu is where Bulgarian culinary traditions meet global gourmet. Every dish tells a story, whether it's a classic Bulgarian recipe infused with a modern twist or an international favorite prepared using local ingredients. The precision and creativity in their kitchen ensure that each plate is not just food, but a work of art. Their extensive beverage list, featuring local wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic concoctions, is curated to complement the food offerings, making every meal a holistic experience.

Vibrancy at Every Hour

During the day, Kitchen 59 serves as a tranquil escape, ideal for leisurely lunches, business meetings, or simply to enjoy a drink with the city view. As night descends, the atmosphere undergoes a transformation. The ambient lighting, soulful tunes, and the hum of conversation create an electrifying energy that captures the essence of Sofia's nightlife.

Service Beyond Expectation

What truly sets Kitchen 59 apart is its unparalleled dedication to service. The staff, trained to international standards yet deeply rooted in Bulgarian hospitality, strive to offer personalized experiences. From dietary preferences to drink recommendations, they ensure every guest feels valued and attended to.

Sofia's Culinary Gem in the Sky

Kitchen 59 Rooftop isn't merely a place to dine—it's a destination. It's where the city's pulse can be felt most palpably, where every sense is engaged, and where Sofia's essence is best captured. Whether you're a traveler eager to savor Bulgarian flavors or a local seeking a refreshing change of scene, Kitchen 59 promises an evening that resonates with luxury, warmth, and authenticity. In Sofia's ever-evolving culinary landscape, Kitchen 59 Rooftop stands out, not just for its altitude but for its attitude towards crafting memorable experiences.

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Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar

Outdoor only

In the heart of Sofia, away from its Byzantine-era structures and cobblestone streets, lies an unexpected oasis that evokes the spirit of the beach amidst urban sprawl: the Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar. It's not merely a venue—it's a vivid and unique escape that merges the city's vibrancy with a coastal ambiance.

An Elevated Beach Experience

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar offers an ingenious solution to those craving the feel of a beach resort without leaving Sofia. Stepping onto the rooftop, guests are greeted by a fine layer of golden sand, comfortable sun loungers, and even chic cabanas, recreating the serene atmosphere of a seaside retreat, all with a panoramic view of Sofia's skyline.

Design: Coastal Chic Meets Urban Cool

The design ethos of Cabana is undeniably refreshing. Wooden decks, beach umbrellas, and tropical plants blend effortlessly with modern lighting and art installations. As night falls, fairy lights twinkle above, transforming the space into a luminous beach party under the stars.

Flavors of the Sea and Beyond

Cabana's menu mirrors its ambiance, offering a curated selection of dishes that resonate with the flavors of the Mediterranean and other coastal regions. Fresh seafood, zesty salads, and inventive cocktails evoke the taste of summer, ensuring guests are mentally transported to the coastline with every bite and sip. Additionally, with an array of refreshing drinks, from classic mojitos to tropical concoctions, every thirst is quenched.

Day to Night: Shifting Moods

During the day, Cabana serves as a sun-soaked retreat, ideal for those looking to lounge with a book or sunbathe amidst the sounds of upbeat summer tracks. But as the sun dips below the horizon, the mood shifts. Vibrant beats, live DJ sets, and a dance floor beckon patrons to let loose and dance the night away.

Exceptional Service under the Sun and Stars

A major cornerstone of Cabana's charm is its exceptional service. Staff, clad in beach-friendly attire, navigate the sands with smiles, ensuring every guest feels the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality coupled with the laid-back attitude of a beach resort.

Sofia’s Urban Beach Escape

Cabana Rooftop Beach Bar is a testament to imagination and innovation. It showcases how, even in a landlocked city like Sofia, the beach experience is just a rooftop away. It's a venue where summer never ends, where city-dwellers can relish the feel of sand between their toes while gazing upon an urban panorama. Amidst Sofia’s myriad attractions, Cabana stands out, offering both residents and visitors an unexpected and unforgettable beach party in the sky.

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