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Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop

Kabupaten Gianyar
Indoor & Outdoor

Set against the lush backdrop of Kabupaten Gianyar, one of Bali's most artistically resonant regions, Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop emerges as a confluence of the island's rich heritage, gastronomic brilliance, and the ethereal beauty of nature. More than a dining space, Copper is a multi-sensory journey, echoing Bali's essence in every nuance.

An Elevated Vantage Over Ubud’s Verdant Heart

Perched atop the Bisma Eight Hotel, Copper Kitchen offers breathtaking views of Ubud’s tropical jungles, terraced rice paddies, and distant volcanic horizons. The rooftop setting is a tranquil haven, where the gentle whispers of nature blend with the ambient hum of cultural vibrancy.

A Tapestry of Flavors

At the heart of Copper Kitchen's charm is its dedication to presenting an authentic Balinese culinary journey infused with contemporary flair. Harnessing locally sourced ingredients, from the catch of the day to freshly picked herbs, the menu pays homage to the island’s diverse culinary traditions while adding a touch of modernity.

The bar complements the dining experience, serving an eclectic array of cocktails, wines, and spirits. Drawing inspiration from local flavors, many of the cocktails are a fusion of traditional ingredients and contemporary mixology.

A Homage to Balinese Craftsmanship

Meticulously designed, Copper Kitchen seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with traditional Balinese aesthetics. The use of natural materials, from bamboo to stone, echoes the island's organic spirit. Local artworks, handcrafted furnishings, and artisanal touches adorn the space, creating an ambiance that's both chic and rooted in local culture.

A Cultural Retreat

Copper Kitchen, while renowned for its gastronomic offerings, is also a hub for cultural and experiential events. Regularly hosting live music, traditional dance performances, and culinary masterclasses, the rooftop space transforms into a dynamic arena where tradition meets modernity.

Nourishing the Future

True to Bali's emphasis on harmony and balance, Copper Kitchen is deeply committed to sustainable practices. From farm-to-table dining concepts to eco-friendly operational practices, the establishment endeavors to create an experience that's both luxurious and responsible.

Where Bali’s Enigmatic Essence Meets Culinary Perfection

Copper Kitchen, Bar & Rooftop isn’t just a place—it's a narrative, a story of Bali's multifaceted beauty, told through flavors, sounds, sights, and sensations. Nestled in the heart of Ubud, Copper invites patrons to savor not just a meal, but the very soul of the island. For those seeking an authentic Balinese experience elevated by modern sophistication, Copper Kitchen promises memories that linger.

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Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Kabupaten Gianyar
Outdoor only

In the cultural heart of Bali, nestled in the scenic town of Kabupaten Gianyar, lies a rooftop sanctuary that offers more than just picturesque views. Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge is a symphony of Bali's rich heritage and modern luxury, a place where guests are enveloped by both the magic of nature and the comfort of sophisticated design.

A Dance of Views

Gianyar is a land where emerald rice terraces roll into the horizon, where ancient temples peek through tropical canopies, and where the seascape adds the perfect finishing touch to a canvas of natural beauty. From the lofty perch of Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge, all these vistas come together in an ethereal ballet of colors and textures. The panoramic view serves as an ever-changing backdrop, moving from the serene daylight hues to the enchanting tones of twilight.

Flavors of the Island

While the views are a visual feast, the culinary offerings at Naga tantalize the palate. Infusing traditional Balinese flavors with modern gastronomic techniques, the menu is a testament to Bali’s diverse culinary legacy. Each dish, from locally-inspired tapas to gourmet main courses, is crafted with passion and presented as a work of art. The bar, meanwhile, offers a range of bespoke cocktails, each inspired by the island's flora and tales, as well as a curated selection of international wines and spirits.

Blending Tradition and Modernity

Naga's design philosophy is a harmonious blend of traditional Balinese aesthetics and contemporary elegance. Hand-carved wooden elements intermingle with sleek modern furnishings, and traditional art pieces are showcased amidst avant-garde design. This delicate balance ensures that while guests revel in luxury, they remain deeply connected to Bali's rich cultural essence.

Whispers of the Island

Beyond the tangible, Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge encapsulates the intangible spirit of Bali. Whether it's the soft tunes of traditional Balinese music, the gentle whisper of the evening breeze, or the distant chants from a temple ceremony, the atmosphere is imbued with an intangible magic that resonates with the soul.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In alignment with Bali's deeply rooted respect for Mother Nature, Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge places significant emphasis on sustainable practices. From sourcing ingredients ethically and locally, to implementing eco-friendly operational methods, Naga ensures that indulgence comes with a touch of responsibility.

An Elevated Experience in Kabupaten Gianyar

Naga Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Kabupaten Gianyar is more than just a place—it's an experience. It offers a journey through the senses, where every element, from the views to the flavors, is a tribute to Bali's enchanting tapestry of culture and nature. For those venturing to this part of the island, Naga promises an evening that lingers in memory long after the Bali sojourn ends.

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