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Horta Grand Cafe & Art Nouveau Zaal

Indoor & Outdoor

In the vibrant heart of Antwerp, where history intertwines with the contemporary, lies a venue of unparalleled architectural beauty and charm: the Horta Grand Cafe & Art Nouveau Zaal. This rooftop establishment not only offers guests an elevated experience of the city but also transports them to an era of Art Nouveau grandeur.

Architectural Majesty Above the Streets

The Horta Grand Cafe is named in honor of Victor Horta, the legendary Belgian architect who was a pioneer of the Art Nouveau movement. As you step into this space, it becomes immediately evident why: The intricate design motifs, the sinuous lines, and the play of light and shadow are all reminiscent of the hallmarks of this iconic architectural style.

Crowning the edifice is the rooftop itself, which allows guests to bask in panoramic views of Antwerp. From this vantage point, one can marvel at the juxtaposition of historic spires with modern skyscrapers, all set against the ever-changing Belgian sky.

Art Nouveau Elegance in Every Corner

The interiors of the Art Nouveau Zaal are a testament to design excellence. Ornate chandeliers, detailed mosaics, and stained-glass windows pay homage to the era, while plush seating and modern amenities ensure utmost comfort for the patrons. It feels like stepping into a bygone era, yet with all the conveniences of the modern world.

Culinary Artistry to Match the Surroundings

At the Horta Grand Cafe & Art Nouveau Zaal, the culinary offerings are as much a work of art as the surroundings. The menu is a blend of Belgian classics and contemporary global cuisine, ensuring that there's something to satiate every palate. Whether it's a plate of traditionally prepared moules-frites or a gourmet fusion dish, the emphasis on fresh ingredients and presentation is evident.

Accompanying the food is a meticulously curated selection of beverages. From local Belgian brews to handcrafted cocktails and an extensive wine list, the drinks mirror the establishment's commitment to quality and aesthetics.

Events with a Historic Backdrop

Given its unique ambiance, the Horta Grand Cafe & Art Nouveau Zaal has become a sought-after venue for events in Antwerp. Be it an elegant wedding, a corporate soiree, or an art showcase, the venue provides a setting that is both memorable and iconic.

Antwerp's Timeless Gem in the Sky

The Horta Grand Cafe & Art Nouveau Zaal is more than just a rooftop venue in Antwerp; it's a journey through time, a celebration of architectural brilliance, and a sensory delight. Whether you're a history aficionado, an architecture enthusiast, or someone simply looking for an elevated experience in the city, this establishment promises moments of awe, reflection, and pure indulgence.

Black Smoke Logo

Black Smoke

Outdoor only

In the heart of Antwerp, a city renowned for its historic architecture, vibrant culture, and iconic diamond district, sits a unique and contemporary marvel: Black Smoke. Elevated above the bustling streets, this rooftop bar is not only about the views – it brings to the table a smoky edge that resonates both in its ambiance and its offerings.

Urban Views and Vintage Vibes

The first thing that strikes you as you step onto Black Smoke's rooftop is the panoramic view of Antwerp's skyline. The juxtaposition of classic Belgian architecture with modern designs offers an evocative backdrop, perfect for both daytime reveries and nighttime reflections.

The décor of Black Smoke cleverly integrates vintage elements, reminiscent of classic American BBQ joints, with a modern, industrial design. Rustic wooden tables, dimmed Edison bulbs, and leather seating create a cozy and intimate setting amidst the expansive cityscape.

A Culinary Smoky Affair

Black Smoke isn't just about the aesthetic; it delivers a culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds. True to its name, the venue is famed for its American-inspired BBQ dishes. The aroma of smoked meats, prepared in traditional wood-fired ovens, wafts through the air, setting the tone for the feast to come.

Their menu features an array of dishes, from slow-cooked ribs and briskets to innovative BBQ-based appetizers. And for those seeking something lighter, Black Smoke doesn't disappoint. A selection of salads, seafood, and vegetarian options ensure there's something for everyone.

Liquid Alchemy

To complement the robust flavors of their dishes, Black Smoke's bar offers an extensive range of beverages. Their cocktail menu, curated by seasoned mixologists, features both classic concoctions and innovative blends with a smoky twist. Local beers, a selection of wines, and a notable array of American bourbons and whiskies provide patrons with a comprehensive drinking experience.

Vibrant Events and Gatherings

Black Smoke isn’t just a dining destination; it pulses with life and vibrancy. Regular live music sessions, themed nights, and mixology classes make it a dynamic space for locals and tourists alike. Its adaptability also makes it a preferred choice for private events, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations.

Antwerp's Rooftop Gem with a Smoky Twist

Black Smoke is more than a rooftop bar; it's an immersive experience. Its unique blend of smoky culinary offerings, vintage-meets-modern aesthetics, and panoramic views makes it a must-visit in Antwerp. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a cocktail aficionado, or simply seeking a memorable rooftop experience, Black Smoke promises to ignite your senses.

YUST Rooftop Logo

YUST Rooftop

Outdoor only

In the diverse and ever-evolving landscape of Antwerp, YUST Rooftop emerges as a harmonious blend of contemporary design, culinary artistry, and panoramic splendor. Located within the trendy YUST complex, this rooftop haven caters to a diverse audience, from urban explorers to discerning locals looking for a unique rooftop experience.

Unparalleled Views and Sleek Design

Perched atop the YUST building, the rooftop offers an uninterrupted view of Antwerp's cityscape, allowing guests to spot iconic landmarks and observe the dynamic interplay of historic and modern architecture. The sunset view, in particular, with its golden hues reflecting off the buildings and waterways, is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The design aesthetic of YUST Rooftop is undeniably modern, characterized by minimalist lines, industrial accents, and chic furniture. Biophilic elements, including greenery and sustainable materials, add warmth and organic charm to the space. The result is a serene, welcoming atmosphere that contrasts beautifully with the urban hustle below.

A Culinary Palette of Freshness

YUST Rooftop is not just a feast for the eyes. Its culinary offerings are curated to match the elevated setting. With a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, the menu is a reflection of Belgian flavors infused with international influences. Seasonal dishes ensure that guests enjoy the freshest produce, be it in vibrant salads, delectable mains, or tempting desserts.

The bar at YUST Rooftop doesn't play second fiddle either. A selection of craft beers, bespoke cocktails, and a handpicked range of wines ensure that there's a drink for every mood and palate. Special mention must be made of their signature cocktails, which often incorporate a modern twist on classic favorites.

Events with a Skyline Backdrop

The versatility of YUST Rooftop makes it a sought-after venue for events. From laid-back Sunday brunches to lively evening DJ sets, there's always something happening atop the YUST. Corporate events, private parties, and themed nights find a unique setting against the backdrop of Antwerp's skyline.

Connecting the Community

Beyond its tangible offerings, what sets YUST Rooftop apart is its emphasis on community and connection. The space frequently collaborates with local artists, musicians, and chefs to host workshops, showcases, and pop-ups, fostering a sense of community and supporting local talent.

Antwerp's Modern Oasis in the Sky

YUST Rooftop, much like the broader YUST establishment, is more than just a place—it's an experience. It encapsulates the modern spirit of Antwerp, offering a harmonious blend of design, gastronomy, and community engagement. Whether you're an avid traveler or a local resident, YUST Rooftop promises an elevated experience in every sense of the word.

Fosbury & Sons C-Hive Rooftop Bar Logo

Fosbury & Sons C-Hive Rooftop Bar

Indoor & Outdoor

Nestled in the heart of Antwerp, a city synonymous with culture, heritage, and avant-garde innovation, the Fosbury & Sons C-Hive Rooftop Bar stands as a beacon of contemporary sophistication. Part of the esteemed Fosbury & Sons co-working ecosystem, this rooftop bar seamlessly melds the allure of elevated views with an ambiance of understated luxury.

Stunning Cityscapes and Architectural Marvel

One of the primary draws of the C-Hive Rooftop Bar is its panoramic embrace of Antwerp. From this elevated vantage point, patrons are treated to a breathtaking vista of the city's iconic structures, meandering waterways, and the vibrant pulse of urban life. The fusion of historic architectural marvels with modern cityscapes provides a visual treat, especially during the golden hours of sunset and the twinkling allure of nighttime.

Sophistication in Every Detail

Drawing parallels with Fosbury & Sons' ethos of creating refined workspaces, the C-Hive Rooftop Bar is designed with impeccable attention to detail. The space exudes an aura of minimalist elegance, characterized by clean lines, plush furnishings, and a neutral palette accentuated by bursts of greenery and artistic installations.

The ambiance strikes a perfect balance between comfort and luxury, making it an ideal spot for both casual rendezvous and corporate gatherings.

Gastronomic Excellence with a View

Matching its visual appeal, the culinary offerings at C-Hive Rooftop Bar are nothing short of exquisite. The menu is a testament to the rich Belgian gastronomic tradition, interspersed with contemporary global influences. Whether it's delectable tapas, gourmet entrees, or tempting desserts, the emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients is palpable in every bite.

The drink selection mirrors the bar's sophistication. From artisanal cocktails that playfully reimagine classics to a curated selection of local and international wines and spirits, there's something to satiate every palate.

Events in the Clouds

The C-Hive Rooftop Bar isn't just a destination for culinary indulgence. Its strategic location and stunning backdrop make it a popular choice for events. Be it product launches, private soirées, or musical nights, the rooftop transforms into a dynamic venue, offering guests a memorable experience enveloped by Antwerp's skyline.

A Symphony of Elegance in Antwerp's Sky

The Fosbury & Sons C-Hive Rooftop Bar is a tribute to Antwerp's evolving identity, where the historical and the contemporary coalesce harmoniously. It's more than just a rooftop bar—it's an experience, a journey of sensory delights, and a celebration of the city's undying spirit. Whether you're a local or a visitor, a trip to the C-Hive Rooftop Bar promises moments of serenity, pleasure, and unforgettable memories.

Gran Duca Logo

Gran Duca

Indoor & Outdoor

Antwerpen, Belgium's diamond district, is a city that effortlessly marries the charm of the old world with the vibrancy of the new. Amidst its cobbled streets and historic buildings lies a modern gem: the Gran Duca Rooftop. This oasis in the sky offers a unique perspective of the city and is a testament to Antwerpen's evolving urban landscape. Let's ascend to the heights of this rooftop marvel and explore its many facets.

A Blend of History and Modernity

Nestled in the heart of Antwerpen, the Gran Duca Rooftop is a harmonious blend of the city's rich history and contemporary elegance. The architecture pays homage to Belgium's classic design ethos, while incorporating modern elements that make it stand out. The result? A rooftop that feels timeless, yet undeniably current.

Panoramic Vistas of the Diamond City

One of the undeniable highlights of the Gran Duca Rooftop is the panoramic view it offers. From this vantage point, visitors can gaze upon the sprawling cityscape of Antwerpen, from its historic cathedrals to its bustling market squares. As the sun sets, casting a golden hue over the city, and the lights of Antwerpen begin to shimmer, the view from Gran Duca becomes a mesmerizing spectacle.

Gastronomy at its Finest

The Gran Duca Rooftop is not just a feast for the eyes, but for the palate as well. The rooftop boasts a culinary experience that is quintessentially Belgian. With a menu that celebrates local flavors and ingredients, diners can indulge in dishes that are both traditional and innovative. Paired with a selection of fine Belgian brews and wines, the culinary journey at Gran Duca is one that tantalizes all the senses.

A Hub of Culture and Entertainment

Beyond its aesthetic and gastronomic appeal, the Gran Duca Rooftop is a cultural hotspot. Regularly hosting events, from art exhibitions to musical evenings, it's a space that celebrates the vibrant culture of Antwerpen. Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in local art or sway to the tunes of Belgian musicians, Gran Duca offers a slice of the city's dynamic arts scene.

Ease of Access in the City's Heart

Located centrally in Antwerpen, accessing the Gran Duca Rooftop is a breeze. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler exploring the city, the rooftop is well-connected by public transport and is also easily reachable by foot. Its prime location ensures that it's always pulsating with energy, making it a must-visit spot in the city.

Antwerpen's Skyline Gem

The Gran Duca Rooftop is more than just a place; it's an experience that embodies the spirit of Antwerpen. It's a space where history, modernity, culture, and gastronomy converge to offer visitors a taste of what makes this Belgian city truly special. So, the next time you find yourself in Antwerpen, make sure to ascend to the Gran Duca Rooftop. It's a perspective of the city that you won't forget.



Indoor & Outdoor

Antwerp, a city bursting with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and modernity, has always been at the forefront of offering unique experiences to both its residents and visitors. Adding to this plethora of experiences is the M HKAFE Rooftop, a contemporary sanctuary set against the backdrop of Antwerp's dynamic skyline.

Sky-High Vistas and Contemporary Ambiance

Perched strategically to offer a sweeping view of Antwerp, the M HKAFE Rooftop provides its patrons with an unparalleled visual experience. The city's iconic landmarks, winding streets, and the harmonious dance of old and new architectures are all laid out in an unbroken panorama, making every visit a visual treat.

The design of the rooftop leans heavily into a modern aesthetic. Clean lines, minimalist furniture, and strategic lighting combine to create an ambiance that is both chic and inviting. Subtle touches of greenery and art pieces break the monotony, adding warmth and character to the space.

A Culinary Sojourn Above the Clouds

M HKAFE Rooftop takes its guests on a culinary journey that mirrors the eclectic spirit of Antwerp. The menu, while rooted in Belgian traditions, incorporates global flavors, resulting in dishes that are both familiar and refreshingly innovative. From hearty mains to light bites, the emphasis on fresh, local ingredients is palpable.

No rooftop experience is complete without a befitting beverage menu, and M HKAFE doesn't disappoint. Whether it's a glass of crisp Belgian beer, a sophisticated cocktail crafted by expert mixologists, or a choice wine from their extensive list, there's something to complement every dish and mood.

An Eventful Skyline

Beyond being a gastronomic destination, M HKAFE Rooftop is also a hub for events. Its modern setting combined with the expansive views makes it a sought-after venue for a range of events, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations. The space frequently sees a rotation of local DJs, live music sets, and themed nights, adding vibrancy and dynamism to the Antwerp nightlife.

Antwerp's Modern Aerial Retreat

M HKAFE Rooftop is not just another addition to Antwerp's list of venues; it's a statement in itself. It beautifully encapsulates the city's spirit of blending tradition with modernity, all while offering an experience that appeals to all senses. If you're looking to see Antwerp from a new perspective, both literally and metaphorically, M HKAFE Rooftop is the place to be.

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