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Nestled in the heart of Graz, Austria's second-largest city and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a rooftop haven that towers above the rest - the SKYBAR Graz. As the city below reverberates with a blend of its historical charm and modern-day dynamism, SKYBAR Graz offers an elevated experience, both literally and metaphorically.

Graz from the Heavens

Upon entering SKYBAR Graz, one is instantly met with panoramic vistas that encapsulate the essence of the city. The stunning Schlossberg with its emblematic clock tower stands proudly amidst a sea of red rooftops, weaving tales of a time gone by. The Mur River, cutting through the city, gleams under the sun or city lights, acting as a shimmering guide to Graz's many architectural marvels.

This rooftop venue is a front-row seat to the city's ever-changing skyline, where historic structures harmoniously blend with avant-garde architectural feats. Whether day or night, the views from SKYBAR Graz are nothing short of mesmerizing, presenting the city in its myriad shades.

A Culinary Odyssey

Beyond the views, SKYBAR Graz beckons with its gastronomic delights. The bar boasts an extensive menu of finely crafted cocktails, wines, and spirits. Each drink, whether it's a classic cocktail or a house special, is crafted with precision, echoing the city's blend of tradition and innovation.

For those with a palate for finer tastes, the bar also offers a curated selection of snacks and light bites. Each dish, much like the beverages, tells a story - a story of Austrian flavors mingling with international influences.

Ambiance: Contemporary Chic

The interior design of SKYBAR Graz mirrors the city's progressive spirit. Sleek, modern furnishings are complemented by ambient lighting that sets the mood. Transparent panels and strategic seating ensure that every guest, irrespective of where they are seated, gets their share of the stunning backdrop. On balmy nights, the open terrace becomes a hotspot, allowing guests to bask under the starry skies, with the city lights creating a dreamy glow below.

A Nightlife Gem

As the sun sets, SKYBAR Graz transforms into one of the city's most happening nightlife destinations. With DJs spinning tunes and mixologists shaking up a storm, the energy is palpable. It's a place where the city's who's who come to unwind, network, and celebrate.

A Celestial Experience Above Austria's Cultural Capital

SKYBAR Graz is not merely a bar; it's an experience, an institution. It's where Graz's past, present, and future converge over a glass of fine wine or a meticulously crafted cocktail. For visitors and locals alike, a trip to SKYBAR Graz is akin to a rite of passage - a chance to see, feel, and taste the essence of Graz from its most enviable vantage point.

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M1 Martinibar

Indoor & Outdoor

In the picturesque city of Graz, where history seamlessly blends with modernity, the M1 Martinibar stands out as a rooftop oasis that beautifully encapsulates the city's contemporary spirit. Offering panoramic views, an upscale ambiance, and a cocktail menu that can only be described as artistry in a glass, M1 Martinibar is a haven for those looking to elevate their Graz experience, literally and figuratively.

Graz from Above

Located in the heart of Graz, M1 Martinibar offers a 360-degree perspective of the city. From this vantage point, visitors can gaze upon the iconic Schlossberg with its Clock Tower, the meandering Mur River, and the eclectic blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and modern architecture that makes Graz such a unique European city. As the day transitions to night, the view transforms, with city lights shimmering and casting a magical glow, making the rooftop an ideal spot for both daydreamers and night owls.

A Cocktail Connoisseur's Dream

As its name suggests, M1 Martinibar specializes in martinis, but it is by no means limited to them. The bar boasts a comprehensive menu that includes classic concoctions, house specialties, and seasonal creations. Every drink is crafted with precision and flair, utilizing premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and a touch of innovation. For those unsure of their choice, the skilled mixologists are always ready to recommend or craft a drink tailored to individual preferences.

Sleek, Stylish, and Sophisticated

The decor of M1 Martinibar is a testament to modern elegance. Sleek furnishings, ambient lighting, and minimalist design elements create an atmosphere that is both upscale and inviting. The open-air section ensures guests can enjoy the Grazian sky, while the covered area, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, ensures uninterrupted views regardless of the weather.

Events with a View

Given its strategic location, impeccable service, and chic ambiance, M1 Martinibar is a popular choice for private events. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a birthday celebration, or a casual get-together, the bar offers a setting that's both impressive and intimate.

A Modern Marvel Above Graz's Historic Heart

M1 Martinibar is not just a bar; it's a statement. A statement of Graz's evolving landscape, where traditions are revered, and modernity is embraced. For visitors and locals alike, an evening at M1 is not just about sipping a cocktail; it's about soaking in Graz's vibrant spirit, one panoramic view and expertly crafted drink at a time. If you wish to see Graz's contemporary side, M1 Martinibar is the place to be.

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