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Aiola Upstairs

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Perched high above the city's historic landscape, with the majestic Schlossberg as its neighbor, the Aiola Upstairs in Graz is more than just a rooftop destination—it's a poetic interplay of views, gastronomy, and ambiance, offering an elevated experience in every sense of the word.

Graz in Full Glory

The very heart of Aiola Upstairs' charm is its unparalleled panoramic vistas. The rooftop overlooks Graz's UNESCO World Heritage old town, where gothic spires, renaissance rooftops, and baroque facades converge in a harmonious dance. Directly adjacent is the iconic Schlossberg, with the Clock Tower standing sentinel over the city, its timeless charm in stark contrast to the ever-evolving urbanscape below.

From Aiola Upstairs, visitors can trace the meandering path of the Mur River, which bisects the city and adds a glimmering touch to the panorama, especially when it reflects the colors of the sunset or the city lights.

Culinary Adventures Await

Aiola Upstairs isn't just about views; it's a culinary destination in its own right. The kitchen offers a delectable fusion of traditional Austrian flavors and international culinary trends. Seasonal ingredients, sourced locally, ensure that each dish is a fresh and flavorful journey.

Their wine list, extensive and thoughtfully curated, offers pairings that range from local Styrian wines to international selections. Each sip, be it of wine, a crafted cocktail, or an aromatic coffee, is accentuated by the breathtaking surroundings.

Modern Elegance Meets Cozy Charm

The ambiance at Aiola Upstairs strikes a delicate balance between modern chic and cozy intimacy. Large glass panels and an open terrace ensure that the view remains uninterrupted, while the interiors, adorned with warm woods, plush seating, and ambient lighting, exude comfort. It's a space designed not just for viewing but for lingering, be it over a meal, a drink, or simply conversation.

Events in the Sky

Given its prime location and exquisite offerings, Aiola Upstairs has emerged as a coveted venue for events, from intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations. Whether it's a romantic dinner under the stars, a corporate soirée with the city as the backdrop, or a festive brunch basking in the morning sun, the rooftop sets the stage for unforgettable memories.

A Symphony of Views and Flavors Atop Graz

Aiola Upstairs is a testament to Graz's multifaceted allure. It brings together the city's historical charm, gastronomic excellence, and contemporary vibes in one cohesive experience. For those venturing to Graz, whether for the first time or the hundredth, Aiola Upstairs is a must-visit—a place to pause, savor, and celebrate the essence of this Austrian gem.

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Tagescafe Freiblick

Indoor & Outdoor

Graz, the charming Austrian city known for its preserved old town and modern architectural marvels, hides a gem atop one of its bustling centers. Perched on the sixth floor of the Kastner & Öhler department store, the Tagescafe Freiblick offers visitors an unparalleled rooftop experience that effortlessly blends panoramic views with culinary delights.

A Canvas of Panoramas

Ascending to the Tagescafe Freiblick, one is immediately greeted by a 360-degree vista of Graz's sprawling landscape. The rooftop provides an unobstructed view of the city's iconic red rooftops, intertwining alleys, and the majestic Schlossberg with its iconic clock tower. It's a sight that captures the soul of Graz, from its medieval heritage to its contemporary vibrancy.

Amidst the urban views, the undulating hills and greeneries in the distance serve as a gentle reminder of Styria's picturesque countryside, making the cafe a perfect vantage point to understand Graz's setting in the larger tableau of Austrian landscapes.

Culinary Highs in the Sky

But panoramas are just the beginning of the Tagescafe Freiblick experience. The cafe is renowned for its culinary offerings that range from hearty Austrian staples to contemporary international dishes. As the city below bustles with life, visitors can indulge in an aromatic cup of coffee paired with a slice of the famed Sachertorte or savor a glass of Styrian wine accompanied by a plate of regional cheeses.

Modern Elegance Meets Comfort

The interior of Tagescafe Freiblick mirrors Graz's knack for melding the traditional with the contemporary. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows ensure the view remains the star, while minimalist decor, punctuated with comfortable seating and ambient lighting, creates a welcoming atmosphere. In warmer months, the open terrace invites guests to bask under the Austrian sun, making it an ideal spot for both leisurely afternoons and starlit evenings.

Events with a View

Given its unique setting and ambiance, Tagescafe Freiblick has become a sought-after venue for events, from intimate gatherings to celebratory milestones. The blend of scrumptious food, impeccable service, and those unforgettable views guarantees an experience that remains etched in memories for years to come.

An Elevated Experience in the Heart of Graz

Tagescafe Freiblick is not just a cafe; it's a love letter to Graz. As one sips on a drink or indulges in a dish, the city sprawls beneath, alive and inviting. It’s a place that compels visitors to pause, absorb, and reflect on the beauty of Graz and its surroundings. For those seeking a momentary escape, an afternoon of relaxation, or a dose of the city's charm from above, Tagescafe Freiblick is an essential stop on the Graz itinerary.

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Starcke Haus

Indoor & Outdoor

Steeped in history and exuding unparalleled charm, Starcke Haus stands as a testament to Graz's rich cultural tapestry. This rooftop establishment, nestled atop the city's beloved Schlossberg, offers an experience that is as much a visual delight as it is a gastronomic adventure. Here's a closer look at Starcke Haus, a true pinnacle of Graz's hospitality scene.

A Heritage-rich Haven with Views Galore

One of the defining features of Starcke Haus is its historic significance. The building itself is an embodiment of centuries of architectural evolution, bearing traces of the Renaissance and subsequent eras. Its vantage point on the Schlossberg hill offers panoramic views of Graz, allowing guests to drink in sights of terracotta rooftops, the winding Mur River, and the harmonious meld of historic and modern architecture that the city is celebrated for.

As you sit on the terrace of Starcke Haus, the Clock Tower – Graz's iconic landmark – stands majestically nearby, whispering tales of yore. The elevated position offers a serene escape from the city's bustle, with only the melodic chimes of the Clock Tower punctuating the tranquillity.

Gastronomic Delights High Above

At Starcke Haus, the culinary journey is as mesmerizing as the views. Drawing inspiration from traditional Austrian cuisine while integrating contemporary techniques and international flavors, the menu is a delightful exploration of tastes. Whether you opt for a hearty Styrian classic or a lighter, modern dish, each bite is a celebration of fresh, local ingredients prepared with finesse.

To complement the food, Starcke Haus boasts an impressive wine list, spotlighting both Austrian vineyards and international selections. The bar's crafted cocktails, often infused with local herbs and spirits, are the perfect accompaniment to a Graz sunset.

Where Timeless Meets Trendy

The interiors of Starcke Haus pay homage to its historic roots, with tastefully preserved architectural features. Yet, contemporary touches ensure that the space feels current and welcoming. The blend of rustic stone walls, warm wooden elements, and modern decor strikes a perfect balance, echoing Graz's own harmonization of the old and the new.

An Eventful Rooftop

Thanks to its unique setting and top-notch services, Starcke Haus is a favored venue for events in Graz. From intimate weddings with the Clock Tower as a backdrop to corporate events offering a refreshing change of scenery, this rooftop has seen countless memorable moments unfold against its picturesque setting.

An Iconic Perch Overlooking Graz

Starcke Haus is not just a dining destination; it's a Grazian experience that resonates with history, culture, and culinary excellence. For those visiting Graz, an evening at this rooftop is akin to traversing through time, witnessing the city's past, savoring its present, and dreaming of its future. It's a place where every sense is indulged, and where memories are etched against the backdrop of a city that never ceases to enchant.

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